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Google API

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There was a massive growth in the marketing technologies in the past years, requiring digital marketers to become more technology savvy in using the modern marketing applications that can be efficient in boosting their marketing strategies in engaging the consumers. Digital marketing technologies deliver to the consumers more efficient and promptly engaging means of interacting with digital products. Searching for products online has become the preferred way of shopping by about 45% of the consumers and more people are getting more social in their purchasing behaviour.

Digital marketers are viewing APIs as the building block in digital marketing as it provides an efficient application programming that gives online marketers more competence in driving their business more competitively. API refers to Application Programming Interface that allows marketers to use third party applications in order to retrieve data or use an application in connection to their business. Creative online marketers are able to leverage on using APIs from social media networks in order to provide a unique experience to their customers. One of the popular social APIs comes from Google which is considered to be valuable to the data driven digital marketers.

Google APIs for digital marketers

Google has several Application Programming Interfaces that are considered to be valuable in the digital marketing industry. Using these APIs allow third party marketers to pull out data from Google services and to automate various Google services like the Google Analytics, YouTube and Adwords. There are also Google API integration services like the Google +1 buttons, Google searches and Google pages. Marketers have several great Google APIs to choose from that they can use to boost their marketing campaigns and revolutionize their digital marketing business.

Google API

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Using Google APIs can benefit digital marketers to implement a more reputable business marketing campaigns with these popular Google APIs:

  • Google Maps. Digital marketers can integrate the interactive Google map from their ecommerce site while extracting valuable data about their customer locations.
  • Google Adword. It is easier to streamline your Adword campaigns to your website with better data management.
  • Google Chart. This API is useful when you want to integrate/embed charts to your business web pages.
  • Google Analytics. With this Google API integration you can leverage on data analytics to track down your website traffic. Applications can also be used as a Google Data API Feed on your site.
  • Google Webmasters Tools. Using this API will make the updating of your site information and sitemap easier using feeds.
  • Google YouTube Integration. This application integrates YouTube videos that are relevant to your business.

The Google API +1 button

Google API

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If your business is social media driven, using the Google +1 API will certainly give your social media marketing campaign a boost. The Google +1 is a social media platform that complements one’s Google authorship which is useful when you are massively engaged in content marketing for your digital business. Social searches are known to be effective in increasing a brand’s popularity and search results rank. Being able to integrate the Google button to your published content can influence your business social signals and can help making your business build better reputation and credibility.

Google Adwords API

Google API

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The Google Adword API offers developers the opportunity to integrate Adwords to a website using third party applications. If your business is involved in using Adword campaigns for digital marketing, using this API is very useful and time efficient in interacting with Google Adwords server. Marketers can easily save time and effort in managing their complex and numerous Adword accounts and manage their campaigns in a single API tool.

  • Google Adword API provides flexible means of managing your Adword campaigns.
  • Using the API allows the automatic keyword generation for your campaigns.
  • The API also helps to generate custom reports and destination URLs on your site.
  • Google Adword API apps give you the power to seamlessly manage your Adword accounts.
  • The API supports different programming language like Java, NET, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python.

Among the things that you can do in order to use the Google Adword API include the following:

  • Use Adword data to your CRM as part of the general marketing report.
  • Generate new keywords for your new products.
  • Use the automatic creation and to pause and unpause the adword groups you have created.
  • Use the API for large scale intelligent bidding
  • Create alert to manage tasks in a more efficient and responsive way.
  • Use the API to automate accounting features and generate client reports.
  • Track down various metrics for your Adword campaigns

Google Pages API

In order to integrate this API to your website, Google will require you to fill up its Partner application form. This API is available to social media marketing companies or developers. This API is very useful in strengthening your social media management process using the Google +1 on a web page as a social media sharing tool. As a social media management company using the Google Pages API will help you to easily create apps according to your service platforms and offer the same to digital marketers who are using Google services for their digital marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics Metadata API

google api

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This API allows webmasters to manage complex analytic data reports through their dashboard and by automating the process of data analysis for their business marketing performance. The API provides all dimensions and metrics needed for data extraction with less time to obtain results. Its attribute include full text description, metric calculations, depreciation status and query-able segments. Use the API in order to extract new data immediately as soon as they are available in optimizing your search engine optimization process.

Google Search API

This API allows the user to integrate custom search to their website. It is easier to curate search information according to the preferences of the user. By using the Google search to your website you are providing your customers with convenience of enjoying a customized search experience directly from your site. The latest Google Search API is added with the XML API for better custom search element giving the user a choice between the JSON and Atom syndication formats to use on their site.


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