Top 5 Ways To Plan Customer SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud)


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The digital marketing ecosystem is currently driven with SMAC programs and initiatives. SMAC is the combination of the social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology that businesses now adapt in order to revolutionize their digital marketing approach. Marketers view SMAC as a system of business intelligence that can reinforce the capability of driving businesses towards delivering a better customer experience and lucrative business profits. With the escalating needs of many business, enterprises in enhancing their ability to respond to the changing customer demands and needs, as well as to keep on top of the competition, the integration of SMAC programs into their marketing system provides a viable business solution.

The four major elements of the SMAC program contribute to the growth of business success in the digital marketing arena. Even small businesses become highly competitive in promoting their business products and services. Most of the marketing approaches employed by business enterprises using SMAC is to drive customer service enhancements and provide a meaningful shopping experience. Making your business more customer centric can yield profitable results as the process makes your business highly significant to your target consumers. The following strategies can help small to medium enterprises devise a customer centric approach in using SMAC for their marketing structures.

1.       Driving social media engagement in your business

Among the marketing drives of businesses include the use of social marketing tools to promote their brand popularity and increase the social media exposures of a product or service. The use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube help business grow their popularity rate. These platforms offer the opportunity to engage the target viewers and hook them into liking a particular brand, product or service. Through social networking it is easier to build a marketplace in the social media community.

You can make your business more customer centric using the SMAC tools and programs by targeting the social media as a marketing channel where you can build the so-called crowdsourcing paradigm for businesses where massive data is available to obtain better marketing insights to help improve the delivery of business services and developing products that meet the needs of your target consumers.

Digital marketers have revolutionized their marketing strategies by using the social media channels to communicate with customers, obtain their feedback, comments and recommendations. This mind sharing structure allows the consumers to express their own preferences that opens a window of opportunity for marketers to find which marketing areas to develop for their business in order to induce potential customers to buy their products.

Consequently, the social media channels allow your business to create a personal relationship with your customers. Leverage on customer opinions and monitor customer preferences and shopping behavior and use them as change agents in finding the most productive marketing schemes to connect your brand to your customers.

2.       Customer and business interaction in a mobile environment


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Most business enterprises have developed their own business mobile applications in order to personalize their customers’ shopping experience. The mobile network provides for a feasible responsive business environment where enterprises enjoy a low cost marketing environment to connect their business to target consumers. Customers enjoy the convenience and the more personalized online shopping experience and businesses are able to grasp a more mobile business environment that allows them to reach global customers.

The mobile element in the SMAC program allows companies to develop mobile apps that can enhance their customer shopping experience. It also provides them a more efficient way of accessing data where valuable data is obtainable such as monitoring customer behavior, customer interaction to a mobile site and customer purchasing patterns and preferences. Mobile apps provide a customer centric business that is highly responsive to a customer’s buying activity with the ability to provide customized products and services based on a customer’s specification and preferences.

3.       Integrating data analytics to your business

Using the big data analytics strategy, business enterprises can transform massive data from a complex one to specific metrics that can enhance customer satisfaction. With the SMAC analytics software, marketers have a powerful tool to identify potential opportunities to engage customers further to their products and service offerings.

Big data analytics can help develop customization in the marketing approach in order to improve the quality interaction of customers to your business offerings. By using the SMAC business tools and analytics software, you can immediately spot objective data that will make your business highly responsive in real time to address the shopping preferences of your customers. This makes your business more customer centric with the ability to respond to customers’ needs anytime.

4.       Empower business scalability with cloud computing

SMAC provides enterprises the ability to build business flexibility and agility in terms of meeting the demands of customers through cloud computing. Cloud computing technology works best by integrating it to the mobile and social marketing structures of your SMAC business model. It enhances the collaboration of the various workforces of your business that makes real time decision making more efficient in addressing customers’ needs.

Your employees also become more efficient in responding to market demands of your business and in answering customer queries. SMAC tools in cloud computing like voice chats, social media, email responder and mobile communications can empower your business with significant ability of making your customers a priority in every operation of your business.

5.       Build your overall business value

Customers are getting more meticulous in selecting businesses that are more responsive to their needs. Customer engagement has become a challenge among marketers, especially in finding potential opportunities to build a good reputation of their business with their customers. The SMAC business model helps marketers to build a marketing infrastructure that makes their business more customer centric and highly responsive to their needs. The SMAC driven enterprise becomes more capable of enhancing the customer experience by using the four elements of social, mobile, analytics and cloud that builds their overall business value in the digital marketing environment.

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