How To Avoid Simple But Costly Mistakes When Backing Up WordPress

Backing Up WordPress

Every blogger and content marketer is already familiar with WordPress. It is one of the most widely used content management system that is made more popular because of its convenient features, plugins and superb WordPress themes and templates. Using WordPress can make your online site highly competitive to the other professional websites of your competitors and you can always do some tweaking on your website design until you finally find the one that best fit your business niche and preferences.

However, while you can enjoy customizing your WordPress site it is always best to backup your WordPress blog to ensure that you don’t lose important website elements and valuable content in case something goes wrong on the process of customization. When doing so, it helps to learn about these simple but costly mistakes that can happen when backing up your WordPress site.

How often do you backup your WordPress site?

This usually depends on how often you upload content to WordPress. Doing so at least once a week seems to be reasonable but you should consider backing up more than once in a week if you are posting contents more frequently. You don’t want to risk losing more contents if you are regularly posting to your WordPress blog and performs the backup only once a week.

Do not perform selective backup only

Whenever you perform a WordPress backup do it more thoroughly instead of selectively. You will find yourself in a frustrating situation of losing all your essential WordPress site elements and able to retain your content only in case something goes wrong. Make sure to backup not only your content but also the WordPress plugins, your wordpress theme and page elements.

Do not rely on your computer when backing up WordPress

Storing your backup data on WordPress directly to your computer can make your sensitive data more vulnerable to viruses and computer hackers. You are better off using a remote storage online facility such as backing up your WordPress on the Cloud where they are not prone to the risk of getting corrupted than when they are stored in your computer.

Do not rely on manual backup

It is often impossible to maintain a backup system for WordPress manually especially when your site has grown bigger and uses large numbers of content that you need to backup efficiently. You need some tools to help you get the work done more effectively and consistently especially when a manual backup process can become more tedious and painstaking to do by yourself. You can make use of online backup tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox to do the trick of an automated WordPress backup process.

We understand how painstaking it can be to keep a WordPress backup maintenance. Digital Warriors can help you improve your WordPress website performance for SEO and content marketing management by visiting here for more information.

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