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It is a fact that many internet marketers trust their business in using WordPress as a platform in promoting their digital marketing campaigns. WordPress SEO has become one of the most interesting subject matters among internet marketers because learning the basic SEO integration to WordPress can be crucial in your digital marketing success. The WordPress platform is endowed with search engine optimization features which, although may be complex sometimes, can help you revolutionize the way your business website performs on search.

The Best WordPress SEO Marketing Features

WordPress is designed to help enhance the search engine optimization campaign of its users. The platform is integrated with loads of SEO features that can provide you a lot of opportunities to boost your online marketing strategies. Internet marketers and Atlanta professional search engine companies use WordPress for several good reasons:

1.       WordPress offers simple and convenient ways of optimizing a site

You need not be a technical SEO pro in order to do some tweaking on your WordPress site features. Everything can be done at the backend of the platform. Your only job is to find out which search engine optimization feature you want to activate and run to your site and everything will be automated.

2.       Web design and content SEO can be managed as separate entities

Web designers in Atlanta usually require that a content management system (CMS) platform should separate web designing and content management in order to attain the fullest SEO results on a website and WordPress has this feature. The user can easily manage the web design for further optimization without disturbing the content structure of the website that is already established with proper SEO structures.

3.       WordPress is a free CMS platform

Wordpress seo

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For being an open source CMS platform, every WordPress user will have an endless option to expand the SEO functions and features on their WordPress website without taking more significant consideration as to its costs. There are highly functional SEO plugins that one can use to improve their website SEO performance.

4.       WordPress is database driven

What this implied is that it helps your WordPress site load quickly and more efficiently. Slow downloads of a website can affect its ranking on search and can affect the impression that you are giving to your potential leads. You will not experience any issues involving bandwidth, size of your web page content as well as traffic congestion of your visitor to your site.

Beginner’s Ultimate Guide in Using Basic WordPress SEO Features

You don’t have to be an expert in using WordPress in order to derive its SEO benefits. For the beginner’s point of view it is necessary NOT to think that the process is complicated. Here are some of the easiest guides in using basic WordPress SEO to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

1.       Tweaking on the permalink structures

The permalink structure is one of the SEO goodies available in WordPress. It simply represents the URL of your WordPress page and content. As a default, the permalink structure of your posts will be represented by a URL structure consisting of numbers and symbols (ex: This is a poor SEO URL signal that is not much useful for the search engine algorithm to interpret. You can optimize your permalink structures by accessing the Settings tab and customize the permalink URL of your post to display the most appropriate URL structure that will benefit your SEO that should include your website name and title of your post (ex: This will give the search engine as well as website search users an idea what your content is all about.

2.       Keyword optimization on WordPress

Keyword research remains to be the backbone in search engine optimization. You need to use keywords in order to give the search engine the right signal in understanding what your website is all about. Use keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Tool (it’s free!) and search for keywords or phrases that have a high search volume but with a small number of competition. The keyword should also be relevant to your business niche and integrate it throughout your content posts and web pages.

As a rule, your keywords should be used on the following elements to your WordPress content:

  • The heading of your site
  • The title tag of your content or post
  • The title tag of your homepage
  • The logo of your business, if there is any
  • The anchor text on the links on your web pages
  • The alt text when optimizing your images or video

3.       The title tags of your WordPress content

The title tags are important for your on-page optimization. WordPress does not automatically optimize title tags as its basic features but there are plugins like Yoast and All-in-One SEO that can be useful for this objective. Among the important areas of your website that should be optimized for title tags are your Home Title, Page Title and Post Title. Make sure that your target keyword is included to benefit your SEO objectives.

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4. Using the H1 tag

The impact of using H1 tag on WordPress content is a highly debated issue but there are more SEO experts who agree that using it can increase your website search ranking. Otherwise called as the header tag, the search engine algorithm is believed to index the first header of content for search results. It is therefore recommended to write your content by giving particular attention to your H1 tag.

5.       Give your content Meta tags

This is a Meta description about your content that can provide the search engine algorithm an idea what your content is all about. Use the appropriate target keywords for your post in this element of Google WordPress content for better search engine optimization results.

6.       Optimizing your images with Alt text

The search engine is not capable of deciphering images. The use of Alt text gives you the opportunity to tell the search engine what your image is all about in order to optimize your images for image search results. It is best to label your images through its alt text the same as your target keywords for optimal results on search.

Wordpress SEO

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7. Use the NoFollow tags on some of your pages

Use this option only on pages that you think will best benefit your readers but you don’t need to rank for the search results. Use this option less frequent though but it can help engage your website visitors better whenever you are giving them something that they might be interested about but might not be relevant to the search engine. To add the NoFollow tag to your link use this URL structure sample:


<a href=””>the ultimate guide in wordpress seo marketing</a>


<a href=” rel=”nofollow”>the ultimate guide in wordpress seo marketing</a>

Digital Warriors can help you unleash your wordpress sites SEO marketing features. With our team of experts you will find our web design and development and Atlanta search engine optimization systems very useful in making your WordPress site the workhorse of your digital marketing campaigns.

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