Understand Google Analytics Metrics for Social Analytics

If you are aiming to get your website rank higher on search, it is important to advocate the use of content marketing strategies and to use Google Analytics to obtain optimized results. There are many factors affecting your website structures and content is one of them. Content marketing is perhaps one of the most powerful search engine optimization tactics that a webmaster can use in order to…

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Google Analytics Basic Tutorial Part 3 – Maximize Google Analytics Tool in Optimizing Your WordPress Site

The Google Analytics is composed of powerful tools that can help you revamp the way you manage and optimize your WordPress site. There are many wealth of information that you can use in order to make the best advantage from your WordPress blog performance using the Google Analytic features. WordPress is a content management system which platform is widely used by many marketers and bloggers. With…

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Google Analytics Basic Tutorial Part 2 – Maximize Exposure for Local Search

The evolution of search engine optimization has made a significant impact among local businesses as it helps local entrepreneurs to effectively market their products and services online. The Google Analytic features that cover local business traffic monitoring and optimization process has become valuable among local marketers and thus deserves to become part of this tutorial series on Google Analytics. How you understand your local business…

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Google Analytics Basic Tutorial Part 1 – Know the Basic Features

The Google Analytics is a new and modern breed of search engine optimization tool that has become the ultimate SEO solution in the online marketing industry today. You should be adept in understanding its basic features in order to maximize its use to your internet marketing advantage. The tool has significant capabilities in boosting your online marketing efforts and every marketer should be more inclined in using…

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Dig the Gold Mine – Hidden Features of the Google Analytics Revealed


Many have been using the Google Analytics Tool but only a few are able to use them properly to take advantage of its ultimate features. Google has been helping online marketers, aspiring SEOs, webmasters and bloggers to optimize results in their search engine optimization projects and one of the best tools that you can use from Google is its Analytic tools. How far you can maximize the essential features of the Google Webmaster tool can help define your SEO…

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Revolutionize Your SEO Campaign With the Google Webmaster Tool

google analytics

In any search engine optimization, you need to learn how to read the statistics and data that reflect  how your SEO effort is making any progress. Using tools to help you optimize results is the best thing that you can do in order to maximize your progress on any of your SEO campaign. How Google sees your SEO tactics is crucial for ranking on the search engine and search engine optimization Atlanta…

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Your Website Traffic Falls After A Post – Learn the Reasons Why

It is a common marketing tactic to venture into content marketing to drive traffic to your business website. Content marketing is an effective means of making your site to perform better on the search engine and your content plays a significant reason why your website visitors and followers continue to visit your site. Undertaking a content marketing tactic usually entails hard work, dedication and a consistent follow-up to review the results. Most of…

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Your Website And Social Media Integration

Social media integration

Websites are a great way for you and other entrepreneurs to market your products and services. It is also considered as one of the cheapest yet most effective ways of advertising your small business. However, apart from all the SEO techniques that you can use to increase your web presence and rank higher in every local search, there is also another effective and proven way to do that. That is by…

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Tools For Measuring SEO

SEO toolsYou are pretty much confident now that you have employed the different SEO techniques that lead to a more visible web presence and higher page rank. You have consistently followed the different white hat SEO techniques to ensure that you do not get targeted and penalized by Google Panda updates.

Now, the next thing for you to do is to check the status of your website and see if your SEO techniques are…

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