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Businesses are getting more innovative in carrying out their services and one of the tools that can help them understand about their potential customer behaviour and the market industry in general is using GPS and location data for their analytics needs. Location data collection is one of the many options of a digital marketer in order to track down their customer locations and activities. The popularity of mobile marketing campaigns further makes the integration of GPS and location data for analytics more important.

Digital marketers who want to monitor the location of their customers and to understand the length of time they spend for visiting their website as well as the various locations they travel can improve their analytics strategies of improving the way their website interact and engage their potential customers. The use of global positioning services (GPS) data provide a more efficient means of automating the process of gathering location based data to help improve their digital marketing campaigns. As a matter of fact, GPS data contains a wealth of information regarding a customer’s shopping activity, behaviour and preferences that help businesses in making wiser marketing decisions to optimize mobile marketing campaigns and strategies.

Leveraging on GPS and Location Data to enhance mobile marketing campaigns

Location based marketing helps to improve your insights about the local market and the purchasing behaviour of your target customers. Location based services use the mobile device’s geography in extracting data and information relative to your customer’s purchasing and shopping behaviour and preferences. There are advantages of used location based data for a digital marketer which includes the following:

  • Mining consumer location data
  • Predict behavioural patterns of the consumers
  • Allows digital marketers to target unique and time targeted offers according to the shopping patterns of target customers.
  • Obtain data based on customer segmentation and travel history.
  • Provides marketers and advertisers marketing insights for competitive business intelligence regarding the shopping preferences, frequency of shopping activities, travel patterns and store visits of target customers.

Obtain marketing insights based on the interaction of the customer to their travel paths


location data

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By analyzing the customer’s travel path, marketers will know what kind of business establishments the target customer passes by which is likely to be become familiar to them and will likely to influence their purchasing behaviour. It can also be inferred based on the location points that the customer frequently visits about their preferences, interests and hobbies. For instance, a customer that usually frequents a visit to a boutique is likely to be interested to shop for clothes while those who like to drop by a bookstore like to purchase books. These types of location data and GPS information are very useful for digital marketers in planning for their search engine optimization, social media marketing and internet marketing campaigns.

Finding out about the customer’s mobile location points

This helps a digital marketer understand where their target customer usually spends most of their time based on various location points. By using this location data you can determine whether the customer is more likely to spend time at home, office, schools and even on coffee shops. This GPS data can be used as a marketing insight on how a business can influence their customer buying behaviour based on their lifestyle and movements in their mobile marketing approach.

How to use mobile location data for digital marketing

1.       Design the most suitable media mix for mobile marketing

Different brands can use the GPS location data in order to acquire better insights regarding when to promote their business such as determining the precisely when the consumers are likely to open their mobile devices to shop.

  • Understand the consumer’s work and travel pattern to determine the optimal media mix to use for your marketing campaigns.
  • Use varieties of media as part of your mobile marketing campaigns such as radio advertising and the creation of mobile applications for business.


location data

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2.       Acquire competitive insights about your competitors

Through location data and GPS tracking, digital marketers will be able to acquire competitive intelligence about their competitors as they can obtain information about the common places where target customers likely visit and the stores located within the vicinity they frequently visit. This will help marketers decide which locations target consumers likely spend more visits to shop and to know which location their biggest competitors have strong market positioning.

3.       Measure your advertising effectiveness

Being able to methodologically track down the consumer behaviour and location activities can help businesses drive their marketing campaigns better in response to the effectiveness of their mobile advertising campaigns. The data can provide insightful information how many of their target customers visit their store before and after their mobile marketing campaigns as well as to monitor the return of their investment. This form of mobile consumer analytics provides better marketing feedback to digital marketers.

4.       Incentivize your customers to share their GPS data

In order to elude privacy issues when using the location data of your customers, you can observe the following strategies to optimize your mobile marketing campaigns using GPS and location data analytics.

  • Offer incentives to consumers in order to entice them to share their GPS data
  • The younger generation consumers are likely to be more active in using the social media channels. You can focus your incentive programs designed to be more relevant and interesting to this population more to obtain better signs ups from consumers who are willing to share their location data for your business.
  • Incentive perks that you can offer to your customers in exchange for them to opt in to your mobile marketing program involving the sharing of location data include loyalty programs, free coupons, discounts, free merchandise and customer recognition.


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