Tracking The Intersection on Big Data and Mobile Data Trends


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Big data is viewed as a medium by which companies can grow their business through the process of targeting the enhancement of productivity using analytics and wide database of information. Business data provides a wealth of information that can help companies do business with better competence in addressing the changing marketing trends within their respective marketing industry. When harnessed properly it can serve a significant purpose to help companies grow their business.

Business data analysis is currently viewed by internet marketing Atlanta as the future of digital marketing. In combination with the growing trends of mobile data utilization, both the big data and mobile data trends are considered to be intersecting across the online marketing portals. Both sources of data are viewed as powerful sources of driving businesses further towards better productivity and competence for a more responsive marketing strategy.

The powerful big data and mobile data combined

Online marketers harness the powerful combination of big data and mobile technology in empowering their digital marketing strategies. Mobile data in particular is widely used as a big data lens that not only functions as a communication technology but also used as an application that can penetrate through the consumer behavior patterns. As marketers begin to focus their strategies in digital marketing using the big data advancements to align their marketing objectives according to the consumer’s needs and preferences, big data analytics proved to be a great tool in anchoring their digital marketing strategies. Mobile and big data analytics help marketers to document their marketing strategy trails and it helps them evaluate and interpret results more efficiently.

As digital marketing is so encompassing that it includes mobile marketing as well, big data analytics plays a crucial role in helping online marketers to define their marketing goals and strategies to keep their products and services relevant to the digital mobile consumers. Moreover, local advertising has moved from the traditional print ads into mobile advertisements that deliver a real time and more targeted local advertising search results.

Big Data and Mobile Data Empowerment to your marketing strategies


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The use of big data in marketing strategies gave marketers about 60% increase in their operation and sales performance. In a research made by Mckinsey Global Institute, it appears that about 50% of the cost in production and manufacturing system of business enterprises were reduced. If you are an online marketer, using big data can also help you reinforce your marketing strategies in the digital world, making you more competent in addressing the online consumer’s needs.

Using big data can be overwhelming. They can be diverse in style, origin and sources. Sometimes, handling massive data is no longer viable because online marketers no longer know which data should be given a priority in driving their business towards better productivity and results. Social media feeds, sales performance rating, web design for mobile effectiveness, search engine ranking and other data are available. According to your marketing goals make sure to prioritize which among these data should be the focus of your marketing analytics.

The availability of mobile and big data is not enough. You should be more capable of handling and interpreting them in order to leverage your digital marketing strategies. Getting the help of a website development company can help move your business towards the mobile marketing industry while search engine optimization Atlanta services can help you optimize your website search ranking for generating your sales force and prospective return of investment.

Using Analytics to maximize big data and mobile data sources


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About 33% of business enterprises are using analytics in order to draw better outcomes from their data management. The major aspects of using analytics are focused on the structured data that involves the sales point data and the unstructured data that are drawn from social media and video marketing process. Along with search engine optimization Atlanta services, you can deliver better outcomes from your big data and mobile data sources by using analytics with these strategies:

  1. Use big data to understand your customers’ demands, needs and preferences. By leveraging over the social media likes and shares about your products, you can generate big data analytics in understanding which among your products and services seem to satisfy your customers. Tracking down feedbacks, recommendations and comments will also add some information regarding the negative and positive insights of the consumers about your business brand that will enable you to respond more appropriately.
  2. Improve customer services by providing more appropriate website design to accommodate various viewing needs of your customers. With the advent of mobile technology more consumers are using different forms of mobile devices from Smartphones to tablets which require a unique viewing experience. Make sure to use analytics in order to identify the number of your website visitors using mobile devices and the type of device they use when viewing your web pages. A responsive website is ideal which should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.
  3. Define a more personalized targeted offer for each unique customer. Because every customer have their own preferences and buying behavior, it is essential to use both mobile and big data analytics in understand the consumer behavior and craft a more personalized product offering to your targeted customers. By using analytics, you can group customers according to their likes and preferences and offer them something within their interests.
  4. Sales conversion using big data analytics. Owing to the numerous metrics available that can help you understand your customer behavior, you can leverage on the data and information that you can acquire in order to make your website convert better. You can easily determine which web pages convert better and which products can yield better profits and sales to your business with the help of big data analytics.

Using mobile data and integrating it with big data analytics can benefit the growth of your online business. Digital Warrriors have the extensive expertise in using big data to build your digital marketing campaigns with tremendous return of profits for your business.

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