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Social media SEO

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Have you been optimizing your business profiles for social media SEO? If not, it is high time to do so because by now your competitors are already optimizing their online presence and enjoying high traffic and probably a high rank on the search engine. What makes social media SEO significant to your business is that it is a powerful tool that marketers can use in order to improve search rank, build organic traffic, promote brand recognition and boost your lead generation and conversion rate.

Social media SEO benefits to your business profile


social media SEO

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There are different social media platforms that can be very helpful in giving your business profile and brand a boost. Among these platforms that can offer your business maximum online exposure are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Pinterest. Creating profiles on these popular social media networks will be beneficial to your search engine optimization process. You can revolutionize your digital marketing campaigns by making your business more social because of the trend of social media marketing.

  • 72% of internet users are now active in using the social media. You can find good potential customers as business leads to whom you can introduce your business to.
  • Your business gets 81% opportunity of getting maximum exposure online.
  • Increase your traffic by 61% increased traffic with 56% chance of finding business partnership through social media marketing.
  • Google + already has 359 million active users. Using this social media platform allows your business reach to a wider audience through your Google + Authorship.
  • 34% of Twitter marketers are able to generate leads for their business across its 550 million active users.
  • Facebook is the best player for social media SEO owing to its 1.5 billion users. About 47% of American Facebook users admitted that the platform is their primary influencer when making purchases.

About 93% of digital marketers are already using social media for their digital marketing campaigns and as a part of their search engine optimization process about 48% already reported an exponential growth in their lead generation process. Learning how to leverage in using social media channels to boost your sales can be very beneficial to your SEO marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are the major key players in the social media SEO and here are the best ways to learn on how to optimize your business page to enjoy maximum exposure of your business.

Optimizing your Facebook business page

Your Facebook profile page is the frontline of your audience interaction. An optimized page is essentially important in order to attract your audience to your profile page. There are important attributes that you need to focus for SEO purposes and internet marketing companies in Atlanta want to emphasis their business tag line for better engagement of their target audience to their business brand. Here are the important key elements in your Facebook page that should be optimized for better online exposure of your business online:

  • Complete the About page of your profile. This is the part of your profile page where you should highlight important business descriptions that will hook your readers’ interests about your business. The About page is a very important element in your profile that you should never skip from making an entry.
  • Keep your About description at a maximum of 170 characters. Use your business tag line if you have any in order to accurately describe your business. Add a link to your business site here too.
  • Optimize the URL of your Facebook page. As a default the URL will often use numbers that will make your URL look like this: This is not a search engine friendly URL. Personalize your URL by changing it to look like this:
  • Use your target keyword for naming your URL and include them to your About page description.
  • Don’t leave other entries unfilled such as your company description and basic information, contact number and other relevant information. Give as much information about your business as possible because your target viewers will surely want to know more about your company to gauge your reputation and legitimacy.
  • Always link your Facebook page to your published content to get more traffic to it.
  • Update your Facebook page content with fresh news and updates to further engage your followers.
  • Use the Facebook like button to your business site and other blog posts to make it easier for others to follow and share your business page on Facebook.

Twitter social media SEO tricks

If you want to create more followers to your business, Twitter offers a powerful platform in gaining targeted followers to your business. The ultimate social media SEO goal in using Twitter is to attract as much followers as you can to your business. This will lead to potential growth of your leads and traffic and even search rank. Here’s some trick that you can do in order to boost your Twitter followers and SEO results:

  • Add photo to your Twitter profile. It may be your business logo or your own photo. This will increase the trustworthy rating of your Twitter business account because you eliminate the animosity of your account page. Make sure to use alt text to optimize your photo for SEO.
  • Follow other Twitter users who have the same niche as your business or industry. This will make your business more visible as a follower and will encourage others to follow you as well.
  • Tweet more often and use keywords or hash tags in order to optimize the content of your tweets.
  • Don’t limit your tweets on texts. Use videos or images when tweeting about your business to improve better engagement of your followers. The search engine will also like how you update your content and the quality of your viewer engagement.


social media seo

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Grow your authorship with Google +

Google + offers a good marketing tool for building social connections to your business. If you are into content marketing to gain digital marketing advantage the Google + platform is the best tool that you can use. It builds your reputation and the trustworthiness of your authorship that will benefit your social media SEO campaign. Here’s how you can boost your business using Google +.

  • Promote your identity by adding your photo. This will be displayed beside the search results of your published content. In effect it implies professionalism on your content which can drive more traffic to your business.
  • Add as much information as you can about your business in the Introduction field. This is your opportunity to sell your business to potential customers and interested viewers of your profile.
  • Enter a good tag line in the Description field. Use keywords in order to optimize your description meta tag for better search results.
  • Link your other social media accounts to give your business more online exposure.
  • Enjoy the social share function of the platform by mentioning other Google + profiles to get attention to your profile and get others to share yours too.
  • Optimize your images using alt text for better search engine optimization outcomes.
  • Make use of the Google + buttons and display them to your other social media profiles and business pages for maximum exposure.
social media seo

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Social media SEO is part of our Digital Warriors services that has helped many of our clients obtain a better search rank standing for their business. If you want to enjoy the benefits of our SEO services, TALK TO US and we have experts to help you build your business social media presence.

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