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Since its launching in 2011, Google Plus has become more than just a social media site. It grew into one of the most powerful social marketing channels after ranking second to Facebook in 2013. Online marketers now view Google Plus as a viable channel to use in promoting business branding and authority in the social media community. Social media marketers in Atlanta find The Google Plus loaded with marketing benefits and features especially when Google has just streamlined its features with new updates.

Good reasons why use Google Plus for marketing

Before you embark to Google Plus marketing, it helps to understand about the great features and benefits that you can derive from using Google Plus. Here is an overview about how Google Plus can help in your marketing venture.

  1. Google is the master of all search engines. You have the best advantage of using the Google platform in marketing your business online because it is the number one search engine in the internet today.
  2. Google Plus helps you to build your social signals. The Google + circle can help increase your business’ social signals which are very favorable to the search engine. The platform provides different social features such as hangouts, circles and social communities. Using the Google Plus will leave social signal trails that will increase your website traffic through social media marketing process.

How to leverage on Google Plus marketing to boost your business

There are effective ways on how you can improve the result when using the new Google Plus marketing. Social marketing companies in Atlanta recognize significant advantages of using Google Plus in social media marketing by observing these best practices as a guide in your Google Plus marketing venture.

1.       Optimizing your Google Plus profile

Your Google + profile is the first stage of engagement that you will have to your potential customers. By optimizing your profile you can easily connect with other people to create your circles. Make sure to provide a cover photo to your profile and make an entry to the about page in order to allow others in getting to know more about you, your business, interests, services and skills to attract them to your Google Plus profile and make more followers on the process.

2.       Create interesting posts and curate contents

You can empower your Google Plus profile for marketing by regularly posting content and share great and interesting ideas to attract more followers. When your profile is public you can easily spread your content across the Google Plus community. Be active in leaving comments and sharing your thoughts to other Google Plus users’ posts and leave your signature embedded with your Google Plus profile link.

3.       Grow your Google authorship


new google plus

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One of the best marketing advantages with Google Plus is giving its users the ability to grow their Google authorship which can increase your popularity in search. Using Google Plus in your blogs will help increase your authorship and trust rating. The search result will likewise feature your Google Plus profile on each of your blogs while highlighting your profile picture. This is an enticing feature that can help you attract more followers for your business. People will likely click on your blog whenever they have seen more people on your circles, giving them the impression that there are many people trust your authorship and essentially your business.

4.       Target local marketing for business

You can use Google Plus to market your business locally. Consumers are getting more active in using the social community in finding products and services and you should not miss the opportunity of getting found in the Google local business listings by promoting your Google Plus profile. Make sure to promote your local page in Google Plus and make your business more searchable by adding the appropriate category of your business, local phone number and address.

Google Plus new added features that can benefit your internet marketing campaigns

1.       Responsive design and feature

If you are using a lot of visual presentations using Google Plus for your digital marketing campaigns, you will find the new responsive design and feature of the Google Plus very helpful as the interface easily adapt to the different screen sizes and viewing needs of your audience. Both videos and images can easily stretch across multiple columns without causing any hindrances for quality viewing. Your viewers can use the extra white spaces for better viewing of your images and videos whenever they use a large screen. You can take advantage of this feature by publishing more high quality images and video presentation that can make your digital marketing campaign more interesting, engaging and unique for presenting your digital marketing materials.

2.       Photo editing and search


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The new photo editing feature of Google Plus allows digital marketers to pursue a better infographic marketing campaign in reaching a wider audience to whom they can present their products and services. The search engine loves images and search engine optimization experts always leverage on using infographics in order to gain wider audience and better search ranking. Google Plus added a new photo editing feature called the Auto Awesome that will allow its platform users to use animated GIFs and to arrange photos in sequence from a series of graphics. With the auto enhance and fast photo editing capability of the new Google Plus you can create more advanced image presentation of your brand that will be attractive to your target audience.

3.       Optimize your social media communication


new google plus

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The Google Plus likewise improved its Hangout feature where it integrates various forms of social media channels that will optimize an internet marketer’s ability to communicate with his Google Circle friends and other social media connections. The Hangout app is re-designed to combine Google Plus Circles, Google Talk and Google Voice, making it easier to connect to your target audience that enhances your social media marketing campaigns.

The Google Plus has over 350 million subscribers that you can actually reach as potential leads to your business. If you do not know how to use the new Google Plus features and leverage in using the platform to your digital marketing advantage, we can help you grow your Google Plus marketing campaign. Talk to our social media marketing experts to start growing your brand in the social media community.

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