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Video marketing

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Video marketing is the process of using video as a part of a digital marketing campaign with the goal of promoting a brand, services or products. Using video as an online marketing strategy is beneficial because it provides marketers the opportunity to connect with their target viewers in a more personal note. Video marketing has provided online marketers a far reaching success in terms of attracting many audiences to take notice of their brand, and it becomes a popular mode of internet marketing campaign in the world of digital marketing industry today.

Using the benefits of video marketing SEO

Video marketing SEO can build your website’s conversion and click through rates and Google ranking. The essence of using search engine optimization is to make your videos searchable and rank your video in the search engines. Merely uploading your videos will not translate to monetary and internet marketing benefits, however. What you need is to apply the proper optimization strategies to increase your video ranking and popularity online. The commonly applied SEO strategy to promote videos for internet marketing is to optimize videos using these elements that can help increase your video search ranking.

1.        The Title of the Video

The title of your video is the first thing that interacts with your potential viewers. It is empirical to use a title that will give the viewer an immediate idea on what the video content is about. However, to make your video searchable on the search engine like Google, you need to optimize the title with a keyword that is most relevant to your video content. Using compelling phrases for your title can make your video title interesting and the keyword is best positioned for SEO when placed as the first word of the title.

2.        The Video URL

The video URL will make it easier for the Google search engine to define what your video is all about. Most default URL for videos consists of numbers. This will not help your video to communicate better with the search engine spider when it crawls your video URL. You need to optimize your video to make it searchable by customizing it using the title and keyword. For example, instead of using the default URL of, you can tweak it to become like this:

3.       The Video Description

The video description provides the potential viewers an information about what to expect from the video content. However, the search engine bots cannot watch the content of your video and it depends solely on keywords and descriptions that you use for describing it. Optimize your video description by using keywords in the first sentence of your description, more preferably as the first word of the sentence. Your goal is to make the search engine grab the word that best describes your video content to include it in the search results.

4.       The Video Keywords

Every search engine optimization process always uses keywords as the basic step in making a content searchable by the search engine. The keywords are what you use to communicate to the search engine bots in making it understand what your video is about. Make sure to consistently use a relevant keyword in your title, meta tags, description, and video URL. Use keyword search ranking tools to ensure that you are using keywords that people often search online with the less number of competitions. Keywords can help rank your video in the search results.

5.       The Video File Name

When uploading your video to a particular site, it is important to be mindful of how you name the file of your video. This element of your video for SEO should contain the main keyword you are using for marketing its content in the search engine. Thus, if your keyword is video seo tips, for instance, your video file name should be <em>video_seo_tips.mp4.</em> or video_seo_tips.mp4.

6.       The Number of Views of the Video

If the website where you upload your video offers an element of displaying the number of views of your video, such as YouTube, make sure to use this element for optimizing the popularity of your video. The view count of your video can help increase its popularity on the search results as more people begin to take notice of it. The search engine will likewise consider the number of views of your video as a sign that your content is share worthy and relevant to your viewers.

7.       The Viewers’ Comments

video marketing

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This element of your video provides the engagement value of your video which is an important indicator for ranking videos for search results. The more the viewers interact about your content, the more popular it gets. It is something that the search engine uses as a good signal of making your video worthy for a higher rank on search. Make sure to enable the comment option in your videos when uploading them.

8.       The Video backlinks

Publishing your video in a single site may not be enough to boost your video for search ranking. While backlinking is viewed by some marketers as an obsolete means of search engine optimization, it remains to be relevant to the search engine. High quality and organic backlinks remain to be good indicators of quality traffic to your video that the search engine takes notice of. You can build organic backlinks by promoting your videos to social media sites where social media users can share the link, talk about it and refer other users to watch your video. This builds up the organic traffic to your video that can significantly improve its relevance to the search engine.

9.        The Video Subscriptions

Video subscriptions are another important element to use in optimizing a video for digital marketing. The number of subscribers of your video content will indicate its popularity to the search engine. As more people share your video in the digital world, it can also reflect that people have a good viewing experience after watching your video. Viral videos usually begin as more people subscribe to it and it builds the popularity of your brand too in the internet community.

10.    Making Your Videos Shareable

Social share buttons are the SEO elements that you can use in order to encourage people to share and rate your videos. Social sharing has played an important part of search engine optimization and when social media marketing integrates with your video marketing, you can easily make your brand quite popular with your target audience that can boost your search engine ranking.

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