Techniques in Designing a Successful Digital Marketing Funnel

digital sales funnel

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Creating your own Digital Marketing Funnel will have a positive impact in the success of your business. While many claimed that building a sales funnel is already an obsolete if not a dead marketing tactic, there are so many things to be debated around here but the bottom line is marketing sales funnel is not dead but rather it is merely changing or continues to evolve with technology. The use of a digital marketing funnel will help keep your business strategies in the proper equation while leveraging over the important aspects of your marketing campaign.

The new digital marketing funnel trend


digital sales funnel

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The online marketer perspectives regarding digital marketing have gone beyond the traditional sales funnel that give more focus and emphasis on making a sale than being engaged in building marketing strategies. In today’s consumer behavior, intelligent buying has become the name of the game and more consumers are getting savvy in getting as much information about a brand, product or services before making a purchase. This drives the online marketing industry to shift into the new digital marketing funnel trend that gives more emphasis on developing a sound marketing tactic that will drive better customer conversion and retention. With the modern digital marketing tools, there are various concepts that give the inception of the new digital marketing funnel positioning that can drive towards a better business productivity and customer retention outcome for businesses.

The 3 step systems in digital sales funnel


digital sales funnel

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Just how you can convert your leads into sales will require these three steps as part of your digital marketing funnel. The system is dissected into three parts namely:

Step # 1. Educating Customers (The ToFu system or Top of the Funnel)

This part of your digital sales funnel is focused in providing valuable information to potential customers. At this point they are not yet ready to make a purchase and probably still on the stage of searching for products and services. You can kick off your digital marketing approach by educating them through the process of defining a problem and offering a solution to it.

How to leverage on the ToFu system:

The consumers are always in search for answers with a lot of queries in their mind. You can assist them in making an informed decision by providing them the following:

  • Helpful and relevant information that can offer them a solution. At this stage of your sales funnel, you are driven to give your potential customers a good reason to become interested to your business, products or services.
  • Engage your customers by marketing your brand using content marketing and optimization campaign. Is your website optimized for search result using the appropriate keywords? This is a crucial aspect of your marketing campaign that is, making your business more searchable on the web.
  • Make yourself an educator by providing high quality information that will be relevant to your target customer’s needs.
  • Make your website more engaging to keep your customers interested to read more on what your business can offer. Are your web pages optimized enough with information that your customers will find very helpful? Are your website elements engaging enough to your visitors and giving them a better viewing experience? Perhaps you need the help of a professional website design and development company to optimize your website interface.
  • Measure how your website is able to engage your customers and its ability to provide answers that the consumers are likely to be looking for when researching for products to buy.
  • Deliver information about your business, its benefits and how it can offer a solution to your customers needs. Use various forms of communication channels like:
  1. Videos
  2. Ebooks
  3. White paper
  4. Webinars
  5. Blogs
  6. How-to guide
  7. Check list

Step # 2. Persuading customers (The MoFu System or the Middle of the Funnel)

The ultimate goal of the MoFu System is persuading potential customers to convert into sale. You are already at the middle of your digital marketing funnel where your customers are already engaged and have become interested to your product and services. Because you have convinced that your business is valuable and significant to them you need to kick off your marketing drive of making to convert their interest into a sale. As they view your business as a good resource that can address their needs, your marketing objective is to persuade them to take action by giving them a good reason to do it. Furthermore, at this point you expert status should draw your customers closer. It is very important to differentiate your solution over your competition with data points and case studies.

How to leverage on the MoFu System:

It takes persuasive actions in order to convert your customers’ interest about your business into a sale. You can successfully integrate these persuasive marketing strategies to drive them into buying:

  • Back up your claims with facts and actual delivery of information about your products and services through testimonials, case studies, product guides and research findings.
  • Leverage on social proofs by referring your customers to other social media users who are using the same product or service. Use other people’s testimonial on how your products and services have benefited them.
  • Use user-generated review on your website. You will need the help of a professional website design and development company in generating review forms that will allow your loyal customers to express their comments, reviews, testimonials and feedback.
  • Use product ratings to your product page. The more people like and rate your product, the more convinced your potential customers that your business can deliver gainful advantage and benefits to them.

Step #3. Selling to customers (The BoFu System or Bottom of the Funnel)

The major objective at this stage of the system is giving a moderate sales pitch that will prompt your customers to take action and successfully convert them into profitable sales. Your digital marketing technique at this stage of your sales funnel is to give them a call to action offer that will entice them to patronize your business and to actually convert your leads into a sale. It is essential to make an easy first step that is low risk for the customer.

How to leverage on the BoFu System:

Your call to action strategies will encourage your potential customers to actually convert. By using the following digital marketing tactics, you can push your customers to take action and make a purchase:

  • Offer freebies and incentives
  • Give free eBooks as an additional value for their purchases
  • Provide discount offers, free consultations, bundled services, demos, coupon, digital downloads and free trials
  • Display visible and attractive call to action buttons that will take your customer to a landing page.
  • Create a landing page optimized with graphics and illustrations that are enticing enough to lead your customers in embracing the value of your product and make a purchase.
  • Embark in an efficient email marketing that will further follow up your customer’s interest when they did not convert the first time they visit your site. Perhaps your customer is not yet ready to make a purchase then. Email marketing will also nurture your converted leads better by building a long term relationship with them and can encourage them to make repeat purchases.

You must measure your Digital Marketing Efforts!

When you embark in designing your own digital sales funnel strategies, it is crucial to make it more measurable in order help you gauge how profitable the conversion rate of your digital marketing campaign becomes. The use of analytics tool comes very handy in interpreting important metrics that can help define your roadmap to digital marketing success.

In defining your funnel metrics it is very important to consider how your data points will be captured and tracked. For example, how do you track the number of downloads for a specific piece of content from a specific source in Step #1? Several techniques exist but the most prevalent is link shorting. That is if you post a free eBook advertisement on FaceBook or LinkedIn then how will you know which source of traffic is more successful? By link shortening you can have a unique URL that corresponds to that particular traffic source and map this into your favorite analytic tool such as Google Analytics under the goals section.

Once you have tracked your efforts you can test and find the strongest sources of conversion. When you have established a predictable conversion rate then it is easy to justify investments in this traffic source.

Number of sales / Number of visits   x  100   = % conversion rate


digital sales funnel

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