Best techniques to Leverage a Social Media Marketing Funnel for Business Growth

Technology development has introduced a significant impact on how online marketing are done these days. From the modern digital marketing point of view, business growth is now dependent upon how you build your social media network and market your business through the various social media marketing campaigns that are way beyond the traditional marketing funnel that online marketers used before. As the digital marketing world takes a different course in terms of the most viable marketing funnel that can help your business grow and position itself across the World Wide Web,  we are an Atlanta Social Media Marketing Company who  provides insights regarding how your social media marketing funnel can affect the growth of your business and how to leverage over it to define your business success.

Online marketing funnel changes its course

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The traditional marketing strategy consists of three steps namely to find, convert and keep customers. The majority of the effort in the marketing funnel is spent in finding customers and making them convert into sales for business profit and the end of the funnel is keeping them engaged to the business’ products and services. The social media trend however changes the course of online marketing where social engagement has become the name of the game. Customers are becoming more inclined to develop more personal connection with businesses and social engagement has become an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy that fosters business growth.

It can be noted that the IDG Research Services revealed that about 95% of the digital consumers are using at least one social media account. At this point businesses are taking the step to grow the visibility of their business to this potential marketing channel by building their social signals. Social media marketing introduced the new trend of internet marketing using the social media channel as more consumers are getting more reliant on social recommendation when looking for products to purchase online. Thus, the new social media marketing funnel emerges as one of the most vital strategies that online marketers need to apply for better conversion of their business.

The social media marketing funnel trend

social media marketing funnel

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The social media marketing funnel has thus changes its course into one of working out your business brand awareness with more online exposure and into one that will generate and convert leads. The promotion of brand awareness consists of maximizing your business exposure online, influence people and engage them to your business brand. The lower part of the funnel is making your potential leads to convert into profit and to retain their interest to your products and services. Getting the help of professional services of internet marketing Atlanta can help you improve your potential for converting customers by working out the various aspects of your social media marketing campaigns. With the help of search engine optimization strategies your business online exposure can be maximized and can further improve your social media engagement. The new breeds of consumers are becoming savvy in being socially engaged and getting recommendations from the social media community. Social media marketing Atlanta understands how crucial it is for businesses to be able to penetrate the social media market.

The social media marketing funnel that convert into business productivity

Businesses convert better by building a more practical social media marketing funnel that will improve the conversion of their business through social engagement. However, it takes several important steps in order to make one become successful in making their brand more relevant to the consumers.

1.       Aligning social media to your marketing sales funnel

Aligning social media to your marketing sales funnel involves integrating brand awareness in your lead generation process. This involves the integration of the following strategies in your marketing tactics:

  • Reach a wider audience by enhancing your business exposure online. Use analytics tool in order to help you measure your business traffic and search ranking.
  • Integrate search engine optimization campaign that will give your brand better visibility to the various social media communities.
  • Use various mediums in promoting your business brand campaign. It helps in improving your website rank on the search engine. Using YouTube for video marketing, Pinterest for your visual marketing campaigns, and Twitter and Facebook business page to boost your social media content marketing strategies are important considerations of your social media marketing structure.
  • Find social influencers to engage to your business. Influencers in the social media networks have their own followers and they are known for their credibility and reputation. Keeping influencers engaged to your business and getting a recommendation from them is a great way of spreading a good word about your business.

2.       Enhancing your social media page for better conversion

A part of your social media marketing structure is enhancing your social media pages to convert leads into sales. Website design and development can take an important role in helping you convert potential customers into making a purchase. It is essential that your website visitors click on your call to action pages in order to make a better conversion on your web pages. At the early part of your social media marketing funnel, your customers are likely to be interested about your products and services but are not ready to make a purchase yet. That is where converting them to make a purchase becomes crucial. Here are some ways to enhance your social media page for better conversion results.

  • Keep your visitors’ brand interest to your business by giving them options to leave their email address or to sign up for freebies. This is a great way of pushing your sales funnel into a better position of keeping them engaged and eventually convert their interest into one of profit to your business.
  • Deliver a high quality business page with a better conversion potential that can encourage your website visitors to click on your call to action button that should be visible and enticing to your website visitors.
  • Add a personalized greetings to your social media page
  • De-clutter the elements of your web page to provide your customers a better navigational interface experience. Finding vital information and buttons on your social media page is easier and convenient.
  • Provide a signup box to your web page or refer your customers to your landing page where they can complete their purchases.

3.       Growing your social media signals

By growing your social media signals through the help of search engine optimization Atlanta will help grow the number of your social media followers and brand popularity online. Here’s how:

  • Leverage on social media comments as well as on social likes and shares in growing the social signals of your brand. The more followers your business has the more likely the search engine acknowledges your business as an authority within your market industry.
  • Grow your brand reputation and authority by actively participating on blog commenting, forums and guest posting to increase your brand visibility and build your social media followers.
  • Connect with influencers and social media personalities that can help boost your social media signals. Keeping an influencer to your network can provide you significant benefit in encouraging others to share, follow and recommend your brand.

4.       Improve your social media engagement

Social media engagement is an important process in your social media marketing funnel. This will help in keeping the interest of your website visitors and leading them to convert into sales for your business. You need to learn how to improve your sales market funnel by understanding what your customers needs are, their market demands and purchasing behavior. From there you can design the most preferential marketing strategy that will help convert your potential leads into sales. Social engagement means keeping the interest of your potential customer to your business which you can achieve with these techniques:

  • Deliver high quality information that is equivalent in giving solutions to the common problems or issues affecting your target customers.
  • Ask questions that will engage your social media followers in answering and in sharing ideas.
  • Actively participate in comments and interactive discussions on your own social media posts and that of others.

5.       Use social media analytics on your marketing campaigns

Tracking down your social media marketing funnel performance is required in order to ensure that you maximize the results of your social media marketing funnel objectives. There are various metrics that can give you the opportunity to understand how your business performs within your market niche industry. Among the data that you can mine from analytics tool include

  • Web pages that convert better and likely to engage your customers
  • Purchasing behavior of your target leads and whether they convert into sales
  • Customer profiles visiting your website
  • Cost per impression
  • Cost per sale
  • Cost for engagement for your business which are important metrics that define the success of your social media marketing funnel.
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Use social media analytics in order to enhance your social media marketing funnel by doing the following:

  • Integrate analytic tools to your social media pages and website
  • Measure individual channel and marketing campaign from your funnel
  • Attribute traffic analysis to specific social media network
  • Review the web page impression in every social media channel
  • Track down individual landing page and different audience segment
  • Customize your social media analytics report

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