Beginner’s Guide for Optimized Instagram for Marketing Success

Instagram for Business

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If you are considering of using Instagram for business marketing online there are basic things that beginners should learn about how to use the platform for their digital marketing campaign. The best thing about Instagram is the service is now tailored to cater to the marketing needs of online entrepreneurs who want to leverage on social media marketing. Instagram is a social media platform that harnesses the power of social media in promoting businesses and promoting a website’s social signal for better search rank on the search engine results. If you want to gain better traffic and relevant Instagram account for business promotion here some basic guidelines to help newbie in social media marketing learning the basic techniques in using Instagram for business.

Create your Instagram profile


Instagram for Business

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In order to attract your target audience to become interested to your business it is important to bring some twist and enticing features on your Instagram profile with these tricks:

  • Do not skip in providing important information about your business in your profile account. Interested customers will surely want to know more about your business. Make sure to include your business address and contact number including your business website to give your potential customers the assurance that your business is legitimate.
  • Post your company or business logo. The consumers don’t feel comfortable of transacting business with a ghost company. Seeing your personal photo or that of your company will make your business look more professional.
  • Optimize your profile description with important keywords that are relevant to your business. This will help drive traffic to your Instagram account and will give your profile maximum online exposure.
  • Limit the profile description up to 200 characters maximum. This will be enough to convey meaningful introduction to your audience without being too wordy. Carefully choose the words that will best describe your business.
  • Take advantage of the Instagram themes that you can use in order to customize how your profile page will look like. The more customization you do on your profile the more you can define your business through every detail on your Instagram profile design.

Make your Instagram posts engaging

It is best to always remember that you are creating your Instagram for business profile not only to promote your business but also to engage your target customers. Try not to make your Instagram posts all about your business but also make it also about what your customers want.

  • Introduce your product images to your Instagram posts and ask your audience what they think about it.
  • Encourage your followers to share their comments and feedbacks. This will increase their active participation and helps to boost your product engagement to your customers.
  • Make your Instagram post fun and actionable. For instance you can post a blurred image about your new product and make your audience guess its package color or let them make a wish list on what they expect your product to be.

Make your business active on Instagram

If you are a first time user of Instagram for business you should expect that there will be no one following you yet. It is your primary goal to grow your social connections in Instagram. The more people you follow and following your profile will benefit your social media marketing purpose.


Instagram for Business

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  • Look for Instagram users or groups who are within your business field or interest.
  • Start following people who share relevant interests and ideals as your business.
  • Search for social influencers and become their followers. Social influencers are people who have a massive number of followers and are likely to exercise strong influence to their followers.
  • Engage in social mention about social followers. Each time you mention them to your posts their own followers can see it and it is a good way of making people take notice of your profile.
  • Enable notifications in order to make your business more promptly responsive on every comment made by Instagram users to your posts. This will help you to become more active in responding to people who show interest to your business and eventually work in converting them as business leads.
  • Be active in liking and commenting other Instagram user’s posts regularly.

Optimize your profile with Instagram social badges


Instagram for Business

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The best thing about Instagram is it allows the users not only to publish content and images exclusively for Instagram but you can also promote your other posts in your other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, FourSquare and Flickr by adding their badges that you can link to your own respective social media accounts. This will absolutely expand your audience reach and you can gain more traffic through this social media integration feature of Instagram.

Optimize your Instagram images

A picture can mean a thousand words and you should optimize your image value by engaging it to your customers while making it relevant to your business.

  • Crop, customize and optimize your image size and design. The ideal size for Instagram photos is 640 x 640 pixels which is best even on high resolution.
  • Add descriptions to your image. The best way to engage your audience is to add a question in the image caption to perk up their interest and encourage them to make a comment on your photos.
  • Use hashtags to optimize your image for SEO. Hashtags will make your images searchable among the Instagram users. Do this by adding # beside the word that best describes your image (i.e. #happykids).
  • Use colourful images for better engagement to your audience.
  • Tell stories through your image posts. This is the best way of making your audience connect to your business.
  • Use the Instagram image filter options to unleash your creativity. You can also change the image focus in order to display the best looking photos to showcase to your audience. Give your images a touch of style or emotion by tweaking on the image customization tools available from Instagram.

Take advantage of the Instagram location services

Instagram for Business

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Not all Instagram users appreciate the location services available in Instagram. This is very useful among businesses with local stores that they can promote online. By using the location services from Instagram you can leverage on optimizing local traffic to your site, targeting potential customers with location near your business store.

  • Make sure that the location services on your Instagram account is turned ON.
  • Mention your local store and highlight photos of it. Click on the where tab and then locate the address of your business.
  • Constantly update your photos and include hashtags to describe your images for further optimization.
  • Make use of the maps where you can also pin photos of your products.
  • Build local connections by featuring your local customers and their location from the map.


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