Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Security Plugins

image source: www.bloggingpro.com

image source: www.bloggingpro.com

Did you know that 18.9% of the web is powered by WordPress? What’s more striking fact is that 73% of most popular websites that use WordPress software are at risk to many forms of attack like spams. Don’t just blame it on the programming bugs. There are varying factors that make a WordPress site susceptible to attacks like using of obsolete software and passwords that are not strong. It must be a priority to seriously secure blog with Worpress security plugins. WordPress is a great content management system and you only need to find out the best plugins for securing your blog site. There are even ways to improve WordPress security.  Get rid of the security issues and you can permanently protect your WordPress site.

image source: http://graphs.net/wordpress-and-its-security-issues.html

image source: http://graphs.net/wordpress-and-its-security-issues.html

What are WordPress Security Plugins?  

WordPress security plugins can help diminish safety risk by inspecting for susceptibilities, executing and imposing up-to-date WordPress security methods and strategies. WordPress security plugins can ensure that there could be many security holes that are being patched without having troubles like that of incompatible features or chances of losing anything on your site. Just make sure that you have enough RAM to support the installation of plugins. All the testing servers share 128MB to WordPress and commonly don’t have any added plugins installed. Compatibility issues may arise when the file checks and database backups fail on servers with 64MB or less of RAM and of course when there are many different plugins installed.

Moreover, plugins for WordPress security will discourage the attacker from probing a lot of things about your website management and will definitely hide complex zones such as login and site admin. Overall, WP security plugin can take your site to a whole new level because it helps in the enhancement of extra defense and firewall to your site. Continue reading the article to learn more about the efficiency of WP security plugins in shielding your site from unwanted attackers.

12 Features of WordPress Security Plugins

Although WordPress is already considered as a secured platform, we should never underestimate the capabilities of attackers in harming your site. There are lots of great features of WP security plugins that can definitely benefit your site. Here are the 12 most amazing features of plugins for WordPress security.

#1 Protects the User Account

WP security plugins can help detect a user account which username is default as well as discourage usage of identical display and login names. This also include password strength tool in creating very strong password. Vulnerabilities of user account can actually lead to 50% chances for hackers to attack your site.

#2 Guards the Login

You, as the administrator of your WordPress site will be notified through email just in case somebody gets locked out due to too numerous attempts to login. In addition to this, you can monitor, view and have a list of locked out users in a navigable table where unlocking of individual and bulk IP addresses is just a click away. You can automatically lockout IP address ranges which attempt to login with an invalid username. This feature will also give you the facility to instantly lockout IP address collections which endeavor to login with a void username.

#3 Safety User Registrations

WP security enables individuals to generate their own accounts with the WordPress registration form. This can help minimize SPAM or fake registrations by personally evaluating every registration. It is also recommended to add captcha to the WordPress user registration page. In this way, you can be protected from spam users.

# 4 Secure the Data Base

You can have a timetable for instant backups and notifications or opt for an instant data base backup with just a single click.

#5 File System Securities

Find files or folders which have unprotected permission settings and set to the recommended security standards. Secure PHP code by inactivating file editing from the WordPress administration area. You can supervise all host system logs from a single menu page, be updated of any issues concerning your server so you can address them quickly.

#6 File Back Up and Restoration

You can backup original .htaccess and wp-config.php files in case you will need to use them to repair damaged functionality of your site.

#7 Blacklist Functionality

You can block users by either specifying IP addresses or by specifying user agents.

#8 Firewall Protection

You can add a lot of firewall protection to your site with htaccess file. The firewall rules will prevent malicious scripts before they can reach the WordPress code on your site. You can actually activate a selection of firewall settings varying from basic, intermediate and advanced. Firewall protection includes rejection of malicious string of query or bots. Vulnerability protection will block bots from persistently getting into the xmlrpc.php file and deteriorating your server source.

#9 Restriction of Brute Force Login

This firewall functionality will stop all login attempts from people and bots. It has the ability to add a simple math captcha to the WordPress login form to prevent brute force login attacks.

#10 Security Scanner

You can examine and see if the file was a valid change or some bad code was added in your WordPress system.

#11 Comment SPAM Securities

You can monitor the most persistent IP addresses which stubbornly create the most SPAM comments and block them straightaway. You can reject comments from being submitted if it doesn’t connect from your domain. In this way, you can lessen SPAM bot comment posting on your site. Adding up a captcha to your wordpress comment form can boost security against comment spam.

#12 Constant Updates of Security Features

On a regular basis, you’ll get updated with the newest WordPress security features and fixes.

Advantages of Installing Plugins for WordPress Security

Worpress security plugins can help obscure the information for the attackers, protect your site by blocking unwanted guest and users, detect attackers and recover important files just in case worst comes to worst. You will not have many problems about installing WP plugins for security. It can work to either single or multiple site networks.

Top Four Plugins for WordPress Security

It’s really going to be great if a computer is free from viruses, malware, and spyware and so you can keep a safe web site. However, attackers seem to be persistent and so you need to know the top WP security plugins. They are BulletProof Security, Wordfence, Better WP Security and All in One WP Security & Firewall. Learn more about the distinct features for each of the top four security plugin and see what meets your personal needs for your WordPress system.

Top 1 Better WP Security,the Champion Plugin

Attempt to obscure WordPress by hiding or eradicating particular standard behaviors from the software.

Top 2 Wordfence, the All-Rounder Plugin

Block fake Googlebots, other usual security threats and it allows you to block entire networks. This plugin will prevent DDoS attacks by supervising the disk space. This can serve as a scanner, firewall and more, an all-rounder indeed.

Top 3 Bullet Proof Security, the Rock Solid Security Plugin

Provide protection against attempts for: XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking. The files are processed before a hacker’s malicious code has the chance to execute.

Top 4 All in One WP Security & Firewall, the Superb Security Plugin

Blacklist IP address or users that submit the most spam and block them from accessing the site, everything with just one click.

Tips to improve WordPress Security

To improve security of your WordPress site, make sure that no one is allowed to search your entire server, the directories should not be left open for public browsing, drop the version string in your Meta tags, protect WordPress wp-admin folder, keep yourself updated with latest Wordrpress versions, ensure regular backups of site and database and secure your blog with a very strong password.

It is absolutely essential to discover more about WordPress Security Plugins. If you are serious about optimizing your website, then you should learn the best ways to design and develop a website. There is no better place in the World Wide Web than Digital Warriors where you can learn the most excellent internet marketing strategies. We provide useful content for superb web presence solutions.

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