Leveraging from the Google Analytics Data to Grow Your Online Marketing Tactics

The majority of SEO aficionados and webmasters are using analytic tools like the Google Analytics in order to understand the performance of their website on the search engine results. There are valuable data that can be gathered from the tool which are metrics that you can use in order to interpret how well your search engine optimization strategies are taking your website performance in converting leads and driving traffic to your site. The Google Analytics tool provides important data that will help you maximize your online marketing efforts. It is a handy SEO tool that has helped numerous SEO professional and newbie in the SEO industry. Here’s how you can leverage from the Google Analytics data that you can use to enhance your online marketing tactics.

Use Google Analytics data in finding your website visitor’s locations

The Google Analytic tools can provide you a means on how to find where the majority of your website traffic is coming from. It can help you understand which location your business has a potential market online and concentrate your efforts in pursuing potential customers from these locations. You can find this information from the Google Analytics tab on audience > demographics > locations where you will find a site map that will help you locate your website visitors.

Google Analytics can explain to you the behavior of your website visitors

There are certain metrics that are available from the Google Analytics which are data that will inform you how long your visitors stay on a particular web page of your site. It interprets the data on bounce rate, entrances and exit percentage which are paramaters that help you understand how your visitors interact with your site. The entrance data provides the information about the number of your website visitors while the bounce rate and exit percentage reflects how long each visitor stays on your site in every visit. These Google Analytics parameters will give you enough insights to conclude that you have an engaging website if your visitor stays longer to browse on your site or if they stay short enough after your website fails to keep their interest to navigate more on your site. From there, you can start evaluating the strong and weak points about your site and start making its improvement (considering your content value, elements present on your site, website design, etc.).

Google Analytics can tell you whether your website supports cross browsing

The consumers are now using technology advancements such as smartphones and tablets in order to access the internet using cross browsing platforms. About 64% of survey respondents have made a purchase after viewing a product advertisement on their mobile phones. About 47% also admitted that they survey for product pricing using  an online store’s mobile site. The Mobile Audience Insights Report also revealed that 80% of mobile users are searching for relevant advertising in local business locations and 75% of them have taken an action in response to location specific message.

This implies that your website should be optimized for cross browsing to cater to the millions of your potential mobile user customers. The Google Analytics will tell you if your website is optimized for mobile viewing by providing you data about your mobile visitor’s operating system, the version of mobile browser used, the device’s screen resolution and their Flash and Java versions. Using the data will help you understand why your website visitor leaves soon after visiting your website which might be likely due to browser incompatibility. You can access the browser related data from the Google Analytic tool by going to the audience tab > technology > browser and OS.


Identify the keywords that are driving traffic to your site

You can dig through your keyword marketing strategy using the Google Analytics data to find out which of your keywords are driving more traffic to your website. You can easily identify the specific web pages on your site that are most visited as well as the length of time that each visitor stays to view your web pages. The tool can provide its users the ability to identify which of their keyword marketing efforts are delivering more productive traffic results. You can find this specific information by going to the tabs on traffic > sources > search > organic.

Google Analytics shows your external traffic source

Some websites may also be linking to your website posts and are sending traffic to your site significantly. The Google Analytics tool helps in finding which external sources are providing a constant traffic flow to you website that helps it to increase your rank on the search engine. By finding which relevant websites and what niche or industry they belong will also provide you some new insights on which other industry your own business may be relevant as well. The Analytic tool from Google tracks down the activities of your website visitors that are driven from your external sources from the time they reach your site up to the end of their interaction to your web pages.

The Google Analytics Data and your revealing visit trends


The Google Analytics by default will show the metric values involved in the performance of your website in the past 30 days. If you want to review the visit trends on your website for a much longer period, you can adjust the settings of the tool to provide the larger trend information that you need to monitor the visitation trending on your site for a longer period for at least three to six months. This will help you review the stability of your website performance better.

Run an in-page analytics on your site

You can find useful information about the performance of the layout of your home page and other in-page elements used on your site. The Google Analytics tool provides data on the number of clicks made on the various elements found on your site. The information available is presented in graphical presentation which is more interesting for your viewing. In order to obtain your in-page analytics data, go to content > in page analytics to start viewing the detailed report.

There are some rich information available from Google Analytics and it can help optimize any of your digital, content marketing and SEO campaign results. Digital Warrior can maximize the benefits of the Google Analytics tool for your business. Call us to START RECEIVING RESULTS in your marketing campaigns now!


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