SMAC Talk at TiECon Canada

Panelists talk SMAC at TiECon

Ottawa, Canada – October 10, 2014


Sutha Kamal- Entrepreneur-in-Residence – Technicolor Ventures
Jason Bowden-CEO Digital Warriors
Raul F. Chong- Senior Big Data & Cloud Program Manager – IBM
 Blair J. Ryan-CEO – The Rounds
 Muthu Singaram-Founder & Chief VibaZoner – VibaZone

Atlanta Digital Summit

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) was the hot topic during a break out session at the TieCon Canada conference for Start-up Businesses and Entrepreneurs.  The panelists discussion started by addressing the buzz around SMAC.  Jason Bowden started the discussion by defining SMAC as the 5th wave of industry computing architecture:

1st Wave -Mainframe

2nd Wave-Micro

3rd Wave-Distributed PC

4th Wave-Internet Thin Client

5th Wave-SMAC

 Also, Jason went on to discuss how SMAC will be the basis for data based product offerings and future revenues of business will be largely driven by these products in the coming years. As a start up one of your main objectives should include a datatification strategy where you consider the interface that your customers buy and consume your products and develop methods to capture valuable data points.  The future of business will consist of the have’s and have not’s in which the have not’s will have to purchase and license API data feeds from the have’s.  Jason mentions the new era of marketing conversion based on the factors of Personalization,  Performance, Prediction and Privacy in which SMAC technology is the primary enabler.

Sutha Kamal proved that he had pulse on virtually every emerging technology with specific examples of how SMAC is enabling start-ups to expand their product portfolios with data product strategies. Sutha confidently addressed concerned around data security and privacy in the cloud by describing how Amazon and other public cloud provider have 100s of people focused on data security and the companies realize if one significant data breach occurs then it will damage or destroy the consumer confidence.  Another great point is that he mentioned most security issues would likely stem from internal breaches and by using Amazon  you likely have more people than are in your company just working on security so you should not worry.

The discussion continued around analytics with the panel shunning the hype words ‘Big Data’ in favor of Prescriptive Analytics.  The process of setting up the capabilities was discussed by Jason Bowden. He recommended a few key steps:

1. Develop Problem Statement or Business Case

2. Setup a Proof of Concept Cloud environment

3. Create a Datatification Strategy

4. Integration into Business Process and Products

5. Consumerization of  Outputs

As a complement to the TieCon, Digital Warriors’ publishes a free eBook on When the Data Speaks, in which Chief Warrior Jason Bowden introduces the big data era as it affects the digital marketing industry, alongside with the big data challenges and opportunities for business. If you want to understand how you can align your digital marketing campaigns using the big data analytics advantage, the eBook provides insightful information about the 4 P’s in big data digital marketing namely Personalization, Performance, Prediction and Privacy. Jason coined this new view of Big Data to illustrate business use cases over over published technology  buzz words. He recognizes and explains how the 4 P’s are the major key components of every digital marketer’s big data analytics approach in order to fully attain their marketing goals with a boost in their marketing performance using the big data advantage.

You may get the free eBook here:

In conclusion this panel discussion was lively and fully of thought leadership from an expert panel.  If you want to know more about the Digital Warriors expertise in SMAC, you can visit The company provides comprehensive internet marketing solutions like IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development.


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