SEO Tricks to Avoid Google Penalty

Google penalty

Whenever Google updates its search engine algorithms, you can expect many websites to suffer the heavy penalty of Google that can significantly hurt a website search rank. Google penalty will always be indispensible as the giant search engine is always strict in implementing its Google webmaster guidelines. While you cram on how to keep your website more Google compliant, here are some SEO tricks that can help you avoid the Google penalty and keep your website rank steadily rising to the top page on search.

Original content equals Google preference

If you like to spun articles to keep your website traffic going, it is about time to forget about this technique. Google’s algorithm is very smart that it can detect whether the content is spun or originally written. Many webmasters also like to post news releases that may be copied or posted on other new sites too. Make sure that when you target news content on your site, you write your own original version about the news. Google algorithm loves websites that post fresh and original content thus keeping this kind of content posting to your site will help you evade Google penalty.

Keyword stuffing equals spamming

Keyword stuffing involves using the same kind of keywords or phrases many times in your website content. This has been an SEO technique that worked before but not anymore. Instead of driving traffic to your site with the help of using keywords, the Google algorithm becomes alerted that your website has spam content and will likely penalize your site. Keyword analysis plays an important aspect of SEO but keywords should be used relevantly to your content and only minimally. SEO experts suggest that the ideal keyword density should be at least 2% and nothing more.

Use Nofollow links

In order to avoid getting penalized from Google, adding link to your content should include a nofollow link. This will tell the search engine not to follow or view the links you have provided in your content but will allow the readers to read the links you have provided for them for supplemental reading and information. Google is not highly suspicious on websites that post several links to drive traffic on their site and likely compelled to penalize them. In order to keep your website safe, add nofollow links to your site by adding the “rel=”nofollow” after the hyperlink that you use.

Making your website Google compliant can be quite tricky as this will involve understanding some technical aspects of SEO to optimize your business without the risk of getting penalized. We help webmasters to attain their search rank goals without having to take the risk of Google penalty. Talk to us now to know more about our SEO services.

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