How SMAC Is A High Octane Fuel For Startups


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The introduction of SMAC has a multitude of impact in growing digital businesses. The combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technology offers an opportunity for marketers to expand their market opportunities. Digital marketers view SMAC as a business paradigm that renders small business more capable of becoming competitive in their industry by integrating four marketing models to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

The SMAC business model fueling business startups

Startup businesses see the opportunity of using the SMAC business model to become highly competitive in the field of marketing. The model pulls the ingenuity of social marketing, mobile marketing, data analytics and cloud technology. These four elements are the future areas of enterprise marketing that can help small businesses grow their ability to embrace a more holistic digital marketing model to optimize their sales and enhance the return of income (ROI) for their business.

In todays digital marketplace, customer loyalty is not solely influenced by a brand’s popularity, but rather more on how a business is responsive to the needs of the consumers. Buyers are getting clever when choosing the best products and services to pay for by relying on information such as reviews, product information and practical demonstrations. The consumers give more weight on the opinion of fellow consumers and does not solely rely on the marketing pitch made by businesses about their products and services.

Thus, the thrust in digital marketing these days is the trend of making their enterprise more responsive to their customers by delivering to them their needs and preferences and cultivate customer loyalty through social and mobile marketing. The word of recommendation from real people takes the limelight in the modern digital marketplace and small marketers are given the equal opportunity to improve and grow their competitiveness by using data and social analytics and cloud technology to strengthen their marketing performance. By using social, mobile, analytics and cloud business models, startup businesses enhance their customer base, business performance and responsiveness and build their brand value within the digital marketplace.

The SMAC platforms and tools used to grow startup businesses


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By using the SMAC platform, small business capabilities expand to reach a wider customer base marketing using different marketing strategies, tools and technology. The integration of the social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions provides business startups more room to explore their marketing strategies.

  • The Social Platform

The social platform allows small business to gain better customer insights by engaging them to share their ideas and opinion about products and services. Marketers can utilize the information to understand the demands of their customers and identifying their likes, shopping preferences, spending habits and purchasing behavior. Small businesses have the opportunity to build a connection between their products and their customers, thus giving them more room to identify a specific target area for marketing. The social platform allows a business to gain customer views that they can leverage in tailoring their marketing services and product improvement.

Social tools are used to enhance the ability of a business to accommodate their customer feedback, insights and suggestions. The social media networks provide a wide latitude for customers to share product information, reviews, opinion and recommendations. It can also be used by small businesses to encourage social marketing to promote their brands by leveraging on social shares and recommendations that can help spread a good word about their business in the social media community.

  • The Mobile Platform

The mobile technology transformed the lives of people by offering them a convenient channel to use for gathering information, shopping, communicating and even make business transactions like online marketing and internet banking. Mobile communications enhance small businesses because it provides them a cost effective way of marketing their business and at the same time overcome the geographical boundaries to market their products and services. Businesses experience no boundaries in terms of marketing their business and it becomes an essential means of enhancing the customer shopping experience.

The mobile platform becomes a lucrative digital marketplace, especially for business startups. Only smaller capital is required for maintaining an online shop where to reach global customers. Moreover, with the flourishing numbers of mobile users and devices like smartphones and tablets, the majority of consumers is making more purchases from online businesses with the preference of shopping convenience. This is a market opportunity that marketers cannot ignore. Mobile tools allow small businesses to connect with their target customers and personalize their shopping experience and consequently build customer loyalty using mobile apps.

  • The analytics technology

The analytics platform in digital marketing offers business startups the opportunity to leverage on discovering customer values, shopping patterns and behavior and search engine optimization. The biggest impact of analytics in business startups is the enhancement of their business relationship with their customers. Using the analytics technology, marketers can obtain data that will help them identify shopping patterns and preferences of their customers. With the immense data available, small businesses can exploit potential areas for marketing opportunities, identify areas to leverage in order to build customer loyalty and make their business more responsive in delivering products and services tailored according to their customer preferences.

By using analytic segmentation tools, small businesses can integrate data analytics to their social and mobile marketing strategies. This can essentially optimize customer experience and shopping experience. Designing mobile apps become easier by knowing how to personalize the shopping experience of their target customers. This makes small startup businesses highly competitive and at par with their larger enterprise competitors.

  • The Cloud Technology

Using cloud technology enhances the small business agility and competitiveness in terms of enhancing business productivity and ROI. The cloud enhances the collaborative efforts of marketers to grow their productivity and business responsiveness to customer demands and needs. Small businesses become globally competitive and able to grow their business productivity and management process. By sharing and exchange of information by the clouds, optimal business activities are enhanced and marketers becomes more responsive in making real time business decisions based on the data analytics gathered through the cloud platform.

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