Is Your Website Google Penguin 2.0 Ready

Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0 was unleashed by the search engine giant and many website owners are striving to make their business site more compliant to this latest Google algorithm update. It is worth noting that small to medium business owners were among the casualties after Google Penguin 2.0 begins to run online. Because Google is undisputedly the big player in the search engine industry, website owners have no choice but to comply with the Google Webmaster guidelines in order to rank favorably in search. With the arrival of the Google Penguin 2.0 you should be able to ask whether your website is ready to embrace the changes it can demand from your website optimization efforts.

Penguin 2.0 supports content marketing

While webmasters have engaged in content marketing for many years now as a part of an SEO strategy, Google Penguin 2.0 demands better quality content loaded with information that will be very useful to its readers. A mere content is not enough to pass the standards of Google Penguin 2.0. It requires that the content should be relevant, useful and informative to website users. If you are able to deliver high quality content posts to your website, the meaty content on your website will certainly be attractive to the Google users and it will certainly provide a positive feedback to the search engine. As a result, as more web users visit your site, the higher your Google rank becomes.

Provide useful content to your website such as how-to articles and information that will help your visitors how to make use of your products and provide tips on how to maximize the benefits of using your brand and services. Your target  content should be one that will offer solutions to the common problems encountered by your website visitors.

Penguin 2.0 hates dead links and spam links

Dead links are certainly attractive to Google Penguin 2.0 but in a negative sense. It can easily spot unnatural links and spam links that will give your website a poor rank in search. If you don’t want your website to perform poorly in search, avoid using links on prohibited sites promoting pornography, drugs and alcohol. Never attempt to promote your website using paid links as Google Penguin is intelligent enough to detect unnatural links and spam links pointing back to your website.

Stuffing your content with keywords is a big no for Google Penguin 2.0

Webmasters that are stuffing their website with keywords will likely be penalized by Penguin 2.0 due to spam content. Do not overload your website with keywords as this will hurt your rank in the search engine. Make sure to use the keywords with a natural flow in your content instead of using them too many times without giving much essence of its meaning.

If you find it hard to make your website more compliant to the rules and standards required by Google Penguin 2.0, our professional SEO services and strategies can offer you an affordable and convenient solution to optimize your web presence in search. Find out more how we can help here.

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