Top Data Intelligence Tools Every Marketer Should Own

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Big data has a major impact on business. About 60% of marketing firms have engaged big data technology to improve their digital marketing strategies.. The significance of data management and analytics in upgrading the ability of marketers to improve the delivery of their products and services is tremendous. Data and information come and go very fast and business firms need to become more responsive in data analytics in real time in order to capture every profitable opportunity for their business. Modern data collection tools and methods are available that can help marketers discover marketing opportunities. Here are some of the top data collection tools that every marketer should own to make your business become big data responsive.

1.       Splice Machine

This is a big data program with the capability of acquiring real time information, including actionable insights that can help your team arrive at a more responsive decision making process immediately. It is an SQL on Hadoop database that can run analytics on your data. It used a cost effective hardware to process the scaling of gigabytes to petabytes for real time updates. It is most useful whenever the MySQL or the Oracle you are using cannot scale large data.

2.       1010 Data

This platform puts data analytics on the cloud. Its main features include data integration, data visualization tools, data reporting, optimization, and analytic tools. It runs its own private cloud infrastructure, thereby giving its users more convenient means of big data sharing and management process. It is also supported with HIPAA-grade security system in its back end system. It has centralized management control and API support integration too. It offers marketers a data management application that runs on a private cloud with capabilities to match the needs of your customers.

3.       Attivio

This data management tool combines the information gathered on big data and big content. It eliminates the complexities of generating vital information and eliminates loopholes in information gathering for better comprehensive insights. It has the capability of identifying crucial relationships of the data available and analyze them according to their relevance to your marketing goals.

4.       Actian Analytics Platform

This has revolutionized big data tools by combining a faster analytic database management system (DBMs) option to cloud based data analytics and integration software. It consists of an open source transactional database and expanded to use a faster analytical DBM which it calls the Actian Vector.

5.        Mortar

If you want a tool that can help you analyze data while deriving accurate, actionable insights, Mortar is the data analytics tool for you. It is designed to optimize the ability of data scientists in extracting data for analysis of high scale data science. It is built on Apache Pig and Hadoop. The user can use snapshots to monitor data analytics progress and changes. The platform is intuitive and it saves valuable time in building your own data infrastructure system.

6.       Amazon Red Shift

Initially created as the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a data management system service, the Amazon Redship was integrated as an intuitive warehousing service . It is optimized for business intelligence, independent data integration and analytic vendors. The user can run data intensive apps on the cloud, with the ability for a faster data gathering and analytic process. This hybrid of a big data tool is widely used by marketers using big data workloads.

7.       Cam Semantics

This tool allows the user to collect, integrate and analyze data seamlessly. It is an open platform using a Unified Information Access that prevents data isolation and instead integrate data according to their relevance to one another. It thus helps the user to exercise real time decision making for their marketing approach. The interface is interactive and highly customizable for better ease of use. You can use interactive web dashboards for your analytics activities with sharable spreadsheets that sync automatically.

8.       Mark Logic

The platform is designed to provide a wide range of big data solutions to digital marketers. It can support large data and bring them together as insightful data for better analytics to its users. You can easily find connection on the data grouped together by the software, helping you find insightful opportunities better. It has a flexible API and delivers data analysis and updates in real time. It is most useful to someone who is analyzing location or geographic relevance with its advanced data filtering capabilities.

9.       Data Stax

This tool is quite popular among high profiled websites like eBay and Netflix. It helps the user harness the power of big data by providing a low cost data management tool and analytics that can be the best alternative to Oracle. It has the capability of managing massive data loads for lightning speed analysis in real time. Among its key feature are visual navigation and interactive data cluster.

10.   HP Vertica Analytics

This data analytics platform delivers an agile environment and real time analytics. It has a high RAM-to-disk ratio that provides real time query performance. It can speedily interpret massive and structured data sets. Its FlexZone feature gives the user the ability to explore larger data sets with related analytics reports. It offers an IT-centric spin on big data analytics, paving the way for a deeper analysis of data for business application.

11.   Info Chimps Cloud

This is a data analytics tool that offers a cloud service solution for data gathering and analysis. It quickly deploys big data applications for real time analysis. Its main goal is to facilitate the rapid implementation of data analysis with fraud and risk analytic features. It also provides mobile data analytics and log analysis service.

12.   Placed

This data analytic tool helps the user to collect and manage offline data. It allows the combination of offline and online behavior data for analytics. It can measure mobile data coming from 100 million of locations in 24 hours. It also provides a wide range of repository of offline data and customer behavior. You can also use the platform for segmenting your website visitors by demographics. The tool offers an easy way of understanding the changes in customer behavior over time.

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