How to Grow Your Author Ranking and Relevance in the Digital Marketing World


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Author ranks plays a significant role in digital marketing. While Google maintains that an author rank has no valuable influence to Google ranking, the Google Webmaster tool continues to provide useful metrics that can help webmasters improve authorship on a website to help improve search ranking. This is an important indicator that the Google search engine is monitoring and tracking down author rank that can affect a website ranking on search. Whether an author rank has a direct or indirect influence to search ranking, it remains highly relevant to your digital marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Your author rank is one of the strongest influential factors that can increase your website presence and social signals that can help in establishing your online marketing position in the industry of digital marketing.

Agent Rank Metric of Google

Google is tracking down the quality of authorship on a website using the metric called the Agent Rank which is more commonly known as the Author Rank. It is used by the Google algorithm in gauging authorship engagement. Google authorship ranking is the counterpart of a website or domain authority that can help influence Google search relevancy and search ranking of your website content. Search engine optimization in Atlanta has been embarking to extend help among the webmasters who desire to improve the relevance of their business in the digital marketing industry. By working out your agent rank, you can help the search engine identify your authority within your marketing niche that can deliver positive search rank results to your SEO and online marketing efforts.

Author Rank Factors that Influence Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

By strengthening your author rank, you can easily earn the trust of the consumers and you can grow the numbers of your authorship followers that will boost your business credibility in the digital marketing world. There are different aspects about your author rank that can influence your digital marketing campaign. These factors are very influential to the progress of your digital marketing campaign and in helping you earn your search ranking credibility in Google.

  1. Google +1 score


author rank

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Your ultimate goal is to increase the number of people to click the +1 sign to your content by creating very engaging and useful content that will entice your readers to click on the +1 button. This button is the equivalent of the famous “Like” button on Facebook. Whenever people click on the +1 button it indicates that they like your business and content and find it worth sharing with others as well. More +1 score will signal the search engine that your readers find the quality and relevance of your content as valuable to them.

2.       Readers comments

Social comments can have a positive impact to your author rank. Your readers will likely comment whenever you successfully publish content that are very interesting, useful and relevant to their needs. The more comments that your content is able to make the more favorable your website becomes to the Google search engine. Comments can grow your business social signals that have an impact to the relevance of your business within your niche industry.

3.       The impact of social shares to SEO

It is very common for social media marketing company to leverage on social shares as part of their SEO campaign in digital marketing. Social shares reflect the true value of a business engagement to the social media community which the search engine is every keen on tracking down when ranking websites.

4.       High quality content is the key

In order to grow your business popularity and engagement as well as the number of social shares it get from the social media community, it is essential to publish high quality content that can offer solutions to your readers and followers. High quality content is capable of attracting back links from reputable sites that find your content valuable. This can impact your digital marketing campaign as it will signal to the consumers that your author rank is indicative of your business authority and credibility within your niche industry.

Creating digital signature using Google Plus to boost your author rank

Using your digital signature using a Google Plus profile is important in your content digital marketing campaign. Google wants to verify the author’s identity making it necessary for you to create this profile to begin growing your social influence and search engine signals. It is crucial to determine what particular subject you want to grow your authorship reputation. If your business niche is on health for instance then you should concentrate on writing health related content to grow your business popularity through your authorship.


author rank

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  • Build your Google Plus Circles. The more people you have within your circles, the more authority your business becomes in your target industry. The number of people within your Google Plus circles will be shown on your Google Plus profile which is displayed alongside the published contents you have as shown in the search engine. When search engine users find that you have many followers the more likely they will find your business brand more reliable and trustworthy.
  • Integrate your Google Plus profile to your published content. Constantly use your Google Plus profile when publishing content as it will leave traces of your business digital signature that can help boost your website ranking on the search results. The more high quality content published online that is associated to your business through your Google Plus profile, the more your website generates high quality traffic and signals that benefit your search engine marketing efforts.

Tips and Tricks to grow your business relevance and author rank

While you can get help from professional search engine companies, you can employ these simple tricks to help you grow your author rank and business relevance to your target consumers:

  1. Boost your social circles

Make your business socially active by being responsive to your reader’s comments. Make sure that you have created a solid biography that tells your audience about the benefits of your business to them. The more people who follow you in your social circles the better signal you are giving to the search engine regarding the relevance of your business to your customers. People will follow you more when they know who you are and your business is not clouded with animosity.

2.       Hook your audience by publishing engaging and relevant content

Increase your authorship followers by producing unique and high quality articles that will continue to engage your followers. Provide your customers with useful content that will communicate the benefits of your products and services and teach them how to maximize it to their advantage. Publish how-to content that will guide your readers in solving their problems to make your content very important and relevant to them.

3.       Become an industry icon by promoting your authorship on various sites that are relevant to your business.

By leaving your authorship digital footprints you can grow your business popularity online. Promote relevant research findings to your content that will back up the effectiveness of your products. This will grow your authorship credibility and ranking as well. Try to update yourself about the latest research and news regarding the information related to your business in order to make yourself very knowledgeable and an expert to your field of business.


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