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Instagram for business

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If you are one of the business people who are pursuing social media marketing in promoting your products and services, Instagram for business is one of the best ways of doing it. Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that are being used by entrepreneurs and is one of leading social media channels that can help boost the social signals of your business. You can leverage on using Instagram in growing your social signals with these advanced strategies that you may find very helpful to optimize your social media marketing results.

Strategy #1 – Tweak on your Instagram business profile

Your Instagram profile is your first step in connecting to your customers. How you optimize your Instagram profile will have a significant impact to your business. Instagram provides stock images that its users can use and display on their profile but it is a big mistake if you want to use them. It is very crucial for businesses to provide their customers the impression that their business is professional. It is thus recommended to give your business profile on Instagram some customization by displaying your own unique images and business logo for better business branding. This will give your business a more engaging image that your customers will remember.


When optimizing your profile make sure to add accurate description about your business while observing the best practices in using the ideal number of words consisting of at least 100 to 200 characters only. Optimize it with keywords and other phrases that will best describe your business. Take advantage of the opportunity of promoting your other social media accounts thus make sure to leave the links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media profiles that you may have to reinforce your business social signals. There are Instragam badges that you can use for this purpose that will help simplify the process of optimizing your Instragram account. Go for a minimalist design as it tends to engage your viewers better. Use colourful images and emojis when communicating to your followers but do not overdo it.

Strategy #2 – Post images smartly


Instagram for business


If you are using Instagram for business an important rule to keep in mind is to post images with a plan and purpose. Because the platform is devoted mostly for image marketing you should be able to exercise selective judgment when posting images for the purpose of promoting your business. This means that your profile is devoted for business promotion thus you just don’t post any images to your liking just as you do when it is a personal Instagram profile. Your ultimate goal in this strategy is to promote engagement from your images and to use photos that communicate your business objectives well. Make use of hashtags when sharing your Instagram images for better optimization.

Choose photos that will be relevant to your business and publish them in ideal Instagram photo size which is 640px by 640px for better resolution. In order to make your photos more engaging to your viewers it is best to tell stories through your images. Don’t make your profile viewers get stuck in seeing your business logos and products. It is great that once in a while you get to post fun but relevant images about your business such as featuring the fun activities of the people behind your business or capture your team in action.

Strategy #3 – Drive traffic through Instagram hashtags and mentions


Instagram for business

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Instagram for business can be optimized for search engine optimization using hashtags. Hashtags can bring more people to you Instagram business profile when they search for words that are associated or used in your profile. The hashtag is represented by the symbol # that is displayed before the word that you want others to associate to your posts (example: #digitalmarketing). It is crucial to observe the proper use of hashtags in your Instagram profile which must be relevant and related to your post. Improper use of hashtags will pose the risk of your account being identified for spamming which can hurt your business reputation. Instagram mentions will also help drive traffic to your site for each time that you mention other Instagram user’s profile their followers can see your social mention that gives your brand a good exposure to the other Instagram users. Social media studies revealed that business profiles that use hashtags in their posts have more followers than those that don’t use it. To further optimize your Instagram for business profile try to be creative in using your own hashtags to the popular ones. This will catch more attention from the Instagram users and will make your Instagram posts more popular too.


Instagram for business

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Strategy #4 – Unleash your creativity

The quality of your posts whether be it images or textual messages will affect the engagement of your followers. The trick is to choose topics or subject matters that your target viewers will be most likely to be interested about such as those that provide them solutions or steps on how to do something. Based on Instagram mentions and re-posts, the hottest topics on Instagram for business are How-to’s and technical solutions. Make your posts more visually engaging that will give your viewers a unique viewing experience. Create your own business debut videos that will highlight your business profile, accomplishments and benefits. This may include steps or how-to guide on how to use your products. Embed your videos to your main business website or blog in order to maximize its exposure and traffic online. The use of infographics has become quite popular in many business posts in Instagram and it is a form of marketing posts in Instagram that receives many social shares. Make sure to use the proper hastags for each image post for better search engine optimization results. Bring stories to life in your Instagram posts and this will definitely fire up the numbers of your followers in Instagram for business.


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