Don’t Get Hit By The Google Algorithm – Be Penguin Ready With Your Content Marketing Tactics

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Is your website among the casualties of the newly unleashed Google algorithm called Penguin? Content marketers found themselves stumped when Google Penguin started sweeping off websites that provide very low quality content value to their website visitors. If you are among the badly hit casualties of Penguin 2.0 that experienced a signficiant decrease in their website ranking on the search results page, it is about time to consider getting help from search engine optimization Atlanta services. Your content marketing strategies might still be adhering to the old school of content marketing and optimization process which is no longer fit and applicable to address the stringent requirements of Google.

If you are struggling in bringing back your website’s old search rank page, understanding how to optimize your web page content with high quality links that meet the standards of the Penguin algorithm is crucial. Google, the major search engine in the World Wide Web, recently released its latest Penguin algorithm which is designed with the purpose of forcing website owners to exert the effort of delivering highly relevant and organic links on every website that can drive better knowledge power and solution to the online readers. The more you adhere to the latest Google Webmaster guidelines in accordance to the Penguine requirements, the better your chance of getting your web page rank higher on search.

Make your web page content Google Penguin friendly

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Google is serious about requiring website owners to improve the quality of links that they can provide for their website visitors. According to Matt Cutts, the latest trend in content marketing is geared towards providing solutions, information and instructional materials that will be useful and relevant in helping the search engine users meet their needs for quality content. As such, it is highly crucial to provide quality links to your website in order to add more value to its content and a good referral of your readers to useful sites that will further reinforce their search engine experience in finding quality content that is related to your site.

Here are some tricks on how you can make your web page content more Penguin ready and compliant in order to avoid becoming one of the casualty websites of the latest Google algorithm.

1.       Leverage on quality content – the new SEO Penguin trend

“Content is king” remains to be the rule in search engine optimization. A professional seo services company will always integrate in their content marketing schemes the use of high quality content to market your business, products and services. By leveraging on content that provides answer, solutions and wealth of information to your reader can significantly increase your website’s organic traffic which the Google Penguin loves. You can be assured that this new Google algorithm will give your web page content a higher credit from its search result page. Thus, make sure to give your web page readers some referral links to high quality websites with informative content that is related to yours.

2.       Keyword stuffing – a dangerous SEO game to play

While it is always tempting to use your target keywords several times in your content to ensure that your web page is optimized for search result, the Google Penguin always looks in disfavor websites that are overstuffed with keywords or phrases. Stuffing your web page content with keywords is not an ethical SEO practice and the Google algorithm takes keyword overstuffed websites as spam content. You will make it even worse whenever you link your keywords to websites that offer very poor content quality as well. As a result, your website is in danger of getting penalized by the Google Penguin which can impact your site’s page rank on the search engine. Using keywords remains to be a good SEO practice but make sure to use them appropriately and let them flow naturally in your content with appropriate links that are relevant to your niche.

3.       Protect your website against spam links

The Penguin algorithm is also capable of searching through spammed links within your content pages. In order to make your content comply to the Penguin rules and standards, you should protect your site against spammy links which are usually found on poorly written guest posts, comments and duplicate contents that are posted on your site without going through the moderation process. It is also essential not to allow links that are associated to gambling and adult related content to be posted on your web pages as this will be a definite cause why your website page rank will plummet down the line.

4.       Work out on your inbound and outbound links

In order to win high credits from the Penguin algorithm with a better targeted traffic back to your site, you need to work out on both your inbound and outbound links. Your links will provide your readers adequate reading references which adds to the quality of the reading experience that you are providing to your website visitors. As a result, as you link to high quality content from the web, chances are some will likewise take notice of your content relevance to theirs which is a good reason to link their website to yours too. Websites with many active links rank better on the search engine.

5.       Your website design complements your content

How you present your content to your readers will highly affect your Google rank page. The website design Atlanta services usually tailor their SEO and content marketing strategies with web designing in order to further provide a significant online reading and website navigation experience to your website visitors. By providing a cleaner but interactive interface on your website, you are able to maximize their reading experience on your website while it can accommodate various forms of web browser platforms. Using proper keywords where to link your reference URL will also be significant to the Google Penguin as the algorithm will also evaluate whether your anchor texts where you attach your links are relevant.

6.       Use the nofollow link

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While adding links to your website can provide your website visitors a quality reading experience and it is good for your SEO campaign, overdoing it can also hurt your website. You are not however without an option regarding this issue. You can still provide many link referrals to your content which will make it more engaging to your readers while at the same time it will protect your SEO campaign by using the rel=nofollow link. This will simply tell the Google algorithm not to crawl your links with the rel=nofollow code in order to evade your site against being penalized by Google for spamming links while it does not interfere your website visitor’s ability to click on your content links.

If you need a failproof way of making your content marketing and link building efforts more Google Penguin compliant, WE CAN HELP. Our experts know how to help you evade the Google penalty while helping you regain back your website search page rank.

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