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Big data

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Lead conversion is hardly considered to be related by marketers to big data. Too many times customers will turn down your offer to them and your sales markets plummet down the drain because you failed to recognize that a customer who turns down your business remains to be a good lead worth pursuing. Some of your customers will decline your offer by saying they are just not interested right now so they have to say no. Big data opens the opportunity among internet marketers how to draw out the interests of your potential leads in order to convert them into sales.

The fact that an online user is able to visit your site indicates that they are somehow interested about your business. The only problem lies on how you can retain such interest and eventually convert that interest into an actionable force that will drive them of buying your products. Most of the time, big data can fill up the gap and cover the loopholes between your business and customer interests. At the time that you started your business, you already collected some raw data regarding your customers and your market but the main problem lies is on your inability to use the information to your business advantage to develop better lead conversions. I am going to teach you how to leverage on big data to work out your business lead conversion process.

Lead conversion using insightful big data sources

Assuming you are already doing fine in your lead marketing strategies and are able to attract lead traffic to your site, it is your ultimate goal of making your leads convert into sales. Here is how you can use big data analytics for better lead conversions:

1.       Nurture big data information on customer behaviour

Your sales team should keep track of the interest of your potential leads to a particular product or service that your business offers. By using analytics and data management, you can see the patterns of customer behaviour when interacting to your site. Big data metrics that measure the length of stay of your visiting leads to view a particular product on your site may be interpreted as one that shows their interest to your products. Perhaps you are not able to provide more insightful content that will help convert that interest into sales. From this vantage point, use this customer behaviour data in order to improve your content marketing more like optimizing your product descriptions and benefits that will further entice your customers into buying that product.

2.       Use social influencers to grow your business network leads and conversions

Social data can be very useful especially in finding social influencers in their field of expertise. You can find who are the persons with great influence to their social followers whom you can connect your business for better lead conversion results. Internet marketers are now engaged in using this method of finding social influencers using social data in order to lobby their products to potential leads and make use of the influence of prominent social influencers to indorse their products to their own followers who are likely to complete their purchases on products that are highly recommended by experts.

3.       Track all your business digital interactions


big data

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Not all of your visiting customers will convert into sales. But you can use their behavioural interaction to your site in order to bring more improvements on your site’s value on customer engagement. By tracking every click, page visit, downloads and time spent on viewing a particular page will give you insightful information on what areas of your business are found to be interesting and engaging to visiting customers and identify those that are not. This will help you to further optimize certain pages of your site in order to deliver better customer experience and engagement to make them convert into sales.

4.       Follow up customer interests to convert leads

Email marketing is a good way to follow up your leads and eventually convince them to convert. Your leads already manifest their interest about your business by signing up to your newsletter, availed of your free coupons or freebies in exchange of giving them your email or participated on your other marketing programs and schemes. Unless they make a purchase however they remain as mere business leads. The next critical stage is to make these leads to convert by following up your customers’ interest by sending them email with a good actionable content that will entice them to finally purchase your products. Big data can provide you interesting information about your customer purchasing preferences and needs. Use this to your email marketing campaigns to add more value on your business, making it more relevant to your leads.

5.       Insightful big data customer engagement on your web page elements

Some of your web pages may not be working well in engaging your customers with a poor number of clicks a day. Big data analytics can tell you whether you need to boost your website design and development in order to provide a more interactive website that will be more interesting to your customers. You can target using multi-platform ads and use content marketing to further optimize your website engagement to your customers. Your search engine optimization strategies will also depend upon the data that you can gather based on your customer behaviour in attracting more lead traffic to your site.

A common issue is your customers are interested of making a purchase but they may find it confusing to navigate through your site. Make sure to engage the expertise of a professional web designer who can create actionable elements and buttons on your website that makes it easier for your leads to process their purchases.

6.       Capture big data value by data exploration

To capture valuable data about your leads, it involves a complex process of data gathering and exploration. The challenge will lie on how well you recognize valuable metrics that can help you convert your leads into sales.  Digital marketers and inbound marketing strategies are focused on crafting good web page content in order to drive better engagement of their business to customers that will eventually give more value on their business. Big data can provide statistical data that a digital marketer can explore in order to predict customer behaviour and responses. You can use the data to learn how to customize your marketing ads and in identifying channels and medium of communication that your leads are likely to respond to. This will results in a better lead conversion to your business because your data analytics makes your business become more responsive in drawing out qualified leads that will likely convert for your business.

7.       Manage your social analytics for lead conversion


big data

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This aspect of your lead marketing strategy also relies on big data. There is wealth of information from social media networks like conversations, comments and reviews that you can use in driving your leads to convert. Awareness and enhanced exposure of your products across the social media networks will increase its popularity thereby increasing the opportunity for lead conversion. Brand awareness is enhanced by social analytics which is also a tool that provides measurable behaviour of your potential leads that you can use in your lead conversion marketing strategies. If your leads are less engaged in your social media pages you can take it as a sign that your business needs a boost in social media marketing strategies to make it more attractive such as driving out a content marketing campaign to increase your business lead conversion results across your business social media accounts.

Digital Warriors can help you build your big data sources for better lead generation process with the help of our digital marketing and SEO experts.

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