The Value of Product Recommendation Marketing to Small Businesses



Product Recommendation Engine

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Many small to medium business owners have growing interests about using product recommendation engine which is being widely used by big companies like Amazon and Netflix as part of their data analytic system and business engagement process with their customers. There is no doubt that this kind of data processing helps build stronger connection of a business to its potential customers thereby helping a business grow with better social connection to their website visitors and profitable return of investment along the course of doing business online.

What is a product recommendation engine?


Product Recommendation Engine

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The product recommendation engine is a technique that utilizes data coming from the consumers themselves and using the wisdom of the gathered data to recommend the best products to the potential customers of a business based on their preferences and interests. Ecommerce websites that are using product recommendation engines usually display similar products based on the current item being viewed by their website visitors. These similar products are usually presented with the beeline of “visitors who viewed this also purchased these items.” These suggested products are models that the product recommendation engine uses in order to build the business engagement of their visitors to their products with the goal of increasing conversions, encourage purchases and grow the number of orders placed by their shopping visitors.

The technology behind product recommendation engine

This amazing technology can influence the purchasing behaviour of your customers using a recommendation algorithm that predicts which products to offer to your customers that match their interests. The automated product recommendation displays the options in seconds just in time to grab the customer’s current interest about similar products at its peak.

Collaborative filtering technology

The engine collects information regarding the purchasing activities of a customer, the products they rate or bought and even those that they dislike. Variant factors are likewise considered including the popularity of a particular product, its rating, value and relevance which are collaboratively calculated to find the best product to recommend to a specific class of buyers.

Item to item recommendation


Product Recommendation Engine

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This form of recommendation technique is used by the engine to monitor and filter data based from the customer’s purchased and rated items in order to build a list of similar products to recommend to that particular customer.

3.       Clustering of customers

This prediction algorithm uses cluster models in order to create a base of information categorizing customers according to their shopping behaviour. The recommended products are then displayed based on the similarity of the interests of a cluster of customers that will typically meet their purchasing interests and behaviour.

How product recommendation engines collect data about your customers

Using product recommendation engines will give your business a profitable advantage because it collects valuable data that can help understand the purchasing preferences of your customers and to influence the buying decisions. While the product recommendation engine providers have their own distinct technology features, they share similar processes on how to acquire vital information from your customers. A user registration form is usually offered to customers in order to encourage them to voluntarily register a customer account to an ecommerce site. The registration process usually includes the disclosure on how the site will be using the collected information from its visitor’s browsing activities. The algorithm of the product recommendation engine then tracks down the activities of a customer, collect them and integrate them in the data system.

Growing your business success using product recommendation engines

Social media marketing companies find product recommendation engines as a valuable tool in optimizing the engagement of a business to its customers. The engine is capable of tracking down the behavioural activities of their customers from the time they enter the website until they leave. Every activity made by a visitor is collected as data that the system uses to interpret in order to find similar products of interest to recommend to a particular website visitor.

The product recommendation engine also has a social value because a potential customer is allowed to use their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, even their Gmail and Yahoo accounts when registering to your ecommerce site. Marketers can use this social feature of the engine when they are targeting demographic data about a target group of customers whose purchasing behaviour is influenced by their social connections.

Beneficial features of the product recommendation engine to marketers

Digital marketers can derive significant increase in their productivity and ROI when using the product recommendation engines for their business including the following benefits:

  • Retain customer loyalty

By recommending products to your customers that match their interests, it makes your business valuable to them knowing that your business understands their shopping needs and preferences. By providing them recommended products you are able to establish connection after their purchase which increases the value of customer retention that is crucial to every business.

  • Builds the volume of customer orders

Your business can enjoy a profit increase each time a customer is enticed to make a purchase after seeing the recommended products that match their needs and interests.

  • Delivers more convenient shopping experience to your customers

Displaying recommended products to your customers will give shopping convenience to them by providing filtered results of products that match their needs. Marketers can deliver better customization services to their customers by providing more personalized product results that are tailored according to a customer’s preference.


Product Recommendation Engine

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  • Enjoy social recommendation for your business

Small businesses are able to gain a better social media popularity advantage when using product recommendation engine. Because the system delivers better customer service and satisfaction, customers that appreciate the shopping convenience that your business is able to offer them may just be happy to share, mention or recommend your business within their social media networks.

  • Give your business a wider marketplace

Not only can you sell your products directly to your own site. You can use sites like Amazon that uses the product recommendation engine in order to sell your products with wider range of customer reach. This gives small businesses that have limited budget to embark to a massive advertising campaign to gain better exposure of their products with the help of the product recommendation engine.


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