Learn the Infallible Tricks to Creating a Responsive WordPress Website

image source: www.numagoo.com

image source: www.numagoo.com

Before digging into a responsive website development with WordPress, let’s first have a quick flashback of what it’s like to visiting sites via mobile 2 years ago. Did you know that 85 percent of mobile phones that has been sold in year 2011 were web enabled? The users tire themselves in zooming in and zooming out the screen just to spot whatever it is that they are exactly looking for in a website.  It is a hassle for most mobile users when the phone needs to render the entire website on just a small screen. Resizing the different sections of the web with only a small button can really be a frustrating experience is it not?

What is a Responsive Website?

There is a difference between a desktop version and mobile version of a website. A responsive website offers a good appearance and layout of website depending on the screen size of a mobile.  Responsive sites are especially designed to make the texts a lot more readable for the phone users, the buttons are also configured so that it can be easily pressed on the screen. There are even more sophisticated features of some responsive websites like modified graphics and colors, or part reduction of the site in order to accentuate just the most important web sections.  A responsive website offers a friendly navigation system for mobile web visitors. In this way, people will become more enthusiastic in exploring websites either via desktop, smartphone and any other existing internet surfing devices.

Is It High Time to Create a Responsive Website?

Of course it is the perfect time to make your website responsive now. Just take a look at the statistics; there are over 1.083 billion smartphones in use worldwide and 28% of online purchases are made using a tablet. Such data are compelling! It is important to have a responsive, mobile friendly website.

image source: www.collegewebeditor.com

image source: www.collegewebeditor.com

Why Go For Responsive WordPress Theme?

Choose WordPress if you want to develop a responsive website because there are sheer number of themes open for just about any platform you plan to develop for your website. There are a lot of WordPress themes that are responsive and can make your website adaptable to any viewing devices like smartphone, desktop and tablet. A responsive WordPress theme can guarantee online readership and mobile friendly design for your website. It is now possible for you to get on board with the rise of small screen gadgets. There is no doubt that Responsive Web Design is now creating a breakthrough in online businesses. In general, here are the characteristics of a responsive WordPress theme:

1.            Flexible pictures re sizable to suit the altering layout and dimensions of the web page particularly for featured images as well as for the background.

2.            Restructuring and shifting of menus, widgets and other important elements of websites to make it viewable on devices with smaller screens.

3.            Various CSS style sheets fit on the browser and adapt to the screen size.

4.            The mobile navigational features like touchscreen sliders and interfaces are included in a responsive website.

Better embrace change now and refresh your website by making it responsive. One day you will be grateful for your niche’s skyrocketing web presence.

Infallible Tricks to Creating A Responsive WordPress Website

While preparing for this kind of web development innovation might seem like turmoil for some, Responsive Website Development (RWD) with WordPress themes makes it a simple, quick and easy way to market any product or service online. For those who can grasp the very essence of a responsive website, they see it as a great business opportunity. Learn the unfailing tricks to creating a responsive WordPress website now.

image source: www.designyoutrust.com

image source: www.designyoutrust.com

Trick 1 Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme

Lots of WordPress theme creators recognize the relevance of responsive web development so there is nowhere else you can get the best theme for your site in the World Wide Web but here. Responsive WordPress themes are even customizable and flexible; it can ensure that your website will look awesome even in small screen devices. Just take note of the three important things to consider when choosing a responsive WordPress theme. It should be a theme that is easy to customize that way you want it to look, the performance of the theme is also important so consider its loading speed and last but not the least, check the customize tools of the theme and make sure that you find all the tools that you need for designing your website.

Trick 2 Manage the Responsiveness of the WordPress Theme

It is important to ensure that your WordPress theme definitely looks great in either big or small screen devices.  Here are the ways to test and manage the responsiveness of a WordPress theme:

  1. Make sure to have a style sheet that is applicable on both mobile and desktop versions of your website. Figure out the maximum width for the set of styles changes where you want it to be applicable for. The usual screen sizes used are 480 pixels, 780 pixels and 1024 pixels.
  2. Properly deal with the images you use in your website. You can add the body img {max-width: 100%;,br /> } codes to your CSS so you can ensure that the photos don’t spill out of the website. Set the images in such a way that they will be will be loaded nicely depending on the size of the device used.
  3. You can adjust the text size using body {font-size: 60%; line-height: 1.4em ;} code in order to ensure that the size of your text is appropriate in either big or small screens.
  4. Refine the navigation of your website you could utilize a drop down box instead of navigation bar. Another option is to have your navigation menu for the entire page by developing an app-like environment for the website.

Trick 3 Choose the Best Plugins for a Responsive WordPress Theme

Page Builder, Sinking Dropdowns WordPress and Fluid Responsive Slideshow are the must have plugins to ensure the responsiveness of your website. These plugins are best recommended for websites with less sophisticated graphics or layouts and for sites that primarily focus on the web content. This will guarantee that your WordPress website will appear perfectly on any screen.

image source: www.orange-county-seo.com

image source: www.orange-county-seo.com

Good thing that user interface issues are now solved with the advancement in web design and development.  You will no more need a separate mobile version of the website. Thanks to the (RWD) Responsive Website Development because it is now possible to maintain just a single site that can incredibly serve many needs of the smartphone users.

It is absolutely essential to learn the tricks to developing responsive WordPress theme. If you are serious about optimizing your website, then you should learn the best ways to design and develop a website. There is no better place in the World Wide Web than Digital Warriors where you can learn the most excellent internet marketing strategies. We provide useful content for superb web presence solutions.


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