Start an Online Business with These 7 Key Essential Steps

Start an online business

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Starting an online business sounds to be easy, but there are many things that new and aspiring entrepreneurs need to know in order to make themselves successful as digital marketers. The digital market is highly competitive yet with a lucrative opportunity to grow your business market. Every marketer has the equal opportunity of reaching to millions of online consumers and there are more rooms to establish your market positioning to earn better profits. There are, however, important steps to take before you can claim you are successfully enjoying a lucrative online business with a good return on investments. These 7 key essential steps will help digital marketers to start an online business with a better market positioning and business intelligence to make their businesses more competitive and highly productive.

Step No. 1 – Write Your Online Business Plan

Start an online business

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Writing a business plan will serve as the architecture of your online business. It will be your guide in identifying the various structures needed for your business and how to implement them to your business. Traditional business plans used for offline business is quite different when you are planning to venture into digital marketing business. With the help of a business plan, you can focus your resources on the important aspects of running your online business while setting up your market goals. Begin planning for your online business objectives.

  • Identify what products and services you want to sell.
  • Determine what kind of business personality to build for your brand.
  • Plan which market you want to introduce your business products and services.
  • What type of advertising you need to undertake in order to promote your brand.

Step No. 2 – Do a Market Research

Brainstorming for marketing ideas can be a tough one. It requires penetrating your target market to identify which products and services will likely give you productive results. It also entails understanding your competition’s marketing strategies and find out what works for them best. There are various ways however, that can give you a good start when doing a market research.

  • Check out the competitor’s links. Checking out your competitor’s popularity and market reach seems to be a painstaking process, but there is an amazing trick that you can do in order to shorten this process and to find out quickly what type of industries and websites that are linking to your competitor’s site by using this trick. Type ‘link: www. [competitor's name].com’ from the search tool box of your browser and you will find what websites are linking to your competitor’s site.
  • Do a keyword research about your target market. Keywords are the words and phrases that the consumers use whenever they are looking for something on the Internet. The Google Keyword Research Tool is an innovative tool that you can use to search for the most popular keywords being used by your target consumers and identify the level of competition, which indicates who among the marketers within your target market are using the same keywords for advertising their brand online.
  • Gather information from public opinions through blogs. Reading blogs can help you dig more information about your target market where people tend to be expressive about their ideas and preferences. Use blogs that are industry specific to find your target consumers and note the comments and information available from those blogs.

Step No. 3 – Define Your Products and Services

Start an online business

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Products and services are the core of your business and it should be included in the key steps for planning how to start an online business venture. A meticulous plan for your products and services should include the following:

  • Create a brief summary about why your products and services are unique.
  • Write down the product descriptions.
  • Highlight the benefits that can be derived when using them.
  • Identify the method on how you should sell your products and services.
  • Plan on how to make your brand highly competitive against your competitors.
  • Write down your pricing policy.
  • Identify the technology that you can use in marketing your brand

Step No. 4 – Create a Website

start an online business

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You need a website in order to introduce your brand to its target marketplace. Online entrepreneurs usually leave this aspect of their online business to the experts. There are professional web designing services that can deliver a stunning eCommerce site for your business with all the key elements necessary in order to give your customers a good online shopping experience. Among the considerations you need for creating a website or domain, hosting, web design and development.

Step No. 5 – Go for Social Marketing

Targeting the social market is the trend for online business these days. Social marketing can improve your website traffic and popularity. It also helps you reach more audiences for your business.

  • Create various social media profiles for your business. Use Facebook Page, Twitter and Google + to gain popularity and more business followers.
  • Engage in content marketing to give your business a voice to social media users. Try linking to articles from reputable sites as well for this will help improve your site’s trust rating and credibility.
  • Offer special bonuses, perks and privileges to your social followers.
  • Use social buttons to encourage your social followers to share and like your business.

Step No. 6 – Use Analytics

Start an online business

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Digital marketing experts often note that with digital marketing it is important to focus on innovation and technology as part of your business architecture. Business analytics and data management go hand in hand in optimizing business marketing online. Analytics tool will provide you business intelligence that will help you analyze what part of your digital marketing strategies and campaigns work productively and those that do not.

  • Optimize your business environment with data analytics tools and create a workplace culture where employees are data and analytics savvy.
  • Hire a data analytic specialist
  • Invest in analytics tools and platforms to manage your data network.
  • Use innovative mobile applications to penetrate the social market and use mobile data to grow your business.

Step No 7 – Optimize Your Site with SEO

Learning the basic SEO is fundamental in digital marketing. Search engine optimization can help drive traffic to your website and it also increases your visibility to the search engines.

  • Use keywords to help the search engine find your website on search.
  • Drive your SEO marketing using multi-channel platforms such as using blogs, social media networks, email marketing and video marketing to cover more digital market areas to market your products.
  • Consistently use domain names. This is important because using at one time and using at another time will give the search engine a different message. This is crucial to your link building process.
  • Make sure to include keywords in your URL, content title and images.


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