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Social Media SEO Signals has made a significant impact in the way digital marketers conduct their marketing campaigns. The traditional internet marketing strategies were now replaced with the integration of social interaction, social media links and search engine optimization in order to make small business grow their brand in the online community with better competence and efficiency.

Social SEO is now the current trend in digital marketing that can help small businesses gain better search ranking advantage and online exposure of their products and services. Online marketing studies revealed that the majority of big businesses integrate social SEO and social media marketing in order to obtain better market positioning in the highly competitive industry of internet marketing. If you are not using social SEO to grow your small business, now is the chance to do so for you have a bigger opportunity to grow your market within the digital marketing sphere.

Social SEO and Small Business Success

Internet marketing studies revealed that 50% of businesses that experience a flop in their search engine optimization campaign do not integrate social media for SEO. Accordingly, about 38% of businesses that are doing well in the search engine ranking are aggressively using social SEO for their marketing programs. Among the revealing data obtained from surveys among online marketers that are using social SEO for their business marketing campaign point out that 48% of them derive higher benefit from creating original content as part of their social SEO tactics.


social seo

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Most digital marketing campaigns can derive equal benefits from social media marketing and SEO in growing their inbound lead conversion and social SEO combines these two potential marketing forces that can drive the success of small businesses in the digital marketing industry. While social SEO may come as a big challenge among small business owners, it is valuable to understand how this marketing tactic can help grow your business online:

  • Social media SEO can grow organic traffic to your business website.
  • Social media channels can increase the online exposure and web presence of your brand, products and services.
  • The social media platform is the fastest way of marketing your small business through the quick exchange of information among the social media users.
  • Search engine optimization is the mainstay source of online marketing success that can deliver more efficient ROI for your business when integrated with social media marketing.
  • The majority of consumers are now relying on social recommendation when looking for the products and services they need.
  • Social media users have a significant influence on the buying decisions of the consumers.

By leveraging on social SEO you can boost your marketing campaign by gaining more leads to your business while having the capability of marketing to a wider sphere of social media community with better search ranking and traffic using SEO. Social media marketing companies in Atlanta define the success of small business using socials and search engine optimization by leveraging on the following online marketing opportunities:

  • Driving more media coverage for better business online exposure.
  • Securing business listing and market positioning in local directory listings and local searches.
  • Growing link opportunities for better search ranking.
  • Optimizing search rank and organic traffic using search engine optimization tactics.
  • Building your business social media presence for better social signals to drive more traffic to your website.

Social SEO integration marketing strategies

Social SEO need not complicate your digital marketing campaigns. By integrating social media and SEO you have a better market opportunity by gaining a global presence for your business at par with you biggest competitors. Here are some social SEO strategies that can help complement to your digital marketing programs for better ROI and drawing organic traffic back to your small business.

Building your social media profile


social seo

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This is the basic step that you need to do when integrating social SEO to your digital marketing campaign. Business marketers revealed that they leverage on Facebook more than other social media sites for social media marketing. If you want to gain more exposure for your business across social media channels, you should leverage in various social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and follow these steps:

  • Give your target audience the impression of professionalism of your business by adding images of your business logo as well as valuable business information that will be important to your target customers in contacting you.
  • Optimize your business social media profile by adding category on which industry your business belongs.
  • Add Meta tags using appropriate keywords to promote your social media profile and web pages for better search results and ranking.
  • Link you profile to your business website to bring traffic for search results to your business.

Working out your social content for SEO

How you optimize the content of your web pages will define how well your business site will rank in the search engine results. Keyword marketing comes into play in attaining this goal. Whenever you publish content to your social media profiles make sure that it delivers keyword driven fresh information to give your SEO marketing a boost too. Keywords help the Google search engine algorithm to index your content faster for search results.

  • Using your business name as a keyword can also help boost search results for your brand.
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your business with low number of competition by searching for this metric using a keyword analytic tool.
  • Use the keyword for your Tweets, Facebook page updates, image description (using alt text).

Make your content shareable

Social SEO will ultimately help boost your social signals as you engage your readers by delivering quality and useful information that will be worth sharing across their social media accounts. However, not all of your audience will waste the time of opening each of their social media accounts just to share your content. You can save them the inconvenience by adding social media buttons to your content to make sharing of your contest fast and easy.

  • Display social media buttons that are big enough for your visitor to find and click.
  • Improve the graphic appearance of your website content and social media buttons. Professional web designers and developers can help you improve the elements of your website for better navigation experience of your audience.
  • Among the popular social media buttons are Google +1, Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets that must be included to your social media profiles.

Using social SEO can become a complex process especially when you need to ensure to complement both your social media marketing and SEO marketing strategies together for better digital marketing results. OUR TEAM OF SEO AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING EXPERTS can help you achieve your social SEO marketing goals with better ease and profitable results.

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