Understanding Keyword Analysis

keyword analysis

The concept of the internet today may be considered magical. And since it is a useful venue from where we can search for items or ideas that we need, it is being used by almost every single individual today. If you have noticed in the past, encoding a topic on search engines like Google will provide you thousands upon thousands of search results. Because of that, it takes so much time to actually find the perfect material that would be useful to you.

Today, this is no longer the case. Thanks to keyword analysis, search results are more targeted towards the keywords that are being searched for. This thing about keyword analysis is not only useful for users but for companies and small businesses as well. Through web development or the creation of a website and optimizing it with the right target keywords, search engines will rank that certain website highly in its search results pages. This is an effective way to increase blog traffic.

Let’s Get To Know Keyword Analysis More

Keyword analysis is basically putting the right keywords into your business’ website’s content for Google bots to crawl it. The target keywords are identified according to the trends that occur online—what keywords are most searched by users. For example, if you type in the keyword ‘beaches’, then Google or other search engines will return to you results of websites that contain the said keyword. That way, you would not have to go through a lot of results just to find that one useful material.

How Can You Increase Blog Traffic By Using Keyword Analysis?

Small businesses should take note of these points when using keyword analysis.

Identify the niche where your business belongs. Then, think of the possible keywords that are being used in this particular niche. Going back to the ‘beach’ example, you can include keywords such as ‘resort’, ‘beach’ resort’, ‘beach club’, and others.

You can start with 50 keywords first and then narrow these down to 25, keeping the more relevant and often used ones.

Make sure that the keywords are relevant to the topic that your website is using.

Do not just use these keywords just for the sake of using them. Incorporate them smoothly and subtly into the content as Google Panda and Penguin target sites that use keywords the improper way.

How To Find Out The Most Popular Keywords

There are tools that you can use for keyword analysis. These include Google AdWords, Wordtracker, Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool, and Keyword Destiny and Prominence Analysis.

Remember that to increase blog traffic, you will need to use the right keywords. There are a lot of online marketing options that are considered as gold mine when using a WordPress blog. Our professional consultants are capable of helping small business grow just like yours. Talk to us at Digital Warriors so that we can show you how productive your WordPress blog can become.

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