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You Need Stable Ranking Driven by Quality Links & Quality Content?

We build SEO campaigns on with the proven best practices: Quality Content and Quality Links. It is plain and simple. No gimmicks no tricks. We take the effort to ensure you are free to focus on converting sales and not about the latest search engine algorithm change. High quality traffic is the lifeblood of your business and we will do the hard work to get your site ranking with quality. We guarantee results 100%. We are the best SEO Company Atlanta

SEO Packages

FREE 30-Day Trial, 100% Guaranteed Results, Personalized Dashboards, Best Practice Methodology

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • KeywordsKeywordsKeywords
  • Content PublisherContent PublisherContent Publisher
  • Guaranteed Results Guaranteed Results
  • Keyword AnalysisKeyword Analysis
  • Dashboard AnalyticsDashboard Analytics
  • On-Site OptimizationOn-Site Optimization
  • Back LinkingBack Linking
  • Website SEO Blueprints Website SEO Blueprints
  • Search Starter

  • $597

  • Keywords10
  • Content Publisher2 Original Blogs 800-1000 Words
  • Guaranteed Results yes
  • Keyword Analysisyes
  • Dashboard Analyticsyes
  • On-Site Optimizationyes
  • Back Linking50 Per Month
  • Website SEO Blueprints $297 (optional)
  • Search Authority

  • $797

  • Keywords20
  • Content Publisher4 Original Blogs 800-1000 Words
  • Guaranteed Results yes
  • Keyword Analysisyes
  • Dashboard Analyticsyes
  • On-Site Optimizationyes
  • Back Linking100 per Month
  • Website SEO Blueprints $497 (optional)
  • Competitive Search

  • $997

  • Keywords30
  • Content Publisher6 Original Blogs 800-1000 Words
  • Guaranteed Results yes
  • Keyword Analysisyes
  • Dashboard Analyticsyes
  • On-Site Optimizationyes
  • Back Linking200 Per Month
  • Website SEO Blueprints $897 (optional)

SEO Marketing ServicesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of utilizing website design, structure, and content in a fashion where it is search engine friendly and easily found by your searchers in the organic listings. Organic listings make up the majority of the search results, and websites can be properly modified for favorable results. Here are some important understandings about SEO that can bring more productive results to your online marketing efforts:

          • Every customer has a different search engine optimization (SEO) need, which is why we complete a no-charge assessment for each project before we recommend a solution.
          • We utilize the most widely accepted SEO practices so you know your success will be enduring. We proudly adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
          • No longer is search engine optimization (SEO) a set it and forget it proposition. Active and proactive methods must be employed to secure and sustain positive results.
          • There are two aspects to complete search engine optimization (SEO), on-page and off-page. We address both in an on-going manner to maximize results and ultimately achieve consistently increasing business and success.
          • SEO is not a one-time process. With the aggressive changes that Google makes on their search engine algorithm, it is crucial to make your website more compliant to these changes with the help of a more efficient and updated SEO strategy. Don’t allow your business to be left behind your competitors!

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will optimize your website or create a newly optimized website to target your prospects. Optimization must be done for each page of your website for maximum effectiveness and laser targeted traffic. Our on-page approach will involve the following:

  • We will build a web strategy factoring on you past, your content, your competitors, and your desired keyword phrases.
  • We will review, modify, and create website content that will target desired prospects.
  • We will complete extensive keyword research based on your industry to create the top traffic generating optimized keyword phrases for each website page
  • We will review, modify, and create prospect targeted Meta Tags (KW & Desc.), Title Tag, H1-6 Tags, and Image Tags. We will also modify and create XML Sitemaps, Page Name Structure, Categories, and Tags to attract targeted visitors.
  • We will submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), and other relevant search engines.
  • We will also list and register your company across the leading national and local search directories.
  • We will install and utilize Google Analytics to track and refine all traffic.

Do you ever wonder why on-page optimization is important in your SEO marketing? Here’s why:


  1. You need on-page optimization to enhance your website’s visibility in the World Wide Web. You need title tags, meta tags, URL and page copy optimization to make your website searchable online.
  2. You can enhance your web page conversion when you are able to optimize your web page contents. This is called the SEO landing page optimization which is a process that will enable your web page content to be listed on the search engine for relevant searches.
  3. You need on-page optimization to help the search engine algorithm to crawl and index your web page for more relevant results. This will increase your website traffic, help build your website authority and reputation and consequently produce productive results to your business.
  4. On page optimization will help your web pages to communicate to the search engine better to attain relevant search results with more targeted audience being drawn to your site for better conversion.

We can tweak the following major and important on-page components on your website for better web visibility:

Title tags

 Your title tags will be optimized according to the number of words that the Google search engine can index and integrate important and relevant key phrases for further optimization of your web page contents. We can make your title tags unique and more enticing that will draw potential readers of your site to click on it from the search result page.


On page headings

 We will optimize your on page heading to make it focused on a single topic for a more targeted traffic to your web page content. Relevant keyword phrases will be used to be integrated as your H1 tag which the search engine gives more weight when indexing your web page content. Being able to display a keyword rich on page headings can essentially impact your web page optimization on search results.

Meta tag optimization

Your meta tag description is essential in sending signal to the search engine for it to understand what your web page content is all about. We can help your web page to become more competent in sending relevant signal to the search engine in order to help it produce more targeted and accurate search result based on the search user’s query.

Web page URL

Using a shorter and keyword rich URL for your web page can help increase your website’s search engine optimization results. We can make your URL look clean to be easily crawled by the search engine. Short static URLs can dynamically produce results better for search engine indexing.

Anchor text

Building links remains to be a very important process in SEO. We can integrate keyword phrases on your anchor text that can interlink your web pages to optimize the search engine’s ability to understand your website theme or niche. Building quality links to your web pages is likewise important and we can do that with seamless efforts on your part to build high quality links to your site.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Continual targeted link building, search engine authority creation, and the “buzz” of networking are the focus of off-page search engine optimization and are critical to the consistent growth of targeted website traffic. To achieve enduring success, each website must build incoming links, get viral content, and be visible in many places to reach desired business goals. These activities will also build brand awareness and an authoritative reputation.

What makes off SEO crucial to your website?

We endeavor to undertake an off page optimization technique as a good white hat SEO practice. Our services evolve around ethical and effective link building techniques that will not affect your website ranking on the search results. We further undertake a content marketing strategy to boost your web page’s visibility to the World Wide Web and beat your competitors in building your website profile.

Among our off page optimization strategies include the following ethical SEO practices:

  • Organic link building strategies
  • Business website profile listings
  • Directory submission to high PR ranking sites
  • Social network marketing
  • Social bookmarking of your content
  • Press release

Our off page optimization process will provide you enhancements on your SEO funnel that will be revolved around link building, social media marketing and bookmarking. This will expand your website’s reach to your target audience better to further optimize your web pages.

Enjoy these benefits from our off page SEO services:

  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Enhance web page rank
  • Better exposure of your web pages online
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