Striking Facts on Search Authority with Google Plus Profiles And Pages

Wanting to learn how to be a Google Plus  Superstar? It is definitely going to be like a roller coaster ride and yes for some times it can be puzzling. Discover the startling facts on how Google+ profiles and pages can gain search authority. We all know that Google is one the most favorite search sites of people around the world. If you are serious about outranking others then this search authority technique may be your site’s missing link to become a top page ranker. It would be an advantage if you will understand how the Google+ services interlink with each other and realize the best ways to interact with G+ entities.

What is Google Plus?

Many individuals may fall into a wrong conclusion that Google+ is just like Facebook or Twitter because it involves people, communication and social networking. The fact that Google Plus is not actually a social media site might surprise most people. It is more correct to say that Google+ is a classic Google web application. Google Plus is an extraordinary authorship tool for human communication and web content either for personal or business purposes. There is something different about Google+ as to compare with just an ordinary social site. It brings people together within the framework of many Google’s services. Google+ is not only created to enhance your Google experience but it can create engagement and connections as well. Google Plus is not going away, it is good for author rank, improves search ranking, Google+ communities is powerful and is just easy to monitor.

The Psychology behind Using Google Plus

Here’s a bit of a trivia about the Google+, it has achieved rapid growth reaching 10 million users just two weeks after its launch in year 2011. An estimated number of 625,000 new users are added a day in the Google+ site. Did you know that there are over 540 million monthly active internet users who socially interact with Google+? For the record, Google+ Mobile App was even used by 30% of smartphone users this year making it one of the most used applications. Increasing connections across the web becomes simple with Google+ and it is indeed trending. The use of Google+ buttons work similarly with the Facebook like buttons and has been associated to higher Google Search ranking. As a matter of fact, Google+ followers help boosts your search ranking than Facebook or Twitter. The system features flexibility for personal creativity with no much restriction. Therefore, there is an opportunity to build positively fruitful relationships in Google+.

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What is Search Authority?

There can be multiple authority signals. It can definitely be brain twisting to figure out how search engines exactly calculate authority. There are strategies to achieve leads and quality or ‘neighborhood’ links that your site receives, social references and engagement metrics absolutely play a major role when it comes to site authority. This blog post concentrates on how Google+ profile or page can earn search authority. Did you know that about 61 percent of top 100 brands represented on Google pages?  Google + pages have increased traffic and can be the next big thing for the site. Google+ makes it possible for the brands, products, companies and organizations to establish their own tailored Google+ presence.

What is Google plus Profile?

A Google+ Profile is all about a person’s profile that includes social network, profile photo, work experience, school history, interests, and places lived. It is a public visible account mostly used for Google authorship authentication that is attached to many Google properties. There are many way to make your Google+ profile climb.


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How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority?

A lot of people respond well to technology as it can be incorporated to the activities of many businesses and interests of modern day individuals. Let us now delve into how Google+ profiles and pages gain search authority. Continue reading the article post and enlighten yourself with basic understanding on how does a Google+ profile or page can earn awesome page rank. Here are the striking facts that you ought to know:

Fact #1 Google+ Profiles Have Their Own PageRank

Many of the SEO savvy may already have wondered why one day they looked into the page rank tools to see the Google ranking of their site and it just stopped showing up the results. One of the factors to explain this is that Google+ caused most PageRank checking tools to show zero. Here is a tip, go to and it could properly analyze the URLs and it will show that Google+ profiles did indeed still have Google PageRank. Did you even know that in addition to profiles, Google+ pages and communities also have their own PageRank?

Fact # 2 Google+ PageRank Has Internal and External Sources

Although Google+ is not a social site, it can function as a social network. Although Google+ is not a social site, it can function as a social network. In fact, it is the second largest social network in the globe next to Facebook. G+ is a primary source from which Google would evaluate the profile authoritativeness and would be the internal link, which means the connection within the network itself. On the other hand, profiles, pages, and communities that have been assigned by Google to PageRank and G+ can serve as external links that can help build search authority of Google+ entities.

Fact # 3 Resharing Original Post of Highly Followed Google+ User Can Increase Your Page Ranking

Building relationships and establishing networks with influential Google+ users through Google Buzz and other social networks will be very beneficial for you to gain search authority.  In fact, when you re share a Google+ post by a highly-followed G+ user on your own profile, you will find that your re shared original post would be the highest ranking Google+ post for the title of the original post after a day or two.

Fact # 4 Networking with Many Google+ Powerful Users Can Boost your Search Authority

Google utilize links from regular pages on the Web for the initial evaluation of relative authority of the pages to which they point. Given the fact that Google+ profiles and pages interlink with each other as well, it makes a followed link to another person’s profile. As a result, re shares and other engagement from other users help build the PageRank authority of a Google profile. Networking with more Google+ power users will result to higher page rank of your Google+ profile.

Fact # 5 External Backlinks Utilizing Google Authorship Affects Profile Page Rank Positively

The external backlinks using Google authorship absolutely have an effect on profile PageRank. It is for the reason that establishing authorship for a piece of content usually necessitates putting a link back to the author’s Google+ profile. Therefore, the G+ profile user who regularly create content with multiple connection to sites using Google Authorship can have an average or even higher PageRank authority as to compare to those who are not aware of this fact.

It is absolutely essential to discover more about how Google plus Profiles & Pages gain search authority. If you are serious about optimizing your website, then you should learn the best ways to design and develop a website. There is no better place in the World Wide Web than Digital Warriors where you can learn the most excellent internet marketing strategies. We provide useful content for superb web presence solutions.



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