Leveraging CRM Marketing Automation with Digital Marketing Tools


marketing automation

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Marketing automation platforms are needed by internet marketers in order to deliver a better and more efficient customer relations management (CRM) that is crucial for their business. The quality of engagement of a customer to a business website can define customer loyalty that helps a business attain a more solid marketing ground in the online digital marketing industry. Marketing automation provides advanced technologies that allow businesses to become more capable in delivering a quality customer experience across different virtual channels.

CRM Marketing Platforms – Redefining Customer Experience

The consumer behavior has changed in the past years and digital marketers continue to strive to keep up with the changing needs and demands for better customer intelligence in order to make their business more relevant and capable of delivering better customer online shopping experience. The consumers enjoy modern technologies in order to look for items to buy through the online channel. They use social media in order to get recommendations to influence their buying decisions and are getting more engaged in using mobile devices to research businesses, brands, products and services. Through the CRM marketing platforms your business becomes more capable of efficiently providing an automated marketing process that is fast with more advanced digital customer interaction.

Is your business optimized for CRM marketing automation?

There are different channels that are used by the modern digital marketers in order to provide their customers a more positive engagement to their business. If your website is not yet optimized for CRM marketing, it is crucial to integrate these multi-channel CRM marketing platforms to make your business highly manageable using an optimized marketing automation processes:

  • Automated programs for lead processing and customer follow-ups

You can nurture your potential leads by using automated CRM programs automatically within a determined period and frequency. While your search engine optimization process already acquired good targeted leads to your business, your leads will not immediately convert. Using a CRM automated program, you can nurture your potential customers to convert by understanding their buying behaviors and pursue them to convert by offering them the most appropriate solutions that your business can offer that will meet their needs.

  • Email marketing engines as a digital marketing tool


marketing automation

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Automated email campaigns are known to generate about 200% of online business revenues and can grow at least 12% of your conversion rate. This type of CRM marketing automation tool will help you optimize list segmentation and lead scoring in finding the right customers to your business. The tool allows you to integrate links so that you can track down bounce rate, performance and clickthroughs on your email marketing campaigns.

  • Website visitor tracker

Big data is important to your digital marketing campaigns. Even your search engine marketing strategies are founded on data that provide you important metrics to help evaluate your visitor activities and website traffic. You can optimize your search engine optimization campaign by using tracking data to measure the engagement of your web pages to particular groups of visitors and what products are getting more attention from your potential customers.

  • Automated social marketing

By leveraging social publishing, it is easier for your business to obtain higher search rank and online presence through social shares. This can be a good social prospecting tool to use to enhance your customer support through the social media channels. You can get updates on the social trending issues and monitor social recommendations and comments to help you benchmark the ability of your business to meet the changing preferences of your target customers.

  • Using automated analytic tools to obtain accurate reports

Using analytics tool to enhance your CRM marketing process will give you the benefit of getting the bigger picture of your digital marketing efforts and its results. By using analytics you can easily obtain data that are made easier to interpret using graph and statistical reports.

CRM Marketing low cost implications and review

As your business grows, the number of your customers also grows and alongside this opportunity to grow your business, you are reaching a wider market where the demands are high. The use of marketing automation platforms can provide your business and employees the convenience of managing your sales and marketing process easier and more organized. While you can still retain your online marketing platforms in delivering services to your customers, the integration of CRM marketing automation will further enhance your capability in giving access to your sales people to valuable market information and marketing tools that will easily reach your target audiences.

The impact of CRM marketing automation platforms to businesses is huge. It consists of low barriers while giving your business a cost effective measure in attaining your marketing goals. While you have invested in search engine optimization companies as well as web design and developing services, you need to use marketing automated tools in order to help reduce the costs accruing to your digital marketing campaigns. Among the cost related impacts of using CRM marketing automation in businesses include the following:


marketing automation

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The Lensokd group conducted a study in 2012 showing the impact of marketing automation to businesses and it showed 61% increase in the quantity of leads generation with 46% increase in marketing revenues and 28% increase in revenue for each sale. Growing businesses can reduce the cost of their operation and the use of marketing IT technologies when using automated CRM marketing platforms. The CRM marketing automation tools are software that can streamline the processes of sales and marketing within your organization while giving your sales people the ability to pursue good leads without having to impose higher expenses for spending for IT manual marketing tools. It not only saves time to conduct the marketing process but it also replaces the time consuming repetitive process that can be costly overtime by an effective automated solution as part of your online marketing work force.


marketing automation

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The Gleanster study provided an overview about the effects of marketing automation as an effective low cost marketing solution to businesses. From the figure above, it can be gleaned that the use of the automated marketing and sales process can result to at least 60% decrease in marketing costs while it generate higher revenues close to 70%. Thus, the integration of marketing automation to your CRM structure can yield bigger benefits at a smaller rate of marketing costs.


Digital Warriors can help in implementing an effective CRM marketing automation system to your business. Our team of experts can help define the best marketing automation tool to improve your sales and marketing performance to grow your business success.


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