The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) Equalizer for Small Business



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The digital marketing world has evolved to create more room for the discovery of better technology in improving businesses to become more competitive and successful. Small businesses continue to thrive, grow and have become as competent as bigger enterprises with the power of social media marketing, data computing and mobile marketing. Big data analytics is a proven marketing tool that enhances the ability of businesses to understand their market and consumer behaviour. But the more recent developments in big data analytics and digital marketing strategies conceived a more integrated equalizer for small businesses to grow its competence for improved competitive ability within its market through the integrated formula called Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) technology.

What is Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC)?

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC)

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The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Clouds technology is viewed to be the future enterprise technology that pulls together the power of social, mobile, analytics and cloud that enhances the IT architecture of businesses. The SMAC technology is a comprehensive and a single tool that provides a holistic solution for digital marketing. It redefines the IT solutions available for digital marketers that will help improve the data management system and to optimize the digital marketing results of enterprises. Even small businesses can enhance its ability to grow more competitively among its bigger market competitors because it can help transform even the smallest business into one with the equal ability to grow its market share within the digital marketing environment.

Among the greatest advantages of the SMAC technology to small businesses include the following:

  •          Break geographical boundaries
  •          Cost effective marketing solutions for small businesses
  •          Operation enhancement and better data gathering and processing
  •          More collaborative and productive marketing management for small businesses
  •         Real time data management and decision making process

The Perspective of SMAC Technology

Small businesses will find that this technology is an equalizer in taking its business to a more solid marketing position in the digital environment. The SMAC IT architecture integrates the combination of four online marketing solutions namely social, mobile, analytics and cloud thereby providing for a holistic digital transformation that will keep small businesses competitive and productive. As predicted, there will be about 100 billion of computing devices that will be using the internet technology and businesses are likely to take more data load in the year 2020. With the SMAC technology, even small businesses will be able to handle this data growth and will be likely ready in handling the bigger challenge of managing big data and marketing challenges in the future.

The SMAC can be used as a modern big data and marketing architecture that stacks up the power of social, mobile, analytics and cloud marketing influences towards enhanced productivity. With the combination of these marketing tools, small businesses have within its organization a platform that can multiply productivity and positive marketing results.

The SMAC Technology in Action

You must be wondering how the SMAC can impact the productivity of small businesses. In a general perspective, the platform takes a synergistic action to transform small businesses of becoming digitally competitive using these four digital marketing medium:

·         Social tool for business

The social aspect of digital marketing is very important owing to the fact that people are considered to be the best and valuable assets of a business. The SMAC platform unlocks the barriers of knowledge sharing among the members of various social media networks, providing for a platform where rapid sharing of knowledge among them is enhanced. This facilitates a quick exchange of collaborative information that can drive better business marketing results.

·         Mobile tool for business

Mobile technology has rapidly changes the digital marketplace and its technology landscape for doing businesses. Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets drastically improved the connection of businesses to their target customers where the opportunity for marketing products and businesses can be made anytime seamlessly through the mobile technology driven marketplace. As more consumers are engaged in mobile shopping, internet marketing need to make their business mobile savvy for better consumer connectivity through the development and introduction of mobile applications.

·         Analytics tool for business

One of the greatest advantages of using social and mobile analytics is the enhancement of customer relationship and a better understanding about the consumer behaviour and preferences. With the immersive data available, small businesses will know how to retain customer loyalty, improve its marketing campaigns, enhance its product development processes and provide services that fit the requirements and preferences of their customers. The data collected are scalable using the SMAC technology which gives more room for a sound marketing decision making of small business owners.

·         Cloud technology for small business

With the big data explosion, more overwhelming information will likely be collected and made available to small businesses. The cloud technology offers the solution for better big data management and processing that creates a more organized IT ecosystem with improved data collection process. Small business will find a more agile solution for big data management that can help cut costs for server maintenance, breaking down geographical barriers and scalable data available on the cloud, anytime and anywhere.

The SMAC technology Application for businesses

Using the SMAC IT structure, small businesses have the platform that can help it launch a physical retail store with business intelligence that can be derived from social, mobile, data analytics and cloud storage. Retailers for instance can use the SMAC technology in obtaining the shopping experiences of their customers with the data dynamics to use for analytics using mobile and social marketing data. The collected data can be used by retailers to enhance their products and services in order to deliver better customer satisfaction. The SMAC technology does not only provide a smart and intelligent data marketing solutions to small businesses but it is beginning to become popular in the banking and healthcare industries as well.

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC)

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The digital transformation of Small Businesses with SMAC Solutions

The SMAC technology helps to transform small businesses with better digital marketing capabilities within these three key dimensions:

  • Enhanced customer experience

The analytics based segmentations and the social marketing knowledge can help marketers to streamline business processes for optimized customer experience on their brand. It provides an enhanced ability to provide customers a better shopping experience in similar manner as the small business’ competitors.     

  • Operational processes

The use of mobile technology helps facilitate information and business intelligence faster. It also helps build a faster communication channel for exchanging information that helps in the real time marketing decision making. The SMAC technology thus provides small businesses data assets that are valuable in optimizing its operational processes.

  •          Business model

Small businesses find it easier to create it ideal business model that is designed to meet the customer expectations and reshaping the geographical boundaries of their market reach. It involves the transformation of business models with digital products and market in mind thereby providing small businesses close to equal earnings as its bigger competitors.

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