Why Does SEO Takes Time?

Why SEO Takes Time

Have you ever wondered why the website that you created two weeks ago or a month ago still cannot be found in the search engine results pages of Google today? After having followed the tips to achieve a high page rank, you still cannot find your website in the first page of the results. And then you start to think what anomaly is going on that your web presence does not even seem to exist.

There is a common misconception among website owners today. They think that once you make a website, create a good landing page and page design, write valuable content, and then update this content regularly, you can already make your website rank highly. This is so not true because search engine optimization (SEO) really takes time.

What Google Thinks

Google, being the largest search engine today, always wants to live up to its thrust of giving its customers access to the best information ever available online. It aims to protect users through its analytics from website owners that are only after making money while victimizing innocent users. Google wants advertisers, website owners, and users benefit altogether online.

So Why Does SEO Really Take Time?

There are many reasons for this aside from the ones that have already been mentioned above.

  1. There are many websites that use black hat SEO techniques, in opposition to the recommended white hat SEO techniques. When you put links of websites that have no relation at all to your website is a good example of such practice. For this, Google does not trust websites that have too many links. It takes its time to crawl through your page and find out if link building has been done correctly.
  2. Google, along with other websites, change the way they rank websites overnight. In fact, over 2011 and 2012, there were Google Panda and Penguin updates that were launched by Google to target websites that used black hat SEO techniques like duplicating content and bad link building. This has caused a lot of websites to be banned from being ranked and have caused them huge amounts of money.
  3. So many websites are present in the World Wide Web today aim to rank at the top or at the first page of search engine results. It would definitely take much time for the bots to crawl every one of these according to the category or niche where they belong.

Finally, it boils down to Google being true to providing quality information to its users. Therefore, if you want to join the bandwagon led by Google, then you should follow its guidelines. If you are unsure of all these then let Digital Warriors help you. We provide professional content management services that will help you achieve a higher page rank.

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