How to use Instagram Branding

Instragram Branding

You need to make Instagram branding a key part of your online presence. The popular photo and video sharing site and application is a great way to target a trendy audience and promote brand image. By opening an Instagram account and effectively using a few techniques your business will receive a marketing advantage that keeps up with the current social media savvy audience. The overall benefit of creating an Instagram is to illustrate your company’s vision and fundamental values. The types of photos that attract more likes may end up on the popular page where more users will engage and click on your photo producing traffic. “Liking” and “Commenting” a photo results in a chain reaction, leading to interactions between your company and your “Followers”.

Instagram Branding

Source: Leverage

“Instagram It”

Just “Instagram it” has become part of the current generations language. Similar to the phrase “Google it”, Instagramming has become part of our everyday lifestyle. It is a form of self-expression and a glimpse into the lifestyle of a person or company.

Instagram Etiquette

Originality combined with high quality filter or “#no filter” photos create beautifully or shockingly memorable brands. When is it appropriate to post a photo and what kind of photos are the audience going to “like”?

Types of photos that your company should consider posting to gain brand awareness include:

1)    Behind-the-Scenes photos including the daily functions of everyday employees

2)    Previews of upcoming products

3)    Promotions for products through hash tagging contests or promo codes

4)    Photos from company events or collaborations

Instagram sparks much awareness from people all over the world and more news articles are posted everyday on unique and trendy creative photos posted by regular and top users. Let’s take a look some case studies of how using Instagram has proven beneficial for three different brands in 2013.

Associate your products or services with images that complement your offering like ‘Pressed Juicery’

The first prime example is Pressed Juicery, who has around 50k followers. By constantly showcasing their cold-pressed juices next to a creative rendition of the products’ ingredients, Pressed Juicery gained a lot of brand recognition. They utilize the caption beneath the photos to describe all the nutritional value the product has to offer. Also, they remember to include hash tags to reach the public. For example, Pressed Juicery tends to hash tag #health.

Instagram Branding

Pressed Juicery Instagram

Build your network like ‘YouTube Beauty Gurus’

Similar to Pressed Juicery, YouTube Beauty Gurus use Instagram as a social media platform to promote monthly favorite products they have been loving, often tagging other companies, which increases word of mouth to a wide range of audience. Tagging other companies or people, or hash tagging a characteristic of a product as #fresh #new #lovethis influences followers to research more on the product. Beauty Gurus often capture their everyday lives through vlogging, blogging, tweeting, and instagramming and constantly involve their followers in a conversation style, which allows them to receive feedback and trust.

Instagram- Akaydoll

Express Personality like ‘Pixel Slick Photography’

Though first interested in this small Atlanta based photography business through a stunning Facebook photo tag of a friend, further research led to a quick search on Instagram. Though bias because this small business is based on photos, many small businesses have to realize photo sharing is the new method of telling a story and expressing a vision. From Pixel Slick’s profile, users can quickly call or text and understand the quirky personality behind the photographer, David. Upon seeing familiar friendly faces within the community in the photos spark interest and illustrate the power of word of mouth.

Instagram- Pixelslick

SOURCE: Pixelslick’s Instagram


Tell a Story like ‘FromGA2WI’

Though technically not a small business, but rather a “small” project that required a lot of planning and time, FromGA2WI was an Instagram account intended to surprise a long distance girlfriend with a photo album of cute three-worded sayings such “I Treasure You” and “You are Spirited”. The lesson extracted from this particular Instagram account is the impact it had on social media as it was featured on BuzzFeed gaining mass attention. It proves the benefits of being unique and photos filled with original ideas. Besides proving a small project can lead to big attention, it also proves the power of time since it did take 100 photos before the project was completed. The Instagram platform was a great choice that applied a brand image to the FromGA2WI story line.

Instagram- FromGA2WI

SOURCE: FromGA2WI’s Instagram

Small Businesses CAN Find Success in Instagram Branding

In all, DIGITAL WARRIORS offers the professional services to give your small business the much-needed digital marketing upgrade. Instagram & other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook work well for a variety of businesses, so contact us today for a consultation!

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