Improve WordPress User Capability With These Shortcode Plugins

Wordpress plugins

One of the best features from WordPress is its ability to offer convenience among its users to achieve productivity, efficiency and improved capabilities. WordPress has several shortcodes that can help its user to save time and to extend the user’s capability of tweaking their website performance. Here are some of the essential shortcode WordPress plugins to help you maximize your productivity.

The J Shortcodes

This is a WordPress plugin that provides the users the ability to customize the call to action buttons, tab panel, customizable boxes and information box. These codes can tweak on your WordPress themes  and its widgets, layouts and posts. This is very helpful for a WordPress who does not have experience in managing PHP codes to customize their website.

Shortcode API

If you are fond of using images to add to your post, shortcode API is a good plugin to use. This will enable the user to create macro codes that will allow the use of a photo gallery to post an image on a specific page where you want it to appear.

WordPress shortcode plugins

This plugin helps to improve the functionality of the elements from your WordPress theme. It comes with features for managing layout, link card, message box, icons and buttons to make your website more functional and stylish. This provides a convenient way of using preset functionalities available from your theme and allowing you to insert shortcodes on each post or page.

Easy Video

This allows you to insert video embeds or shortcodes as well as to remove the ones you no longer need or use on your WordPress site. This comes very handy whenever you are using shortcode buttons to optimize video viewing for your online visitors. The buttons that you can use will conveniently reinforce your capability to save time and effort of displaying embedded videos to your site.

All in One Shortcodes

This shorcode provides the users the capability of adding the code to the theme and to optimize content customization seamlessly. The plugin offers different attractive icons in various colors including buttons, maps, columns, videos, and boxes for login and passwords.

Display posts shortcode

This plugin provides the greatest convenience to a WordPress user who has no technical know-how in using PHP or file template editing or HTML code management. Using the plugin allows you to quickly add tags, type of content and category without the confusion.

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