Microsoft Power BI and Azure Forging Advanced Small Business Analytics

Microsoft Power BI

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Business intelligence tool combined with an advanced cloud storage service is Microsoft’s latest technology for analytics that is helping small businesses grow their data analytics system. For many years, Microsoft has been perfecting their own business intelligence tool that will be relevant to the big data analytics trend and cloud data storage. When the Microsoft Power BI became first available, it was highly patronized by small to large organizations and soon after, a sheer of business intelligence tools then begin to surface with unique features crafted by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Azure offers a platform where to run business intelligence tools efficiently using its cloud service feature. Azure becomes highly complementary to the Microsoft’s robust business intelligence tools that small business entrepreneurs find helpful in their digital marketing business. With data analytics playing a valuable role in upgrading the efficiency and competence of businesses to meet the consumers’ needs, the Microsoft Power BI and Azure make a perfect combination as data analytics enablers for small marketers. So, just how useful are the Microsoft Power BI and Azure to small business?

The unique features of Microsoft Power BI and Azure

Microsoft specifically tailored their business intelligence tool and cloud storage system in order to meet the current trend in data analytics. Running data storage in the cloud is apparently more cost efficient for small marketers who cannot afford to pay for expensive IT equipment to store data and perform data analytic processing. The Azure provides a deployment system in the cloud that allows digital marketers to run applications according to their preferences. You can find several data analytics tools from the Microsoft Power BI technology that provides the user to run raw data and perform analytics according to their business requirements. It is worth noting to understand each of their features to identify the significance of these services in growing the small businesses’ analytics capabilities.

Agile Business Intelligence Using Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI is conceptualized as a self-service analytics for every marketer’s data. The program provides an agile analytics capability of delivering an advanced visualization feature and functionality. Its bolder feature of superb data visualization allows small business marketers identify meaningful value of their business in every collection of data. The user has the choice whether to use a visualization map or excel sheet to analyze data clearly.

The Power BI of Microsoft help to empower small businesses to become more self-efficient, independent and more capable of managing their business data. The ultimate price in using the Microsoft Power BI in small digital businesses is the marketers’ ability to manage the technology and use the tool to develop the best business intelligence platform to their customer’s satisfaction.

Microsoft Power BI

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Empowering small business enterprise is another biggest feature of Microsoft Power BI. As small businesses begin to collect a massive volume of data, they need more robust analytic tools to collect, manage, store and analyze them. Larger enterprises are able to handle massive data influx by paying for expensive analytics tools that can handle larger data volume. The Microsoft Power BI is a technology that gives marketers the ability to segregate the data according to the specific data model and structures that the user wants to use. It is capable of sifting through important data and filter them based on the user’s preference even when the volume of data to filter is high. Using the Excel sheet, users can easily calculate raw data by segregating them by fields and to identify the hierarchy of importance according to a marketer’s goal. The process is straightforward and one can manipulate their data using the Data Expression language without the need to learn in-depth SQL. The tool’s power pivot model is efficient in analyzing more than 100 million of data with faster efficiency.

IT Solutions in the Cloud Using the Microsoft Azure

The Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform solution for business. It is a combination of the features of integrated services including data computing, networking, data storage and cloud infrastructure that runs analytics apps more efficiently, securely and dynamically in the cloud environment. Cost effective wise, small businesses can use an affordable yet powerful cloud service that is scalable. The user only pays for the service actually used for their business. As one runs their business intelligence tool using the Azure, highly scalable results are attainable that allows one to pay only per minute of usage. The Azure can deliver the same efficiency as the more expensive cloud storage service as its competitors with larger bandwidths available at a lesser cost.

Because of the large Microsoft network, the user can use the Azure wherever a network is available, allowing more digital marketers to obtain an opportunity to use it in running their analytics applications in the cloud environment. It supports various operating systems like Windows, SQL Server, Linux, and Java as among others. It works better however, with Windows and Linux in creating new applications that are compatible for any device. Large companies are using the Microsoft Azure because they gain higher velocity in running data apps within a highly reliable and manageable cloud infrastructure. Because the program offers an economic cloud storage facility, small businesses are able to become as competitive as bigger enterprises because they can enjoy the same benefits from using the Microsoft Azure.

The Microsoft Azure uses the SQL database that supports flexibility in running apps and identifies predictable performances. The user, while using different business intelligence tools from Microsoft, can easily streamline critical applications. Enjoy the acquisition of data as they come with smooth flow of data influx without interruption when running your apps in the cloud.

The Microsoft’s concept of moving small businesses grow their competitive is highlighted in the cost effectiveness of their applications and BI tools. Small marketers can now manage their data more efficiently without the unnecessary costs by using data analytics features that improve their business responsiveness in meeting the needs of their customers.

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