Takeaway Tips in Making a Google Compliant Mobile Search Friendly Site

mobile search friendly

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Mobile Friendly Site are key as internet user and consumers are getting more engaged in viewing websites and accessing services and information using mobile devices like tablets, PDAs and Smartphones. In a statistical report in 2013, about 23.86% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Understanding this latest trend of directing traffic to an ecommerce site, website design Atlanta takes the effort of pursuing the development of mobile sites. As the number of mobile device users continue to grow, it is essential to make your own mobile site if you have none at this point in time to make your business more responsive to the changing demands of your potential customers.

Dissecting the elements of a mobile friendly website

To make your website more mobile friendly, it is essential to understand its major characteristics. A website that is designed and developed with a structure that can accommodate different viewing platforms is a mobile friendly site. It is imbued with the following characteristic elements that can impact the viewing experience of your website viewers and visitors:


mobile search friendly

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  1. A mobile friendly website provides a clearly laid down pages that are simplified enough for easy navigation.
  2. The website design elements that are used on the site are compressed to accommodate better viewing of your website visitors on various mobile screen sizes.
  3. Buttons are displayed more conveniently to accommodate better interaction with the website viewer (big and user friendly buttons).
  4. Call to action buttons or links are displayed conveniently for better viewing and engagement to the reader.
  5. Search bars are easily accessible.
  6. Instant click buttons to automatically call your business hotline directly from the mobile phone.
  7. Option to switch to a full non-mobile view.

The impact of the growing trends of mobile web

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to provide their visitors an engaging, satisfying, interactive and comfortable viewing experience. Whenever a website does not meet Google’s requirement that every website should be able to accommodate the different viewing needs of its search engine users, it is possible that this can result to a decline on your website search rank. Considering the online market prediction report of Morgan Stanley regarding the future of internet marketing, it is viewed that the mobile web will rule by the year 2015. The mobile e-commerce is soaring high by 4% greater than the online e-commerce and with the growing trends of social media people are getting more engrossed in shifting their internet browsing preferences from desktop to mobile viewing.

Google is more inclined to pursue the latest trend of mobile viewing which is constantly changing. Using more responsive designs for your website is highly recommended in order to accommodate the viewing needs of your visitors. Your website’s inability to address the viewing needs of your visitors will reduce the traffic directed to your main site which can influence the drop on your website rank. It can also result in a low conversion rate from your site and can result in significant profit loss.

The creation of mobile friendly websites has become an important consideration in website design and development. Making your website more responsive to various mobile platforms like Smartphones, tablets, and PDAs should be targeted in order to make a website more optimized to enhance your search engine results. Most of the time, search engine optimization Atlanta embarks in a more targeted SEO campaign integrated with social media marketing and designing an optimized website design Atlanta.

Embarking on a Google compliant mobile site SEO

Some unresponsive websites suffered a drop on their website traffic and search engine ranking primarily because it is not mobile friendly. Google announced that this will impact mobile search ranking of websites. Furthermore, Google announced that it will be implementing stricter mobile SEO regulations.

Here are some of the mobile SEO practices that you should AVOID that Google frowns about that results to poor website performance on mobile search ranking:

  1. Incorrect handling of Google bot mobile on a website.
  2. Redirecting visitors who are using mobile devices by 404 redirects.
  3. Faulty redirects on your site that point web pages to its mobile friendly home page instead of using mobile friendly individual web pages.

Making your website mobile search friendly

There are possible ways that can help reduce the impact of Google SEO requirement for mobile friendly websites. Here are some options that will provide you better leeway in demonstrating your website’s ability to address the changing and unique viewing needs of your website visitors.

1.       Create mobile applications for your website

A mobile application is a native application that is designed to access web content and information using mobile devices. They can provide seamless interface with a smoother viewing experience to your website visitors because mobile apps are specifically designed to accommodate mobile viewing. The caveat about using mobile apps for your website is the side of costs. You will need the help of application developers which can be costly but can be a good investment to make depending on your business needs.

2.       Create a mobile website for your business

A mobile website will create a website architecture that will fit a mobile browser. Web design and development Atlanta can adhere to the basic rule of a mobile search friendly site that is one with a clean and simple interface, uses basic colors, uses minimal but important design elements, just a few but relevant content posts and high quality links. All these elements of a mobile friendly site is a good SEO practice that can influence your website traffic, return of investment, conversion rates and Google search ranking.

Building a mobile website is a cheaper option than creating your own business mobile apps. There SEO implications involved when developing your own mobile friendly site and a search engine optimization service and web design and development services can provide the solution to the challenge that comes with the process.

If you need a responsive, fluid, flexible and mobile search friendly websites, you will need all the help that you can especially when you don’t have the technical know-how of doing it. Digital Warrior can help you expand your idea about re-structuring your website design in a cost effective process. TALK TO US so we can help address your unique business needs and make your website more Google search friendly.

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