The Role of Big Data in Understanding Customer Centricity

The era of Big Data has just begun. Well, consider the fact that data allows us to understand customers, manage contact as well as strategies for our web content. However, it is necessary to manage data holistically in order to stimulate customer engagement and great experiences. Big Data involves integration of entire network of people, processes and technology. As a matter of fact, the modern businesses today are astoundingly just fairly fitted out to manage the simplest digital marketing standards and activities. It is definitely a high time to move forward into the world of Big Data methods.

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Big Data Plays a Crucial Role to Pinpoint the Qualities of Superb Customer Experience

 Big data is definitely setting a trend this year in internet business, it is considered as a technology that can help improve the experience of your customer.  If you are into online marketing, you need to understand customer centricity. Big Data definitely plays a crucial role to identify the attributes of excellent customer experience, which of course is very important to get insights about technological reinforcements in keeping very good knowledge about your customers. Customer centricity is basically a way of studying the present and future needs of your customers. This is probably one of the most important keys to successful internet marketing. In fact, there are businesses that are investing on studying and experimenting aggressive strategies and analysis of social media discussions, web searches and other shopping efforts for the purpose of better understanding and serving the customers. Businesses are now learning the relevance of integrating different types of customer data to develop customer loyalty.

Utilize Big Data in seven components of customer centricity.

 There are in fact 7 extremely important components of costumer centricity in financial and business firms and they are: consistent and personalized experience, customers can shop and manage their online purchase, customer service analytic tools online, in-depth understanding of customer needs, shopping, service and support using mobile, customer behavior prediction and customization products and services as preferred by the customer. Well, in order to maintain the efficacy of your internet marketing strategies, the big data can be utilized in understanding customer centricity. There must be basic proficiency in doing the following tasks like that of accessing demographic and customer segment data, deposit, withdrawal access and transaction information, credit and debit card access, customers’ external data, social media activity and share of market data.

Customer-Centric Approach with Big Data

 The customer-centric approach enables businesses to evaluate their data in such a way that data helps business owners and managers understand the reasons for customer disloyalty as well as the impact of disloyalty to the progression of the company.

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Approach 1: Link operational and customer metrics

Customer-Centric Approach involves calculating the statistical relationships between customer metrics and operational metrics. Data are collected at the transaction level.  Understanding these relationships enables business firms to establish or determine customer-centric business metrics, customer relationships management using objective operational metrics and incentive employee behavior that will drive customer satisfaction.

Approach 2: Link financial and customer metrics

Customer-Centric Approach comprises calculation of the statistical relationships between customer metrics and financial business outcomes. Data are accumulated at the customer level. Appreciating these relationships lets you reinforce the business case for your CEM or Customer Experience Management program, identify drivers of real customer behaviors and improve marketing solutions.

Approach 3: Link constituency and customer metrics

Customer-Centric Approach involves calculating the statistical relationship between customer metrics and employee/partner metrics in form of satisfaction, loyalty and training metrics. Data are gathered at the constituency level. Being considerate of these relationships allows businesses to know the influence of employee and partner experience on the customer experience. In fact, improving the health of the employee and partner relationship can build a customer centric culture.

Big Data Create Holistic Data Solutions

Velocity, volume and variety are the three major characteristics of data. Having said the complex features of data, conventional data base systems can not process massive amounts of data. Take note that all customer data is worthless if you can’t process it for productivity. Big Data is a great help because it can host data in multiple servers to access and take parallel processing of the data. Big data comes in terabytes/petabytes. Big Data can create lots of opportunities for insight and learning, it can generate a 360-degree view of each individual in the database. The interaction among the earned, paid and owned are identified and makes it possible to build value.

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