Dig the Gold Mine – Hidden Features of the Google Analytics Revealed


Many have been using the Google Analytics Tool but only a few are able to use them properly to take advantage of its ultimate features. Google has been helping online marketers, aspiring SEOs, webmasters and bloggers to optimize results in their search engine optimization projects and one of the best tools that you can use from Google is its Analytic tools. How far you can maximize the essential features of the Google Webmaster tool can help define your SEO success in digging the gold mine in your internet marketing business.

The essential characteristics of Google Analytics


Google Analytics

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There are many analytics and tracking software that you can utilize in the market today, so what makes the Google Analytics special, you might ask? First of all, if you must not have realized it, Google is the search engine giant that owns about 86.3% of the search engine market share in the US. About 93% of the online users derive their online experience from the search engine and search results is the number one driving force in sending traffic to websites. Leveraging your market positioning and return of investment from the search engine should be your ultimate priority. Doing the optimization process of your search engine campaign manually can be tasking not to mention tedious and may take agonizing length of time to see results. The Google Analytics tool provides you an essentially helpful features that when used properly can provide you a wealth of information valuable enough to boost your SEO campaigns.

Obtaining Statistic Data and Using Them To Your Business Advantage

Google provides statistical report which data can help you maximize your SEO marketing stance on the search engine. The data however will merely be figures when you don’t know how to interpret them with the proper application to your SEO strategy. Understanding the significance of the analytic data available from the Google Analytics can provide beneficial advantages to your business.

1.       The Advanced Keyword Filter – Optimize your organic search


Google Analytics

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The Google Analytics provides an advanced filter tool that its users can use to search for high ranking keywords both on the local and global searches. If you haven’t visited the Analytics keyword search filter tab for a while, you probably do not know that there are more variables that are added to your search results which are very helpful in building your website organic traffic. You can use the data by interpreting further from the report to determine whether the keyword driven traffic to your website is providing your business some profit. The information can also be used to understand how your target customers spend and the resulting per visit value that can help you to explore how to optimize organic traffic.

2.       Use the Google Analytics Alert to your Business Advantage

Your SEO strategy will be fully optimized when you take advantage of the custom alert feature from the Analytic tool. Manually managing your website performance can be tedious and this feature can help simplify the process by letting the tool check the data periodically according to your preference (the tool is capable of running a check every 18 seconds) and to send an alert to you via email or text message. Use the custom alert feature to send you an alert the moment your goal conversion rate has increased more than its average threshold. This will bring your attention to this significant change on your conversation statistics, giving you the opportunity to review the metrics that are responsible for the drastic change and upshot hike on your conversion rate and use them to progress your SEO efforts.

3.       Leverage on the Google Analytics Cloud feature

 There is a newly introduced feature from the Google Analytics tool called Term Clouds which combines the visual aspect of your data with the ability to sift the keywords quicker. It gives the users the ability to quickly view the paid and organic keyword results. Instead of reading through a dense document that can be quite confusing, the Term Cloud can help simplify the data for easy interpretation and appreciation. You can opt to read and view the data by percentage or table format with added flexible options to suit your preferences.

4.       Use Social Analytics as Your Primary SEO Metrics

Social signals are very valuable to the search engine and you should enforce social analytics as a major part of your SEO metric data to closely monitor from the Google Analytics tool. The increasing influence of the various social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn to the search ranking of websites is a crucial factor that should form part of your SEO strategy priority. The Google Analytics provides a new interface that allows you to view a drop down menu under the Audience tab to review your social analytics data. You have the option to review your social engagement, action or pages with revealing information about your website audience/visitors. You can weed through the data available and correlate your social traffic segment to your website overall SEO strategy.


Google analytics

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5.     Optimizing your Search and Conversion Results

You can use the Google Analytics data in understanding your digital marketing scheme progress in terms of audience interaction and engagement and its impact to your sales and conversion success. You can use the feature in gauging your keyword performance, sale channels, marketing campaigns and referral sources. You can also see actionable reports where the digital channels and keywords to which the marketing sales of your business are getting better results. You can take advantage of this data attribution feature from the Google Analytics feature which is only available in its paid version which is a good and worthwhile investment to make to grow your business.

If you are unsure how to use the Google Analytics to your advantage, WE CAN HELP in your SEO needs. Digital Warriors have experts who can explore all the possibilities of making the Google Analytics Program work to your business advantage.

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