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organic search

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In the digital age of social media advertising, organic post is rumored to be getting a dimmer potential in helping digital marketers reach a wider audience for their business. Some believe that organic search is losing its spark in attracting search users in finding businesses on the web and recommend of re-directing marketing efforts using paid search advertising. But is this so? In the point of view of Atlanta search engine optimization experts organic search still retains its potential as a valuable online marketing strategy if you do it right.

Organic post versus paid search

Online marketers can leverage in gaining better exposure of their business through the process called organic reach where search users can find their business through news feeds, shared content through links, commenting, and social media shares. Facebook was straightforward in declaring that organic posts of their users are dramatically declining and suggests to internet marketers to resort in paid search advertising campaign to continue their ability to reach their target audience. Paid search campaigns allow businesses to reach online users through paid ads.

The latest report from Kenshoo also revealed that paid search has a better potential in delivering results to the marketing campaigns of digital marketers. Social advertisers undertake of paying microblogs to promote their business as well as to build content promotion across various social media channels about their brand, products and services. They likewise pay for branded pages and ads from social networks in order to achieve better business exposure.

If you are looking for the easiest way of reaching to your target audience, paid search advertising seems to be a viable option however it does not preclude online marketers to embark in using organic posts in promoting their business which remains to be the most common means of social media marketing even in the midst of the paid search trend in the digital marketing industry these days.

Strategize to enhance your organic posts for online marketing

Paid search can be more costly than when you resort in improving your organic posts in order to reach a wider audience for your business. Search engine optimization experts believe that using social SEO can help boost your digital marketing campaign and can help enhance the online exposure of your business. Social media marketing companies in Atlanta likewise believe in the same view that organic posts retain its potential as a good online marketing channel when integrated with social media marketing strategies.

You can always compensate for any decline in your organic reach across the social media channels using aggressive SEO and social media marketing strategies. These tips can help you maintain the number of your audience and followers through organic post marketing without resorting to paid searches:

Create a viral content


organic reach

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Social engagement is very crucial when you want to be successful in building your organic reach. You don’t need paid ads if you are able to deliver high quality, unique content that the social media users will find very helpful especially in offering them a solution or in delivering them fresh content that will be worth following as well as sharing to their social media circles. Social interaction is the key for every content marketing campaign and social shares will help your business acquire better audience reach. Viral marketing is considered to be part of an organic reach result and the outcome of your online marketing campaign can be magnified with a viral content.

To make your content go viral across the web, you should be able to use different content marketing tactics such as the following:

  • Promote your content across forums and discussion boards. Make sure to leave your web page URL to create links and to direct others in reaching your posts.
  • Use different content distribution channels such as guest blogging sites, editorial sites, your own blog site and social media platforms to promote your content.

Write not only about your business but for your fans

Social media users are very intimate about sharing their ideas and recommendations to their social circles. You can leverage from their word-of-mouth as a marketing tool in order to promote your organic post in building traffic of social media followers that will help your business reach a wider audience. By harnessing from the field of interests of your fans, you can easily attract them to follow your posts consistently.

organic search

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  • Social media users love marketers who employ organic posts using various forms of media like content publishing, blog posts, podcast, infographics, videos, and white papers that tend to be highly entertaining to them.
  • Encourage your fans to generate shared content about your posts to build organic traffic for better search results.
  • Entice your followers to share your posts by writing interactive content that can start an interesting topic or subject matter within their field of interest and your business industry that will be worth as a discussion among them.
  • Choose content that will be relevant both to your business and to the interest of your business followers or customers.
  • Encourage your customers to share feedbacks about their needs in order for you to write content that can deliver useful information to them to retain the relevance of your content to your followers.

Leverage on social media SEO to improve your search ranking

Your search ranking can define the effectiveness of your organic post in marketing your business online and across the social media community. The cornerstone of an effective SEO campaign is using the proper keywords that will help the search engine algorithm in indexing your content for search result. The higher the search rank of your posts, the better online visibility your business gets. SEO can also help grow your social signals for better social media advertising campaigns and online visibility of your business. Every social media marketer should strive in gaining visibility on the web which is essential in order to boost your marketing campaigns and in reaching a more targeted audience for your posts.

  • Use targeted keywords to attain targeted traffic to your post.
  • Boost your search engine presence by using keywords that are relevant to your business and spread it across your content and web pages.
  • Use analytic tools to upgrade your ability to enhance your organic post for better search engine rank and use social metrics for optimized results.

If you find any difficulties in growing your social media advertising campaign through organic post, Digital Warriors can help you ascertain your digital marketing success. We can help optimize your marketing campaign by integrating SEO and social media marketing for better organic reach to your target audience.

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