WordPress Features That May Be Unknown To You

Wordpress features

If there is one content management platform that is known to the majority of webmasters, it is WordPress. What makes this CMS platform unique as compared to its counterparts is the fact that it comes packed with special features that can help optimize your website content and performance. For many website owners who are using WordPress, you might not know some special features that come with the platform that you can use for search engine optimization. While you may know some of these already, there is the probability that you may seldom use it or does not appreciate its relevance in helping your content rank high on search.

Making your stellar content standout

Some websites have its sensational content that is widely popular in the web or is viewed more frequently by the website visitors. Using WordPress gives its users an opportunity to repost the popular content once again without the tedious process of doing so. Every post has a post publish widget that will allow you to use a sticky post to make that old yet popular content on your site shine through once again. From the edit option, just select the option that states “stick this post to the front page box.” In an instant, your stellar post will then be republished to your site’s front page allowing it to capture the spotlight once again. However, not all WordPress themes can support the sticky post option so be sure to check your website theme for this feature.

Getting rid of spam content from WordPress

Spam content found in your website can hurt your SEO rank. WordPress has a spam management system that will allow you to eliminate useless trackback spam from your website content and filter the incoming ones before they can appear on your website. Make use of the drop down menu from WordPress where you are given the option to show all comment types and then filter each comment. Find the spam content lists that are highly manageable from the admin dashboard without the trackback spammed comments. This will reduce the length of time that you can consume when manually checking for spam contents from your WordPress site.

Managing the annoying formatting setting in WordPress text editor

WordPress text editor is capable of removing the original format of a copy pasted text and bringing back its formatting to the default WordPress format for content. While this can be truly an annoying feature, you can save yourself from the frustration by simply highlighting the text with the formatting issue and then click on the eraser icon from the toolbar to remove the annoying WordPress default format. Doing so will not change the <h1> tag from the format therefore your text format structure will not be affected.

WordPress is loaded with great features that can optimize your content marketing schemes. Our professional content management services for WordPress are reliable and will be able to help you unleash the best potential for a successful WordPress website management. Click here to talk to the WordPress Pro.

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