Using Microsoft Azure – A Small Business Data Analytics Enabler

Microsoft Azure

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Small businesses are getting more inclined to shift in using the Microsoft Azure in managing big data in the cloud.  By using a cloud hosted virtual workspace, it is easier to collaboratively manage, store and share data to a team of marketers that help businesses to become more promptly responsive to market demands minus the costly IT data infrastructures that only bigger enterprises can afford to build. If your business is anticipating to manage data in the cloud environment, Microsoft delivers unprecedented cloud app deployment platform with Azure. This Microsoft’s major cloud platform is ranked as a leader in the industry for managing cloud service applications with high level of productivity.

Can Microsoft Azure optimize your business applications?

Before considering using the Microsoft Azure, marketers should first identify whether their apps are well fit for the Microsoft Azure features. There are a number of features derived from the product and it is essential for small business owners to know which one will be the best fit for their business applications. The Cloud service from Azure runs in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment (IaaS). With the PaaS system, Azure provides the hardware and OS images while the user provides the application codes to run in the cloud platform. The IaaS server allows the users to run the machine images in the Azure data center.

Among the best benefits from using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform are identified by marketers as follows:

  • Dynamic scaling of data applications

Small marketers enjoy the dynamic capability of scaling out apps through the program’s elastic scaling processes. Provisioning applications are easier based on your preferences and needs. Scaling out websites and virtual machines are also proper using the Azure services where you can easily adjust workload utilizations each time your applications fluctuate.

  • Resource management optimization

Deploying apps in the cloud will be hassle-free because the Azure delivers the required network bandwidth, as well as other resources for data infrastructure according to your data needs. The program has the capability of automatically locating your apps and run them smoothly in the cloud, saving you from the unexpected hardware failures and rebooting your apps for deployment.

  • Cost effective data analytics server

Small businesses are no longer in the pain of enduring paying for expensive IT infrastructure to manage and analyze data in the cloud. The user only pays for the actual service used. This allows them to start build their data analytics system within their organization at a small investment. The Microsoft Azure provides a solution for cloud services needed by small businesses in building their big data center to optimize business performance and marketing campaigns.

  • Workload management efficiency

Small businesses often use short term utility applications that are only used for a limited period of time. Using the Microsoft Azure, you can deploy these apps and share it within a determinable time, allowing you only to pay for the bandwidth actually used for your workload. The user can remove the apps anytime without causing interference to the other applications currently running in the cloud platform.

  • Reliable data centers

Business apps are deployed for the purpose of generating productive income to businesses. Keeping your apps running continuously without downtime is critical to maintain the revenue generating process. The Microsoft Azure runs a high performing data center that makes your applications responsive to your customers’ needs. Its storage option is capable of running data smoothly, efficiently and consistently, especially during peak shopping times or when a high volume of visitors comes to your site. A backup plan is also available whenever one region of the Azure undergoes a temporary failure by re-directing visitors to another region where your business app continues to run.

A complementary cloud platform for running Microsoft BI Tools

Microsoft Azure

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The Microsoft Azure is designed to deliver a cloud based platform where the users can store, deploy, run and manage applications in the cloud environment. The program runs on an SQL server with a virtual machine gallery. The server is the same installation as those found in on-premises computers that allows business apps work smoothly. Microsoft Power BI tools run using the SQL servers, making their deployment easier and convenient with Azure.

Business intelligence tools empower digital marketers to run a concise data analytics process that helps make their business highly responsive to the demand of their industry and customers. Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and Office 365 are among the powerful data analytics tools that can run in the cloud for business collaboration of data information.

Beneficial data enabler features that optimize small business data analytics

Moving data centers from in-house to cloud server has become a viable option among small to medium business enterprises. Using the Microsoft Azure, they can have a powerful virtual machine to run business applications and data analytics with convenience and ease. Here are some of the reported data enabler features that benefit marketers in their data management and analytics process.

  • Microsoft Azure can handle workload spikes. Small businesses experience unpredictable data inflows and their applications may run the risk of erratic performance in the cloud. The Azure is dynamic in adjusting the delivery of a cloud platform service that will manage periodic burst of activities on your site and can manage storing huge volumes of data as they come.
  • The Azure provides a flexible application support, according to the apps that you need to run continuously or only periodically. The user can identify which application that should remain in the virtual machine or which should remain within your in-house data center. The program runs a hybrid solution for businesses that want to regulate data availability in the cloud.
  • Remote access to data is one of the best benefits of running apps in the cloud. The cloud data center of Azure allows accessibility and convenience in running data analysis and make marketing decisions in real time wherever you may be. You can deploy various Microsoft business intelligence tools to run analytics for business and to share data reports with your team.

Data analytics is a game changer in digital marketing. Digital Warriors help small businesses embrace this marketing trend with our digital marketing solutions like IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development. We can help you in your digital marketing needs, so talk to us now!

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