Social Media Optimization Techniques for Startup Businesses


Social Media Optimization

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Social media sharing can become a very helpful search engine optimization technique that can accelerate the popularity of a startup online business. The influence of social media signals cannot be underestimated.  About 60% of digital marketing companies have been using social media marketing as part of their search engine optimization campaign and about 70% of these companies reported a significant boost in their business online exposure and organic traffic.

Most social media networks have optimized their own platforms to become more useful in promoting businesses. More added features that are tailored for social media marketing were introduced and startup online businesses have been leveraging on the potential benefits of using these tools. Because yours is just a startup company you are certainly interested of using every possible strategy that can help you get your business a good kickoff to make it more competitive as possible. Social media marketing companies in Atlanta will always recommend social media optimization because of its overwhelming impact to the search engine results.

If you want to use social media sharing as a form of SEO strategy of increasing your social signals to improve your website search ranking results as well as to maximize the online visibility of your brand, here are some of the most popular social media networks that can help you attain your goal. Sharing your posts and business through these networks will take some easy steps that you need to learn in order to maximize your SEO results.

Facebook social media optimization technique


Social Media Optimization

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Facebook is the most popular social media platforms used for business marketing online. The best feature of Facebook for business is that the platform is very flexible as it helps you reach wider audiences using a diversified type of content promotion. Do the following in order to optimize your Facebook business account for best digital marketing results:

  • Make sure to create your own Facebook business page and use a name that will be highly relevant to your business and one that your customers will easily remember. The user is allowed to create their username only once without the chance of changing it so be sure to make a list of all possible name to use before signing up.
  • Optimize your business page URL. Facebook displays URL consisting of generic figures and numbers that will look something like this: as default which is not search engine friendly. Customize your URL in order to display the proper content posts for your content to make it sharable and clearer for the search engine in interpreting what your business page is about.
  • Make your business profile page look professional by uploading your own image. It works better if your business has a logo to display on your profile to give it a legitimate value to your viewers
  • Fill up all the information needed in order to introduce your business more accurately to those interested about your profile. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate category for your business in order to make it more searchable online.
  • The short description page is important as it will define your business tagline which is a single sentence summary that will highlight the benefits of your business to your customers. It will also be displayed when other users share your content so you should give careful consideration how to present your business that will make it sound enticing to your target customers.

Google Plus Social Media Optimization Techniques

The Google Plus can bring social media marketing advantage to your business if you want to leverage on promoting your authorship and business credibility. It is also a very useful platform that can best increase your business popularity in the local search results.

  • Create a Google Plus Page for your business. It is best to integrate your Google Plus account to your Google account for better access.
  • Provide all relevant information about your business while accurately choosing the best category that is appropriate for your business industry.
  • In order to assure Google on the legitimacy of your business, provide your contact number in order to associate it to your Google Plus page from the Settings tab and make sure to confirm the number.
  • Add the link of your business site in order to strengthen your link building strategy for better SEO results.
  • Connect your Google Plus profile across your blog sites and business site using the snippet of codes that you can generate through the Profile tab > about tab > links tab > link website tab.
  • Your business page will be included in the Google Plus local search result listing so make sure to customize the relevant information about your business such as its address and contact number. Constantly update any changes on the information in order for Google to display the same ore accurately to the search users.
  • Complete the verification process for your business.

Twitter social media optimization techniques

If you want to seamlessly promote your business with less effort and in a straightforward manner, Twitter is the best social media network to use for your social media marketing campaign.

  • Creating a Twitter account does not make any distinction between a business profile and a personal profile.
  • Choose the most appropriate username which will be displayed for other users to see. Using your business name can be a good option because it will be included as part of your customized URL that will look like this: This enforces your search engine ranking as well.
  • Optimize your Twitter profile with an image that will be visually concise for a thumbnail. It will be displayed beside your post and using your company logo will help your business build its brand name popularity online.
  • Your profile content should include the best keyword that you want to make your business known to the search engine results.
  • Make your Twitter posts more popular and searchable by using hashtags that are like keywords that will be associated to your post.

YouTube Social Media Optimization Techniques

YouTube offers a unique viewing experience to your target customers because your can easily reach to your audience using a variety of visual content presentation such as testimonials, product demonstration, infographics, slide presentation and giving your business a better visual brand marketing approach.


Social Media Optimization

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  • Your video should display a description that should be a short summary about its content. Use the target keywords here to optimize it better for search engine results.
  • Write an eye catching title or headline for your video that will make your video highly interesting for others to view.
  • Embed the YouTube URL of your video across your blog site, business main site, and other social media profiles/accounts. Mention your video when commenting on other’s social media account too in order to spread the word about your published video on YouTube to drive more traffic to it.

If you are unsure how to undertake an effective social media marketing campaign for your business, WE CAN HELP. At Digital Warrriors, we can improve your start up business grow its social media signals for better search ranking results while building your business organic traffic.

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