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In the past years, big data has become a major event in the digital marketing industry. The introduction of the big data analytics brought some exciting yet quite challenging innovative solution in digital marketing. However, the big question is how ready are the various digital enterprises for big data? Both small and big business organizations are getting more interested about using big data analytics to improve and enhance their internet marketing campaigns and to give their business a boost in terms of improving their return of investment targets and lead generation process and conversion rates.

Different best practices in big data marketing surfaced and the number of the big data management tools and database emerge. While these tools can significantly mark up the digital marketing strategies of small to big business companies, the issue often lies on the fact that not all digital enterprises are ready to take big data as part of their marketing system.

The challenge of turning big data into business intelligence

A company’s database is growing as their business begins to reach a wider audience. As a company grows its business, the data flow also becomes bigger, faster and more complex. The major benefit of using big data in the digital marketing business is to turn the big data into business intelligence. This requires an agile approach of data management and analytics in order to obtain more insightful information regarding big data value and relevance to your business. Taking big data can be overwhelming as the bigger data you are able to acquire and collect the more complex it becomes in terms of data management and analysis.


big data

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Business studies revealed that few companies are ready to use big data for business. Managing unstructured data also makes it more complex and difficult to manage big data within organizations. Small and big business enterprises are often tempted to jump the gun and trigger a massive big data exploitation that actually render them incapable of using them more efficiently as business intelligence because of its complexities. The most common issues that companies experience regarding big data management include:

  1. Lack of IT investments such as purchasing modern analytic tools to manage bigger data and analysis with better efficiency.
  2. Failure to analyze big data mainly because of its complexities that bring companies to more confusion.
  3. The lack of data analysts and other IT professionals to help interpret digital marketing data.
  4. Failure to integrate big data into analytics and apply them for better search engine optimization and marketing strategies in the digital marketing industry.

These steps are helpful in learning how to embrace the introduction of big data to your internet marketing campaigns more effectively.

  • Lack of insights about the dynamics of the business.

Companies are rendered incapable of managing complex data because they tend to lose focus in understanding the dynamics of their business operation. With the help of a deeper understanding about your business goals and structural functions, it is easier to filter important data that will be relevant according to your business dynamics and operations. This will help you focus on specific data that can help produce results to your digital marketing campaign based on your marketing goals. This will help eliminate the confusion in managing the complexities of big data available to you for processing, allowing you to filter only important metrics that will help produce better marketing results to your business.

  • Failure to update big data analytics on a daily basis


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Big data flow very fast and they come and go so quickly that you will soon find the data to be no longer relevant to your market only within a few days from receiving them. Digital marketers are imposed with the burden of acting quickly of capturing relevant big data, analyze them and integrate the results to you your marketing campaigns in real time, a scenario that is a common demise among business organizations. You can cope in collecting massive data by using modern data management tools and using analytics for better automated analysis of data everyday each time they come through. Acting on fresh data gives your business the edge of reaching to your audience at the most appropriate time and offering them products or services that remain to be relevant to them. This helps improve your conversion rate as well.

  • Poor competence in using predictive analytics

Business enterprises often fail to deliver services and products that are important and can offer a solution to their customers, resulting in making their business less important to their customers. Organizations can strengthen their competence of delivering customer satisfaction by using predictive analytics that will give them access to data that can help them predict what services or information will be relevant to their customers. Using various media like social channels for drawing out data can help improve your business competence in providing targeted solutions to your customers and integrate search engine optimization for digital marketing.

  • Poorly performing data analytic tools for automated optimization

Because of the free flowing and quickly changing data outflow from digital marketing transactions, search engine optimization companies in Atlanta noted that companies are not using modern data management and analytic tools that can improve the automated processing of data. Using the technology will deliver more accurate solutions in the complexities involved in big data outflow and helps in reducing the IT costs for data management. Using automated tools for big data processing will enhance the decision making of digital companies that helps them deliver more targeted services that will be relevant to their customers in real time.

  • Failure to implement a broader IT strategy that embraces big data

Big data can have a significant impact on the IT strategies used by digital marketing enterprises and some of these companies have not updated their information technology infrastructure to optimize it for better big data management. It is recommended to update a company’s data storage and commodity hardware by using the new hybrid of big data management tools and integrate the use of managing data on the cloud to enhance the accessibility of valuable data to employees. This allows the digital marketing team to access and handle information that is vital to their marketing sales and marketing strategies.

Our team of digital marketing experts can help your business grow your readiness for big data management and optimization. We have the expertise in helping both small and big digital enterprises gain better capabilities of handing big data analytics as a profitable digital marketing solutions.

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