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Social Media Analytics

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There are growing numbers of online marketers that have used social media marketing as part of their business marketing strategies. There are many however who are using the social media for marketing their business online often finds themselves frustrated with the results of their search engine optimization campaigns. Most often than not, they have already tried many things in order to optimize their search ranking but end up getting frustrated. There are many search engine optimization techniques that can help power up businesses and the social media networks are one of the most powerful tools that can be applied for digital marketing campaigns. Your competence in responding to your social media marketing campaign performance however will mostly define your success in this endeavour.

How the social media can boost your digital marketing campaign

Only very few are able to disclaim the effectiveness of the social media in helping grow a website’s search ranking. Social signal is a powerful influence to the search engine that can magnify your SEO efforts. About 86% of digital marketers agree that social media is valuable to their business while about 89% of them claim to have increased online exposure for their business.

Social media marketing has become a valuable medium in promoting businesses online because of the following benefits:


Social Media Analytics

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  • Increased organic traffic through social signals. The number of social shares of your business increases the number of your business followers that can become your loyal customers.
  • Increased online exposure for your business. You can use social media in promoting your brand through social mentions, commenting and directly introducing your products and services to your social media business profiles.
  • Increased business lead generation. The people who are showing interest to your business are potential customers and good leads to pursue.
  • Increased opportunity for business partnership. The more you grow your social connection the higher the chance of meeting influential people who can be your partner in promoting your business online.
  • Increased search ranking for your business. The more followers, social shares, social mentions and traffic exposure of your business through the social media network the higher credit it receives from the search engines for search rank. These forms of social signals can magnify your performance to the search engine results page.

Social Media Analytics – Your Strategic Approach in Social Media Marketing

You have tried every effort in using all types of social media marketing tactics but they are a flop. So what went wrong? It helps to take note of the fact that there is no single strategy that can work best for all digital marketers out there. Needless to say, your social media marketing strategy will always involve a trial and error process. Finding the best marketing solution for your online business will depend on how you are able to interpret your progress and ability to identify which SEO strategy is most fit for your social marketing needs.

The common challenges involved in social media marketing undertakings typically involves the lack of time, incompetence in measuring and interpreting value and data and the lack of budget in launching a full blown social media marketing campaign. Social media analytics offer a solution in social proofing your business. They offer promising features that can help overcome these common challenges with metrics that can boost your brand awareness campaign, obtain measurable values for tracking down your SEO progress and providing businesses an automated solution for effective data management.

Important social media analytics tips for your business

1.       Understand your customer social data


Social Media Analytics

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Analyzing your own social media marketing data is just a part of your SEO strategy. If you want your business to stand out beyond your competitors then it is crucial to be one step ahead of them.

  • Use social media analytic tools like Steady Demand in order to review the social media data of potential competitors.
  • Evaluate their popular posts with the highest number of shares and extract their topics that make their business more engaging to your potential customers.
  • Tweet, share and post content of similar subject matter but with more optimized content to give your business a boost for social media online exposure.

2.       Discover the major sources of social media shares for your business


Social Media Analytics

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Social media analytics tool can easily identify the major traffic sources for your business and can point out which social media network is giving you the most favorable number of social signals to the search engine.

  • Identify the most valuable social media platform that works best for your business and focus more of your efforts in optimizing your business on that site.
  • Concentrate in making your business relevant to that site and further dig on the profile of the social media users on that site in order to deliver more relevant content according to their interest.

3.       Identify the trending topics within a particular social media network

Analytic tools can help extract information about the trending topics that are very popular in the social media networks.

  • Look for relevant keywords that are related to the trending topic.
  • Research more about the trending topic and be creative in writing your own version as your own content post.
  • Integrate the target keyword in the content for better SEO results.

4.       Conversation rate metrics

social media analytics

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Your conversation rate will provide insights how your business is able to engage your audiences or how responsive your business is to your customers’ needs.

  • Conversation activities to your social media accounts will be influenced by social commenting or feedbacks that also help grow your site’s social signals.
  • A low conversation rate result from the analytic tools should warn you about the poor performance of your business to engage its potential leads. Make yourself more active in responding to your audience query, comments and feedback.

5.       Identify your best and worst posts

Knowing your best and worst posts will enable you to determine which topics to write that tend to engage your readers and which that do not seem to appeal them.

  • Make a list of the posts that receive a higher viewing rate from your visitors.
  • Note which topics tend to engage them the most that trigger conversations from them and write more about it.
  • Curate some of your best written and superstar content and reintroduce them again to your audience with updated information. They found this topic sharable before and they will likely be interested about the latest update about it this time around.

Digital Warriors can help workout your social signals for better online exposure of your business. Our team of social media marketing experts have helped many digital marketers grow their social signals as well for better search ranking results for their business.

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