Digital Warriors becomes Hortonworks Partner to offer robust Big Data Solutions

Digital warriors

For a digital marketer who is looking for a comprehensive solution in big data analytics to boost their internet marketing campaign, the partnership of Hortonworks and Digital Warriors can provide them a better and comprehensive solution in making their business more competitive in the digital marketing industry. The big data complexities can often take internet marketers in a difficult situation on how to accurately capture and extract big data to use as marketing opportunities and business intelligence tools. The partnership aims to help small to big business companies simplify the process of big data analytics for more productive results.

Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform 2.1

Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform 2.1

Hortonworks pioneers the Hadoop Data Platform 2.1 which is a 100% open source enterprise designed to provide a robust architectural platform for efficient enterprise data processing. Its data platform can work on multiple data workload process that streamlines the different big data processing methods used for big data analytics. Its core feature is the Yarn data operating system which is capable of sourcing out data management processes with a pluggable architecture to allow different methods for data access. The operating data system is scalable, flaw tolerant and provides a more cost efficient data storage solution to digital marketers.

digital warriorsDigital Warriors offers the emerging popular digital marketing solutions for internet marketers. Their big data analytics techniques offer promising internet marketing solutions needed by businesses to gain competitive advantage. Its digital marketing solutions like search engine optimization, social media marketing, big data marketing analytics, IT consulting, web design and development services give digital marketers a cost effective and comprehensive digital marketing package to help boost every marketer’s digital marketing campaign. Using the valuable big data analytics solutions and expertise of Digital Warriors as complemented by the robust big data platform in Hadoop of Hortonworks, you have all the necessary tools to grow your digital marketing positioning. You can build your profits and enhance your lead generation campaigns seamlessly with these intelligence tools for your business.

Small to medium businesses already have a number of data collected from their system but the major problem is usually on how to filter and process them according to business marketing goals. The Hadoop data platform has powerful features that allow data processing to become simplified using various forms of data processing methods of your choice. With the filtered extracted data, marketers can now focus their marketing plans and strategies according to their marketing goals through behavioural analysis with the help of Digital Warrior’s big data analytics techniques. Customer conversion is enhanced by using the relevant data needed in order to target certain group of consumers within your business industry. The Hortonworks’ Hadoop data platform makes it easier to identify relevant data that can be used for a more in-depth big data analytics that can help engage your business to your target customers.

With the combination of targeted data extraction and precise and meticulous big data analytics process, Hortonworks and Digital Warriors provide digital marketers the best big data solutions. The partnership can help boost a digital marketer’s competitiveness in their business industry while being able to enjoy more profitable customer conversion, enhanced customer loyalty and retention and more targeted behaviour analysis that engages businesses better within the digital market.

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