Positioning Yourself As An Expert in Digital Marketing


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The digital world today is so advanced and lucrative that digital marketers often find themselves in a very competitive marketing environment. If you want to expand your business in this kind of environment, becoming an expert seems to be the best thing that you can do in order to attain a competitive advantage within the digital network. The way marketers pursue marketing leads, close a sale and build partnership seems to involve more of digital technology and complex strategic search engine optimization process and digital marketing campaigns.

Building your brand reputation and positioning yourself as an expert in the digital world provides you a vast opportunity of influencing others and making prospect customers gain confidence on your capabilities and expertise in addressing their needs. If you are not convinced why you need to exert the effort of making yourself standout as an expert within your industry niche, here are some of the benefits why this is the key solution of gaining competitive advantage in the digital world:

  • Build your reputation by making a name as expert

Your reputation can highly influence people to believe in your marketing solutions and services. It is a logical consequence for experts to gain more competitive advantage because their reputation is a magnet for people to gain confidence on their expertise and eventually trust their business and any solutions that he may give them.

  • Make your brand popular

Whatever digital marketing solutions you may offer to your potential customers, your brand will definitely become more popular because of your expertise. Search users always look for experts online to get opinions, help, assistance and advice to find solutions for their needs. By making yourself an expert in the field of digital marketing world people will likely come to you for help that makes your brand popular eventually.

  • You can charge a higher fee for your expertise

By becoming a digital marketing expert, you are able to gain wider experience, more knowledge and skills, broader social media network and build a reputable name within the digital marketing industry that makes you one-of-a-kind expert in your field. By this alone, you can charge a higher fee for your expertise because people are willing to pay for someone’s skill, knowledge, experience and quality of services in order to receive assistance in their business needs.

  • Draw out partnership opportunities

Digital marketing experts are likely to find better partnership offers that can help in the rapid growth of their business. Partnering with other experts in their own field of expertise can be quite tricky however because most of the time experts always prefer to work with fellow experts in order to draw out a more satisfying and productive marketing solutions for their business. By making yourself an expert in the digital world you might find yourself as not the one offering a partnership but instead the one receiving these offers from other experts.

  • Your expertise makes you a standout digital marketer

Your expertise can highly influence how people see your business. In a crowded digital marketplace it is difficult to make your business and services a standout. However, your claim as an expert provides you a better competitive advantage that makes potential customers prefer your services than the other non-experts in the field.

Steps on how to promote yourself as a digital marketing expert

Where and how to start building your name as an expert in the digital marketing world may not come easy. Just like any other newbie in the industry, you need to exert both the time and effort in order to grow your reputation as a digital marketing expert. If you want to build competitive advantage it is crucial to follow these steps to help you start to gain a better positioning in the digital marketing industry.

Step # 1. Leverage in using technology to your advantage

Being in a digital world requires you to expand your knowledge about using technology for marketing your business. The same can also provide you with the tools that can help you expedite the process of building a name and making your expertise known within your industry. In the digital age, people use electronic devices and internet technology to look for solutions and you can also use it too for building your reputation and name in the digital marketplace.

  • Create your own professional blog site and highlight your portfolio and expertise. If you are a web designer expert, showcase the various websites that you have created as part of your portfolio.
  • Create different social media accounts in order to introduce your expertise within the social media industry. Using the social media technology can help you become popular online faster by interacting with people.
  • Use email marketing to introduce your services to prospect customers.
  • Use Press Releases in order to announce to the online community about your latest projects and undertaking.

Step # 2. Position your digital expertise with a platform


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It is important to become consistent in making your name popular on search and to your social media networks. By building a platform for your services such as a blog you have the opportunity to publish your expertise, the digital solutions you are capable of providing your clients and generally in helping you gain search positioning for better popularity online.

  • Use popular blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. These are known to be reliable blogging tools with plugins that you can use to optimize your SEO campaigns in promoting yourself as an expert.
  • Use content marketing as a platform in promoting yourself as an expert. Writing helpful articles on your blog to keep the interests of your followers. Demonstrate your skills and expertise using your chosen platform and by doing so people who visit your site might turn as a consistent followers, supporters and loyal customers.
  • Publish videos about your expertise and work and introduce your profile. Create short videos about helping people solve a problem such as How-To’s videos. This will make your video valuable to them and so is your expertise.

Step # 3. Build relation with other experts

Building a partnership and good relation with influential people in your industry can be a power medium of expanding your business. Experts in their fields are able to gain maturity and stable positioning in their fields of market and by building linkages with them you find yourself learning and maturing on your own field of expertise too.

  • Start following the blogs and social media accounts of social influencers. Join their social networks and take active participation in discussions.
  • Do not hold back from sharing your unique point of views with others. This will make you a standout if you are able to show that you are very well versed about your area of expertise.
  • Use LinkedIn to find professional business partners and create a professional headline that will hook the attention of other professionals. Make sure to include a description about your profile and highlight your area of expertise.
  • Ask for recommendations from your fellow professionals. A good word of recommendation from others is a good way of growing your popularity as an expert and also open more opportunities of connecting with others.

Step # 4. Use the power of the social media


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Popular websites today harness the power of the social media. Even digital marketing experts have several accounts in various social media platforms that provide them the social marketing advantage of becoming a popular expert. Digital marketers are getting more inclined to use popular social media platforms that offer the best potential of exploring marketing possibilities of making their expertise known in the World Wide Web today. Here’s how:

  • Choose popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. These platforms have millions of people as members which offer you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.
  • Find social influencers and get involved as an active follower. Share your expertise by giving advice and sharing your knowledge to help others.
  • Market yourself as a thought leader. By using social conversations you can actually leave the impression that you are an expert within your field by influencing others. Social engagement is a medium that you can use in order to spread the word about your social influence and expert ideas.

If you find it a great challenge on how to promote your brand authority and expertise more effectively, CALL US and we can help. We have all the brand marketing strategies that will help you boost your brand online presence and get more profitable marketing campaign to your business with the help of our package solutions and services like IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development.


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