Get More Traffic to Your Brand Besides Using Google for Online Marketing

Online Marketing Traffic

Online entrepreneurs are struggling in their online marketing efforts to make their website rank high again in search after being hit by the Google Panda update. While many webmasters who are relying heavily on using the Google search engine to drive traffic to their website, do you ever wonder whether your online marketing efforts can also prosper in the online marketing arena, even without using Google search? Of course you can and here’s how:



Do some video blogging


Video blogging is an alternative way of marketing your blog or website online without relying much on the Google search engine to drive traffic to your site. Video platforms offer another unique way of promoting your brand or products that will help you get more traffic from web users. Create a video blog with a personalized touch such as tutorials and sharing tips about subjects which you find yourself an expert or a pro. Not all web users are too keen about reading web content but are more attracted to watching videos instead. Video blogs that are very helpful and informative will likely receive recommendations and likes from social media users which can essentially increase your web presence even without Google search engine helping significantly on your effort to rank highly on search. However, you can still optimize your video blog by adding a description optimized with keywords and add some link to direct viewers to your business site as well.


Hitch with popular and high ranking websites


You can actually increase your brand’s online presence by taking a hitch on other website’s popularity on the web. You can do this by looking for high ranking websites that have similar niche as your business or brand and start participating in their forums or comments. This is a great platform where you can make your website known to web users by posting inspiring and impressive comments. By doing this, you can leave an impression that you are a pro about a particular subject. Embedding a link of your website on the signature that you use whenever you leave comments will encourage your readers to click on it which on the process helps to boost your website traffic.


Marketing your brand online does not have to be exclusively relying on Google search engine. Marketing agencies like the Atlanta Social Media company can offer a cost effective solution of promoting your website presence using a unique and different means of online marketing promotion by using other platforms other than the Google search engine. We integrate content marketing, social media marketing and SEO campaigns to effectively grow your website traffic competitively. Learn more about our valuable services here.

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