What A Product Recommendation Engines Mean to Business

Product Recommendation Engine

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Product recommendation engine has become a crucial aspect in terms of the website design of an ecommerce site. In order to give your website visitors a unique shopping experience, it is important to make your business site as interactive, engaging, convenient and accessible as possible. Adding a product recommendation engine is an important decision that you should make in order to help your business communicate better to your customers. There are many benefits that a product recommendation engine can do for digital marketing and it can go a long way in making your customers love your website and making it their favourite ecommerce site to shop for.

Product recommendation engine can make your website attractive


Product Recommendation Engine

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Savvy online shoppers now prefer to purchase from websites that can provide them an engaging shopping experience. Using the product recommendation engine application to your website will make the presentation of your products and services more attractive and seamless. Every online marketer will understand how important it is to make an online store easier to use for searching products.

  • All your products can be organized according to categories, price and group.
  • Your customer will only find filtered products that are based on their interest and preferences thereby saving them the time and effort to browse through products that they are not interested of shopping for.
  • Your products are organized according to categories or groupings as they appear on your customer’s product search results.
  • Organizing your products by categories will essentially result to a convenient shopping experience with a better navigation experience to your website visitors.

Product recommendation engine can help convert your leads into a sale


Product recommendation engine

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Using the product recommendation engine will further optimize how your products are being presented to your customers, keeping the interest of your potential customers and encourage them to convert that interest into sales.

  • By showing similar or related products to your customers you are essentially recommending products that they are interested of using or one that they need while recommending other products that complement their purchases.
  • A product recommendation engine provides an accurate suggestion of products that your customers are interested of buying and will likely to buy.
  • Online marketers can gain more productive sale using the product recommendation engine in order to highlight the benefits of a particular product or group of products.
  • The application provides your website shoppers an accurate result of products that will likely buy because the recommended products are based on their shopping preferences and needs.
  • Using the product recommendation engine also increases the bulk or volume of orders made from your ecommerce site.
  • Customers tend to prefer shopping on your website because of the convenience, ease of navigation through your products and the accurate product recommendation appearing on their search. This means a higher potential of return of investment for your business.

Product recommendation engine can be an analytic system for your business


Product recommendation engine

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The product recommendation engine is capable of retrieving data that you can use in understanding your website visitor’s shopping behaviour.

  • Understand the behavioural interaction of your website visitors to your products from the time they reach your website until the time that they leave.
  • The system can consolidate the collected shoppers’ behaviour and compiles the data for analytics process and make the appropriate recommendation based from the analytics data result.
  • Some product recommendation engines are also capable of interpreting the social interaction and value of your website to your customers. Each time your website visitors use their social media account such as Facebook or Twitter to login to your site, the system can evaluate their preferences and the products purchased using a particular social network. You can use this for targeting a specific demographic as your market where peer influence on the shopping activity of your target customers is important.
  • The product recommendation engine can also monitor the cart abandonment activities from your website which helps you understand how to improve your product engagement strategy and how to make your customers complete the purchase process.

What makes product recommendation engine valuable to your business

The users of the product recommendation engine reported a significant boost in their ROI. Accordingly, in a study made by Forrester, about 15% of shoppers admitted that their buying decisions are influenced by the recommendation of products while 62% admitted that the recommendations given to them helps them in finding what they want and intend to buy.  Some vendors also noticed an increase in their sales between 2% and 20%.

Understanding the caveats about using the product recommendation engine

While the application is very useful and beneficial to businesses, it is important to know that the features of a product recommendation engine have some limitations.

  • The application uses an algorithm that is based on the assumption that a customer’s preferences are static. It is difficult to adjust to an unpredictable customer whose needs and preferences change often.
  • The recommendation engine is highly dependent upon the feedback given by a customer which may or may not be too accurate.
  • Customer ratings and feedback may be subjective.

Practical suggestions on how to integrate the product recommendation engine

Product recommendation engine

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The application uses a dynamic data and information in order to analyze them and to translate the data into one of relevant product recommendation to your website shoppers. It can help online marketers grow their business better by applying these practical tips when integrating the product recommendation engine:

  1. Build your customer database before launching the product recommendation engine to your website.
  2. Use high quality images for your recommendation engine results. This will make your products more enticing to your customers.
  3. Include product description and benefits on each product that appears on the recommendation engine results. This will add more value and relevance of your products to your potential buyers.
  4. Choose a product recommendation engine application can seamlessly shows the recommended products without delay and on a smoother interface.


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